Report: Sp*rs 2-2 Arsenal


Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Gibbs, Coquelin, Ramsey, Elneny Ozil, Alexis, Welbeck

Subs: Macey, Chambers, Monreal, Flamini, Campbell, Walcott, Giroud

Arsenal claimed a creditable 2-2 draw at Tottenham despite playing with ten men for most of the second half. The Gunners were leading at the break thanks to Aaron Ramsey’s backheeled goal on 39 minutes only for Francis Coquelin’s 55th-minute red card to turn the tide in favour of the home side. Toby Alderweireld and Harry Kane scored within two minutes of each other and the home side could have further extended their lead before Alexis Sanchez pounced with 14 minutes to go to grab a vital point for the Gunners.


Arsene Wenger made four changes to the team that started the defeat against Swansea. At the back David Ospina stepped in for the injured Petr Cech in goal and Nacho Monreal – nursing a slight calf problem – dropped to the bench with Kieran Gibbs taking over. Mohamed Elneny replaced Joel Campbell meaning Aaron Ramsey was shuffled to the right flank. Up front Alexis and Ozil were joined by Danny Welbeck. Goalkeeper, Matt Macey, aside the subs bench had an experienced look about it with Giroud, Walcott, and Flamini all included.

First half

North London derbies often come served with a side of blood and thunder and this was no different. The home side, drilled in the art of high pressing by Mauricio Pochettino, started with real intensity as the White Hart Lane crowd roared them forward.

Three times Harry Kane went for goal inside the opening six minutes. Two efforts were calmly collected by David Ospina, a third deflected over the bar.

Arsenal looked anxious at the back. The game plan was obviously to soak up the pressure and try and use the pace of Alexis and Welbeck to launch attacks on the break.

Alas, time and time again we surrendered the ball in dangerous parts of the pitch allowing Spurs to break through midfield and work the ball to the wings. Tackles flew in. Not all of them legal. Bellerin and Coquelin both ended up in referee. Michael Oliver’s book.

For all the home side’s possession they only had one real chance of note in the first half. A rocket of a cross by Walker, delivered after a fine Gabriel challenge on Kane pushed the ball to the right flank, was sent goalwards by Eric Lamela who was denied by a fine stop by Ospina. It was a reflex save of the highest magnitude from the Colombian.

Bright sparks for Arsenal in a torrid opening half hour? Mohamed Elneny, making his first Premier League start, looked very composed given the intensity of the game, Ramsey battled hard and Welbeck was a useful outlet up front.

The latter pair eventually got just reward for their hard work, combining six minutes before half time, along with Hector Bellerin, to give the Gunners a surprise lead. Ramsey got the goal, sumptuously back-flicking the ball past Hugo Lloris after a delicious pass from the Spaniard. (1-0)

The goal sparked Arsenal to life. The passing was crisper, the movement dynamic and incisive and chances ensued. Welbeck failed to get a shot off after being played in by Ozil, then the England international flicked a header on target from an Alexis cross. By the break we looked the more likely side to get a goal.

Second half

All Arsenal’s good work was undone inside 15 minutes of the restart and the blame lies squarely with Francis Coquelin.

Booked in the first half the Frenchman knew he had to be careful, so quite why he threw himself into ridiculous sliding challenge that took out Kane on the touchline is anybody’s guess. The referee had no choice but to issue a second yellow card. Coquelin trudged off. There were 55 minutes on the clock.

Within seven minutes of the red card Spurs had scored twice. Were it not for goal line technology the home side may have equalised even earlier. Ospina’s fine stop to deny Kane saw the ball 90 per cent cross the line. Just enough.

It didn’t really make much difference. On the hour mark Alderweireld smashed home at the near post after the Gunners failed to clear a corner. (1-1)

A bad situation got considerably worse inside two minutes as Kane cut in off the left and curled the ball into the top corner. (1-2)

Mohamed Elneny was replaced by Olivier Giroud as Wenger threw caution to the wind and within 30 seconds Arsenal had an equaliser. Ramsey worked the ball to Bellerin who fed Sanchez. The Chilean’s first time strike bobbled past Lloris at the far post. (2-2)

Giroud then totally schooled Eric Dier in the centre of the park only to be hauled down by the England midfielder. Having been booked five minutes earlier, Dier should have been sent off. Michael Oliver bottled the decision despite the protestations of the men in red.

Welbeck, who’d run himself into the ground, was replaced by Flamini with six minutes left.

There were chances for both sides to win the game as the game edged towards the 90 minute mark. Ospina denied Eriksen’s speculative effort. Lloris punched away a decent Alexis free-kick and Gabriel nearly put the ball in his own net, shinning a cross just over the bar. Deep into stoppage time Ramsey, bursting through on goal, was denied by Wimmer’s last ditch tackle.

In the end the spoils were shared. Certainly a more satisfying point for Arsenal given the circumstances, but one that doesn’t do our title chances much good.


