Ozil: we have to fight


Mesut Ozil has urged his Arsenal teammates to keep fighting to try and keep this season alive, despite two cup exits inside a week.

The Gunners crashed out of the FA Cup to Watford and were eliminated from the Champions League on Wednesday night in Barcelona, but even though there’s an 11 point gap to leaders Leicester, the German says they must keep going just in case a miracle happens.

That miracle would mean Leicester and Sp*rs having a bit of a collapse, and for Arsenal to completely turn their form around and actually win some games.

Speaking to the official site, he said, “We have to concentrate now and give everything on the pitch. We have to fight.

“I know the teams playing us will fight to take the points against us, so the games will be tough. We have to fight on the pitch and we have to think from game to game, not that we can win eight games in a row and take the points.

“Now it’s not possible to win just our games, so other teams need to lose points as well. The first step is to believe in us.

“We have to work harder than before. We have tough games coming but we have to take the points. If we win the title, we will be very happy because we believe in us.

“If you see the whole season, we’ve played very well. We’ve lost some points because we weren’t concentrated or we didn’t score. Now we have to fight for each game to take the points.”

It is the only attitude to have, but on the evidence of recent games, we could turn water into wine, bash out the loves and fishes, walk on water, and heal the sick, and we’d still lose to the opposition’s first shot on goal.

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