    • COYG finally a decent performance. Let’s hope this is a morale boosting turning point

      COQ went full retard, we looked like winning it

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        • in a comment yesterday I noted that we have some of the stupidest supporters, this fellow above reinforces my point.

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          • It’s a film reference from Tropic Thunder, I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be offensive.

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          • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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          • Calling people with disabilities retards is distasteful. I didn’t do that. It’s unfortunate that your mind jumped at them just as much as it was an unfortunate comment in a public forum. My intent was to summarize Coq’s decision in three words.

            The expresion in itself is used in the same context I used it here in the US. I didn’t mean to offend, my apologies.

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          • Unfortunately, there are more horrid ones. Just take a look at Ramsey’s instagram. Some people just don’t have a life and even though it’s a minuscule percentage of the fandom, it makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

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          • Grow up? Are you serious? You think this is an issue of maturity? I suggest you google the word, read a bit about it and think of how it affects others. I’m a social worker and have worked with people with learning disabilities for the past 7 years and I can assure you that challenging negative language surrounding this group of people is not connected to somebodys maturity. I won’t judge you, you’re clearly not educated in the subject and nor do you have to be. But I do suggest instead of telling me to grow up you go and do the Google search I suggested.

            I’m aware you probably won’t but worth a try. No shame in admitting you were wrong.

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          • Just did, read above. Aaron is also familiar with the expresion as you can see.

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          • @ Oor Wullie..

            While I can agree with the main “thrust” of your point, you came off in a condescending manner..mplus you are here advocating for censorship!

            Clearly you have some issues that need to be taken care of also before we can move this world forward into the beautiful, loving place you are rightly advocating for.

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          • I think if more people watched Tropic Thunder for the delightful movie it is then we wouldn’t have had this confusion. Clearly the real issue here is the fans that haven’t seen the movie.

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        • Neenaw, neenaw, the PC nazis are out. Well have to start using non gender specific pronouns on here too soon. Clearly he didn’t mean to cause any offence by it.
          Comments section has become synonymous with faux outrage.
          At least we got a point though, ay.

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          • Godwin’s Law invoked, nice one. It’s about being nice to people (especially those who are disadvantaged) and if you think that’s a bad thing then I’m ashamed to share the same love of Arsenal with you.

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        • I am pretty sure that sort of use of language is frowned upon in Mexican culture, too . . . however, I stand to be corrected.

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          • Mexican culture takes into context not just words. We don’t have so much whining about issues like this when it is crystal clear that the intention was not to offend

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          • Culturally in the UK the word ‘retard’ is offensive, whether or not you intended it to be. I can’t vouch for its use in any other country. I wonder how you feel about the word ‘n*****’ with reference to black people and whether you find that acceptable to use when making reference to the performance or decision-making of a football player?

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        • The first yellow was silly and “retard” the second was rash, there was real danger there. Dier should have gotten a second yeller for stretching Giroud’s shirt so

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    • We are deep into Wenger territory: the battle for champions league ticket, it feels like being champion he said.

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      • I thought oliver had a decent game. He made three wrong decisions, with two.of them being huge. The second yellow for dier and should have been a pen for us when Alderwield Hamballed it.

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      • I agree with mesut. I think he’s one of the best out there, still remember his performance at Old Trafford in the FALL Cup with a few dives from them followed by yellows

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        • Of course by wjich i meam that fair and impartial administration of the law. Not a thing you see up there often!

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        • I agree as well, and he does seem very fair and impartial. But somehow we don’t have a very good win rate with him.. I’m not going to ponder that point other than I think this is the first red in the league we’ve gotten from him.

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        • Or maybe he wouldn’t have had to make a decision as hector wouldn’t have made a foul because the game had changed with only 10 per side…

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          • Yes that’s a fair point but still, can’t call for one and turn a blind eye to the other.

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    • Team mentality signal – only Alexis walked off the pitch in disgust at the result and performance. The rest stayed on to applaud as though they won the game. Just saying…

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      • I’m worried about Alexis. He ran off the field in a huff. Has he had his fill of missed possibilities at Arsenal? tbh – he’s been personally somewhat responsible over past few weeks. But I am concerned that he and a few other big names might be looking to leave in the summer.

        Great to see Elneny making a difference. I think the starting 11 and next 2 or 3 in line are physically and mentally jaded. I’d like to see a few more fringe players get more starts. Elneny, Campbell, even Chambers.

        Anyone else have that sinking feeling when Flam came on for last 10 mins?

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          • Agreed. I don’t buy into the media cunts’ bullshit agenda and constant niggling at Arsenal – Ozil discontented, Sanchez will be off if we don’t win the title…what horseshit. These guys can see how rubbish Chelsea, Utd etc have been so our stars are not likely to jump ship to them (nor Leicester!). So they only have to decide if they want to move countries and play for the handful of teams that are better than us in Europe, if they can get in.

            Yeah we’ve had a poor run recently but I remain optimistic we can win silverware this season.

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    • Can’t fault the effort, tactics and commitment, great game

      Team shape loads better and I liked Elneny, good tactical awareness and kept the ball moving

      Lots of good performances, please stick with this starting eleven Arsene!

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    • After all the crazy though not unjustified negativity around our beloved club the past week,We should give credit to the boys for turning it around against all odds. We could have even won if a couple of great chances had gone our way. On the other hand, I must say I don’t understand what the hype about the Sp*ds is all about. I was not impressed by their much talked about quality and they certainly don’t look like champions to Me. I think Wenger might have finally got the balance right in midfield with the impressive El Neny and Coq looking solid together and Ramsey providing energy and industry on the right. Something tells Me the title race ain’t over yet Gooners, Keep the faith!

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      • The title race isn’t over however arsenal aren’t in it we will struggle to hold on to fourth at this rate.

        A good result not to lose under the circumstances but yet another game that we took the lead and bottled it.

        Elneny and welbeck are looking good though and ospina had a good game. The three of them could be crucial in securing fourth place.

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    • Was that bit at the end really necessary? It was a very bad decision but Kane kept his legs down midway as he was jumping over Coq. Sure Coq shouldn’t have given him the opportunity but that doesn’t make him an idiot.

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      • He knows, and knew immediately that if Arsenal give the referees an opportunity to shorthand us they’ll take it. Both fouls were silly and needless. He knows it and I guarantee that’s what he was telling himself all the way to the tunnel. And I imagine Alexis and a few others reminded him as well.

        I love his commitment but it needs to be real tackles at times when they’re really needed.

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    • Thank God Ramsey wasn’t playing central midfield. Ramsey is a fucking liability. He’s ok for Cardiff City.

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      • The reason we lost the game was because of Coq, lets be honest. But still, this isn’t good enough and Wenger made the wrong choice to start Ramsey over Campbell. I don’t understand why the fuck he wasn’t dropped and now his goal excuses him from criticism because he played the worst after Coq today. So many miss placed passes, takes too long on the ball and got rekt by Rose on his side. It’s no surprise he is the most dribbled past player. We were awful attacking wise and Campbell may have bought something there and at the very least not get exposed on the right side…

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        • Didn’t win* Yeah and no need for the sarcastic posts mate… You want us to stay silent and not criticise players? Just because he’s one of your favourites doesn’t mean we can’t say how we see it.

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        • So a goal and a key pass/chance created for our equalizer = bad performance from a fucking attacking winger position? Right.

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          • He took the goal well. Other than that he was very poor. It’s desperate to try and keep the myth going. Delighted he wasn’t in the middle.

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        • Ramsey didn’t even play on the wing, he played center. Arseblog got it wrong. Welbeck was covering right wing in defence, and Ozil was playing false No. 9. Interesting choice from Wenger, and it worked until Coq had that brainfart.

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    • Let’s no blame le coq too much.. you would have to chain me head-to-toe and prolly amputate my legs to prevent me from succumbing to the urge of whacking that ugly cunt.. and I’m even a nice guy!

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  1. Fine margins. Stupid by Coquelin. Ospina, Welbeck and Mertesacker were great. And Rambo, for fucks sake man, SHOOT! Fucking hell. Should’ve scored that Ramsey

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    • Mertesacker made a customary error, the opposite of what they call a pre-assist. should have hit the ball out, but instead did the worse thing losing it.

      The team showed a lot of commitment and desire, and for a few moments here and there, the passing had the zip and precision of old.

      COME ON!

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  2. Imagine having another DM when Coq gets sent off. Push Ramsey up, take Ozil out. Maybe we could’ve avoided the second goal where Welbeck was unsuccessfully tracking on the right. Welbeck had a GREAT game! Also, to take out Alexis for Walcott on wednesday was a bad decisions. Even if he misses ten, you keep him on for days like today. We can’t sub a DM on a yellow coz the risk of playing coq is better than having Flam on. Go figure. Who’s incompetence is that? not being able to sign another DM? Finally, thank god I didn’t see Theo come on.

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    • How can you say Welbeck was great?? He is the same 3 out of 5 star player he has always been. Horrible touch, giving away possession in the box multiple times. 2 of 4 take ons, 0 of 1 aerial duels, 0/1/2 shooting, dispossessed or gave it away twice in the 18yd. box, and hesitated when chasing Lloris down in the box giving him time to clear. What he has going for him is his directness, and to be honest, his Englishness.

      Giroud, though he has been struggling lately, still offers more dimensions than Welbeck: he can hold the ball up, link up play, and is more technically proficient, whereas Welbeck turns it over in the final third (remember him trying to dribble Carrick in the box last week?) frequently. With Giroud we can play through the middle as well as attack from the wings, but we’re missing the penetrating middlefield player (Cazorla) who can do that at the moment. Oh, and everyone forgets – Giroud is one of our best defenders on set pieces.

      I’m happy if not a bit surprised that we got the point in these circumstances, and think we were hard done by the ref (no 2nd yellow for Dier or handball call in & out of the area), but we’ve been struggling for a while. We’ve lacked ruthlessness and mental fierceness all season, with games we should have put away 6-0, ending in limp 2-1 wins or worse. I’ve always been a Wenger supporter, but without a major change this summer, I think we start to finally fall behind. Sadly, I don’t see it happening. He’s struggling for selections with Welbeck, and benching Big PerM (who was a hero today) v. United was a mistake. It’s taken him this long to realize Coq/Ramsey axis doesn’t work, and he’s grasping at straws now. Can only hope a revitalized Sanchez sparks some life into this team, or that Arsène realizes his folly of excess loyalty to old players and lack of contingency planning/depth/competition in the summer.

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    • Elneny used to play as a dm, he’s only started played as a box to box for the last season or 2. So we kind of did have 2 DMs on the pitch.

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  3. Nothing going for us, Coquelin red meant we were lucky to get anything.
    1 point in 9 isn’t good enough, no chance of the league now given our away matches still to go.
    Just have to pray for St Totteringham’s Day. Or Leicester to win the league if not.

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    • They will crumble due to over exertion like all Pochettinos teams – you can just see it starting now
      More performances like that and who knows……..

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  4. Elneny was our best player after Ospina. In the first 10 minutes of the second half he had 3 interceptions, great mobility, passing.

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    • Unfortunately it was the finishing of a man really out of form. He was dreadful right up until he scored. For all his haters you have to give him credit for not wilting after all the lost tackles and loose passes he never hides , always wants the ball. I thought Hector looked a bit out of sorts defensively but how about 2 assists at the Lane?

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      • Showed much heart to come salvage anything from that game. Encouraging performance, but l fear its all a little too late.

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  5. Crazy match, I’m not even mad. Imagine what we could’ve done with 11 men? Coq needs a hairdryer treatment Better result for us than Sp*rs given their run-in (Liverpool, United, Chelsea). Unfortunately this can play into Leicester’s hand. I’m rooting for Watford this evening.

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  6. not quite Cazorla but Elneny did a good job of keeping us ticking. Also, that extra midfielder (ramsey on the right) meant Sanchez didn’t drop back too much and i think that helped a lot in defending and attacking.

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    • im suprised no one has picked up on this. ramsey on the right gives us another body in midfield. Which makes us much more solid.

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    • Why was bellerin so high up when Coq went for the tackle. We are tactically inept. Coquelin should not be blamed Imo.

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      • Modern fotball my son. Fullbacks like Bellerin are attackers and cdm’s like Coq provide cover down the flanks. Cope with it.

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        • I agree. But not when we are 1-0 up. Not in this game. Away from home against spuds. That’s why we are not where we are supposed to be. Our over reliance on Bellerin worries me. He has been off form imo. Sorry, but Wenger has to be blamed for this.

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      • I think both should be blamed, but moreso Coquelin for making an obvious yellow card tackle when you’re already on one. Especially in the circumstances – the open-mouthed one is not hugely fast, and was running into the left channel – plenty of opportunity to stop the play without the tackle.

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  7. The mighty spuds, so beloved by the media, couldn’t beat a 10-man team. Now let’s wait for them to be labelled bottlers who can’t handle pressure.

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  8. Really gutted: 11 – 11, we win that game.
    Don’t know how big that point might be but I hope that result brings back some confidence.

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  9. Really resilient, tough fucking performance from the lads against a bloody good spurs side, much as I hate to admit it. In isolation, I would be happy with this result. But it still annoys the fuck out of me that a side that can be this ballsy can also capitulate against Swansea.

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  10. Blogs is there any chance of some personal opinions from yourself or tom during the live blog. Maybe every ten minutes you could put up a recap of your thoughts on the game. Really enjoy it, and its an absolute life saver as I don’t have any of the TV channels but would like some of the aforementioned updates. Thanks blogs

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  11. Much better performance barring one or two individuals.

    Welbeck, Sanchez and Ramsey were superb. Elneny was decent. Need a bit more bite in midfield.

    How they stayed with 11 is beyond me.

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  12. So self destructive it´s fucking ridiculous. One red and two goals in the asre within ten minutes in a very winnable game. We can´t go on with the stupidity that´s going on. Coq is always a liability who acts first and thinks later. He´s not the future, he´s a back up.

    Even so good result for Leicester. Up the foxes!

    I´m not usually balming the ref but you know what. This season is beginning to look like a fucking conspiracy from their assosiation. First of all Coq whas stupid as fuck and deserved the red but Dier should have had a red and Walker should at least get a yellow for the studds against Gibbs. In the rule book that´s a straight red. Theres been a lot of these calls against us this season and it feels fucked. It just does. Can´t elaborate any more but it´s fucked.

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    • One mistake by Coquelin, a player who’s been so important to our team for over a year now, and you’re ready to label him a liability? That’s the most extreme form of short-termism I’ve seen on this blog.

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  13. Overall, a decent performance… Brainless Coquelin probably cost us the victory which we desperately needed… Ref Oliver bottled it by not showing a second yellow to Spud scum whose name I can’t remember… The title is gone now but hopefully Leicester will win it… We’re now looking over or shoulder at Man United: fourth place is in jeopardy.

    Let’s win the FA Cup…

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    • This is a weird day. Just got even more weird – I find myself agreeing with Fatgooner. Spot on, mate.

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    • I am not giving up. Want Leicester to choke and we have the good run we used to have to save fourth place, this time to win the league. People, what a stupid, brainless goal we concede on the first Spurs goal? We certainly have no idea how to apply the already stupid idea of zonal marking.

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      • Not sure what I want really. I honestly can’t seeing us getting the points we need at the away games coming up, we just don’t have the bottle or the character.
        A Leicester win takes them further away from spurs. That will do me after this shit storm of a season. But also I can hear wenger saying it shows money don’t buy you the title and we have no need to spend blah blah blah.
        He will omit the fact that Leicester play for each other and have more character than we could ever have.

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  14. The Coq is asking for another loan spell at Charlton, I think….. what is he doing on the geound for the 2 yellow cards? They are all unnecessary!!! World class DM please…..or World class manager please….

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  15. A fair result and I would have taken a point before the game. Ospina did really well and made some great saves. Ramsey’s goal was probably one of the best goals ever scored at Shit Hart Lane.

    Coq has to show maturity when going in on a challenge like that especially on a yellow card. He could have cost us the game.

    We were always going to struggle with the form of Sp?rs. Going down to 10 men, it was just a matter of time before they were going to get back in the game and take the lead.
    How the ref didn’t book D?er for his blatant pull of Giroud’s shirt is a fucking joke.

    Elneny showed great composure in his first start especially in a game of that intensity. Hope to see more of him in the run in.

    We scored two goals and this draw feels like a moral victory for all Gooners!

    Let’s smash Hull to pieces!

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    • You would have taken a point before the game when it leaves us potentially 8 points off top and 4 points ( due to goal difference ) off Tottenham going into the last 27 points. Perhaps the passiveness and bottle job mentality does spread to even the fans then. Needed to win, quite clearly.

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  16. We started off with great tactics. I don’t get why Ramsey and ozil stayed on the pitch when we are 1-0 up. Ozil shows no desire to defend. Ramsey switches off in key moments. Tbh it’s not even coquelins fault. 1-0 up we should have had bellerin,ozil or Ramsey on the right hand side. Wenger is too stubborn. He either needs more world class players or we need to have a more tactical manager.

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  17. I would like to see an audit of red cards handed out to black v white players, If Dyer had been black, would Oliver have red carded him today?

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    • you’re joking I hope.

      A better study would be home vs away team. If Dyer was an away player the home crowd would have roared and probably forced the refs decision. Coq’s first yellow was probably a foul on Spurs, but he decided to hand ball. He probably didn’t deserve the first. The second yellow was a yellow all day and he has to be smarter when on a yellow in the first place. Also, Coq is always whining or overreacting to calls on him; this will earn him no favours from refs.

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  18. At least they showed some fucking bottle and fight today. I was expecting to get thumped than they decide to turn up…Probably beat Barca but go out…
    Coq came to quick.

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  19. Game of very low quality with both teams pass completion stats in the low 70% but that’s what you get with a Derby and it could have gone either way and at least we didn’t lose.

    No indicator of anything though and a draw was probably a good result.

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  20. Great character to come back.But is this good enough?
    We have failed to win in 4 games and won’t have an easier chance to win a title in the following seasons

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  21. Take the point today, but we could’ve bagged this even with 10 men. Great game by Ospina, but Gabriel is a total waste of money. Lost the duel before the equalizer and what he was thinking before 2-1 beats me. Extremly poor defending.

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    • Ospina always realeases any ball he catches. If I was an opposing coach, I would ask my strikers to expect that and run towards him after any shot.

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  22. Can’t believe people are already slagging off Coquelin
    Yes he was stupid but still he’s a very good player
    People saying he’s not the future are just overreacting

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    • Where’s Santori? This seems like the perfect opportunity for him to say how Flamini is better than Coquelin.

      When Coquelin first came through from the youth team, I used to think he was a new version of Flamini – with that stupid yellow card today, he’s making me think my opinion was quite accurate.

      This is quite an annoying result given the way the game played out. Spurs really looked toothless – the fact we’ve been able to get a draw from a goal and a man down shows that they’re not actually all that.

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    • I think Coquelin should be slagged off for making a stupid decision. If anyone is saying he’s rubbish/should be sold, etc. that’s just stupid, but it doesn’t mean he can’t be criticised for this performance.

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  23. Frustrating that once again we cannot keep 11 men on the pitch in a big game. So annoying and that was really unnecessary Kane was going nowhere.

    Positives I guess were Rambo and Alexis getting on the scoresheet. Mertesaker and ospina looked good. 2 assists for Bellerin.

    Gabriel seems like a brainfarter to me. We’ve got one in my Sunday league team. They do some stuff spectacularly well and then go full retard next play. Concerning

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  24. Gibbs, El Neney and Welbeck all great. Ramsey was a liability all game leaving El neny, hector and Welbz to cover for him. Normally this would leave me vexed but I can’t help but remain optimistic – the comeback and hopefully the return to form of Alexis. Motm Ospina

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 7

  25. Didn’t watch it, couldn’t watch but I could not resist it, so I listen to a live radio broadcast. Fair result. However a change is needed…

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  26. Ramsey out wide is so much better – lets him use his runs into the box and (exceptional) harrying/tackling without giving him the responsibility of holding onto and distribution the ball, which is clearly not his thing.

    I’d like to see Elneny continue at centre mid for the time being. He seems assured for a new guy.

    Thumb up 31 Thumb down 3

  27. – Wenger got his tactics, subs sport on today. Credit to him.
    – Bellerin was a beast…he’ll be the best RB in the world soon
    – Elneny-Coq pivot was solid and energetic though Elneny was a bit passive at the the start. Grew into the game.
    – Gabriel was a beast…more of this from him. Close to capturing his Villareal form for us
    – Ospinaaaaaa!!! Enough said.
    – Coq really let us down. It was a stupid yellow card and rightly deserved to get sent off. Cost us 3 points.
    – We still missed one or two chances. Goes back to what I’ve said about us being clinical. We’ll always create chances. We took one of it even with a man down.
    – Mert and Gibbs had great games as well. The defence allround was good today.

    Still think the title is gone…this was spirit we should’ve shown against Swansea. Proud of today’s performance and hopefully we carry it to our remaining games.

    p.s Wenger needs to stick with this lineup. Elneny-Coq/Flamini pivot with Ramsey on the right.

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  28. So did Elneny play his way to a start or what….And is Wenger ever going to tell us what his problem with Campbell is. Loved that Giroud and Walcott started on the bench.. At least Wenger did SOMETHING.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 2

    • I think you’ll find that, like most managers, he’ll pick some placed on how well they’ve trained that week etc. In the case of elneny, he probably felt he offered us more protection in the middle, considering the magnitude of this game.

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  29. I thought Michael Oliver was one of the better English referees but he also proved the true standard of refereeing in England.
    Well fought with ten men but a draw is a draw and its not enough.
    Let’s hope the goal will boost alexis’s confidence.

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  30. Well, that was a last chance to get the title. Anyone who is satisfied with that result needs to take a long look at themselves and their ambition for this club. We needed to win because of the position we’ve put ourselves in. Once again, we bottled it. A very Arsenal like red card and two goal concession in the space of 5 minutes. Brilliant. Don’t be fooled by the equaliser, we needed to win, that’s why Sanchez stormed off. Ospina time wasting at the end was hilarious, a draw was honestly fine for Spurs. Overall, bad result, and I cannot see us even with a small chance of catching both of them at the top now with our remaining fixtures.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 12

    • Considering how close we were to losing I’ll humbly accept the draw. The title went a couple of games before this one as far as I’m concerned. We are just making the most of a shitty situation now. Come end of season heads might start to roll and after the way we’ve squandered it I think it’s time.

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  31. A few Observations.

    Elneny and Coquelin works better than Coquelin and Ramsey.

    Ramsey! What an enigmatic character. Fantastic skill with the goal. Cant say he has redeemed himself yet.
    Dyer shoulda been off for the shirt-tug on Giroud. However, Arsenal trolled Michael Oliver few times with similar fouls. I loved that.

    PL TV trolled us all with that goal line technology confirmation. Just to paint a picture of Arsenal Lucky. Instead of a clean orthogonal projection, the camera was tilted a bit to project it in slight perspective. Just for bants or pure hate. I wouldn’t know.

    Some fortitude today too. We needed this kind of performance to get our lives back on track. But its hard to say whether it keeps us in contention or not.

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  32. I had no expectations going into this match and I’m quietly pleased that I’m dissapointed we didn’t take all 3 points. We MUST use this performance (minus the red card) as the template for the rest of the season. Well-organised, hard-working just with a bit more discipline.

    A word on the ref who did well until he completely bottled sending Dier off. Just be consistent that’s all we fucking ask.

    This performance gives me hope, please don’t let us down again Arsenal.

    As for the barca match, please rest Ozil, Welbeck etc. we don’t need anymore injuries.

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  33. I think the fact that we always concede within a few minutes after a red card speaks for the lack of character and leadership in this team. But good point given the circumstances. And if Leicester doesn’t manage to beat Watford later on, we’re still in it. Somehow.

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  34. I thought the Coq Elen pivot was decent until the coq up. Looks like El’ll be getting a run out at Hull.
    I shit it when ever Flamini comes on, why not use Chambers?

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  35. So stupid from coq we would have won that game without it, not the first time he’s lost his temperament on a yellow was lucky at palace too. I thought our shape was so much better with elneny in the middle and Ramsey out wide, elneny takes up much more conserved sensible postions in the middle than Rambo and is neat enough on the ball. Playing on the right allows Rambo the freedom to get into those dangerous postions in the box more and not leave us overly exposed in the middle as well as offering an extra passing option in midfield when we want to keep the ball.

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    • great explanation. everyone ripping into ramsey should realise yeh he might of not had a good game but it allows him to get into more adavanced positions. Elneny looked really good.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

      • And thank fuck for that flick he did. For the criticism he’s drawn for being trigger happy I don’t mind if he puts them away. That was a beautiful and incredibly important goal.

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  36. Encouraging play from the lads…. even with 10 men, there were chances when they could have even gotten a winner. Sanchez starting to look more like himself, although he seems to be a frustrated person. Great from Welbz; this is the best we’ve seen him at Arsenal, really. Great from Per and Ospina, and great shift from Elneney…. the guy always seems full of energy and has great movement. I really would like to see more of him.

    Very decent play for having 10 men, and it gives us that glimmer of hope. Honestly it’s felt like the team was held together with duct tape that’s now losing strength and everything is slipping…. let’s hope this game helps tighten us up.

    Oh and fabulous play from Flamini, who played for longer than 5 min AND didn’t concede a stupid penalty or card, well done!!! *applause*

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  37. Really proud of the lads today.
    We showed some bottle and passion.
    This is the attitude that we should play like every match.

    Coq red card aside I think we played really well and showed signs of returning to our standard.

    I know it’s a long shot now but if you don’t believe it will never happen.

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  38. We do need a DM in the summer, coq has potential to be very good but that was crazy of him, we need competition in every position to keep the players on their toes and Flam/Arteta will surely be going.

    Alexis just doesn’t give up, hopefully he will turn a corner now
    Elneny did very well
    Ramsey likewise just doesn’t give up
    Ospina kept us in the game and was excellent

    That was our hardest game left and I would have taken a draw beforehand although we needed 3 points.
    All is not lost because all the teams are dropping points and Leicester/Spuds have harder run ins although I think the title is beyond us, however we could get up to second again and overtake the spuds

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  39. Dele Ali was off side and should not have been allowed to back heel ball to Kane for spuds second.
    Though Kane left his leg in after having a look it was coq. To make sure he was sent off.
    On the plus side Ramsey on the right makes us much more solid across the middle. And Gibbs plays with more caution than Montreal.

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  40. this doesn’t change anything. we needed a win and we drew. we’re now in a fight to stay in the top four. forget about the title and ffs get wenger out of this club.

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  41. Coquelin was a hot-head, showed no sense in going to ground against Kane there, and yes, it could well be his fault we didn’t win, who knows.

    But though it’s not the first time he’s shown a hot-headed streak – and he almost certainly knows it, and will be told repeatedly by the manager and his team-mates – some of the comments about him here, and especially on wilder media like Twitter, are _way_ OTT.

    There have been plenty of times since he was brought into the team, including this season, when he’s been the rock on which our defensive solidity has been founded. Maybe he’s started believing the hype, thinking he’s untouchable, and if so that could be our fault for making him out to be TGDMTEL. He’s not, but he’s very good. And if he manages to curb the wild streak to his character, he’ll be very good again.

    Today? “stupid”, “idiot”, “mindless”, “rash”, “thoughtless” – all true. But I’m still a fan. I’m not going to let him off the hook, but I expect him to learn what such moments can cost the team, cut them out, and come back stronger. He’s a Gunner, and he’s ours, let’s not forget that.

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  42. A couple of months ago we were winning with Flamini. Winning ugly but winning. Coq and Alexis are not the same player ever since they came back.

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  43. Very like us today; lose the winnable games, turn up for the likely to lose game, give a very creditable performance then throw it away via a silly lapse in concentration or ref decision. On the plus side we gave as good as we got and had the ref not bottled the 2nd yellow to spurs, we would have gotten all three points. On to the next game now

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  44. “We are top of the league” sung for a grand total of 13 minutes, the longest they’ve managed that in 52 years LMFAO

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  45. Ohh! it hurts me to the very core how sp*rs have started to match us in ability (speaking in terms of the stats). How I’d love our decisive Alexis back. A decisive Alexis could have created 2-3 more decisive chances today. BTW, is this the Spuds people have been going gaga over? I thought they were just working harder and getting their basics (like the pressing and tackles) right. Other than that, the long passes were bad, they had no ideas whatsoever when our defense was in shape. Nothing too spectacular about this Sp*rs. At our fluidic best, we can own this team like the bitches they are.

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  46. Turning Point? We’ll just have to see. Didn’t we go on an 8 game unbeaten run a while back following a NLD? I would (Keegan) love it, love it, if we do that.

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  47. That is called balls, real balls. We could have won with 10 men against the best spuds team in recent memory. And pheeeew!!! Did Gabriel nearly give me a heart attack? Watford pls pls pls pls pls WIN

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  48. Elneny was class today I thought. Really uses the ball well, obviously tired a little in the second half which was to be expected with so little game time (aside from the stroll against Hull and Burnley where he was rarely put under pressure) recently.

    Adds quite a bit of pace into our attacks not through his running just the way he moves the ball. That’s the biggest plus of the day for me, aside from us fighting back so well. Aside from those crazy ten minutes after Coq was sent off, we absolutely bossed them even with 10 men. How they’ve won so many games this season is beyond me.

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  49. Now it is easy for us to hate Coquelin, but for every thing that was bad about the second yellow, i would just like to remind us all of the unrivalled glory that was the first. It sound cynical but that kind of ‘fuck this youre not having the ball there’ attitude is just what i wanted to see. Too many times we are tje nice team, kicking the ball out for injured players like at United. Nope we are here to win and that attitude is perfect. Im inclined to go easy on him because if he can overcome these poor decisions we have got a player there who looks up for a fight every game. And though ive never liked that side of the game, we have needed hat for so long.

    Felt tje back fove were terrific as was ramsey (apart from losing the ball that one time) who played a major role in ball retention and transitioning play. Elnenny was everything i hoped he could be in this game. Good to see him in the referees face over the bellerin yellow, it may have factored in his decision not to give him the second. And him, ospina and gibbs all did well to stay composed in this game when theyve not played for us so much. Sanchez is getting better.

    Not happy with the draw overall but in context its hard to complain. Its t8 me to focus kn the FA Cup and for March at least or until the West Ham game, its best not to think about the league but just channel that energy and spikeyness into chasing spurs all the way. If it gets us closer to the league then great but finishing above them has to be the priority.

    It makes you wonder how a team with our talent ans character can be so feeble at time, particularly at United. Its not a case of whose right but how we can maintain that level or anything like that for other games because if we had that grit in other games we would leading the chase not shadowing second. We have all got our opinions on it but for now lets just hope this can be a building block for remotely acceptable performances down the line.

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  50. On the day….well played Mr Wenger, well played. Good choices, good setup, and all said a good result. Keep the pressure on others, a few stellar performances, we could win this thing!

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  51. We played well today, tactics were spot on,
    Elneny looks a really decent player and we look a much more solid team with Ramsey out wide.
    Apart from Coq, I thought all the team did well especially Ospina.
    Hopefully this is a point that sees our form turn around, if we go on a run, then I still think we have a chance.

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    • Ramsey is now primarily a RW for me. I was very glad to see him there as the balance was finally restored.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

      • I think we’d have even more balance if Campbell was our RW, as it is his natural position, and let Ramsey sort out what he wants to be (which position he wants to play). Even with a goal today.

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  52. Disappointed with the results but overall nothing to complain about the performance as they really showed spirit and fight today and looked like they were up for it today, which cannot be said for our past few games.
    Big big mistake by our coq, a rush of blood to our coq’s head resulting in a rash decision which kane gladly accepted.
    Hope, beg, pray that our annual end of season great form starts now and I will still believe until it is mathematically impossible for us to be champs! COYG!

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  53. Red cards happen, but we could have defended better immediately after the red card,we sorta crumbled straight after the red card,pure lack of game management.

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  54. Those out there who think Ospina’s a bad goalkeeper have a look at this statistic:

    David Ospina made more saves in a Premier League match than any Arsenal goalkeeper since 2009

    A brilliant backup keeper for Cech. Who knows with a run of games for him coming up he could keep Cech out of the starting lineup!

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  55. I gave up and went for a walk when they got their second. I was convinced we’d lost. So pleased to see we salvaged something after we handed it to them on a silver platter.

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  56. I find it impossible to expect us to find the necessary form to even dream of the title. Man U and Swansea were thoroughly winnable. 6 points there and let’s talk titles.

    I would like to see Mr Wenger replaced now. That is all.

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  57. On another day, good. In context, not good enough. You don’t have the luxury of losing at home to Swansea and not put away your closest rivals. I know it’s not that simple or an entirely fair way of looking at it.

    Who knows, maybe that point will be The point.

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  58. Joel Cambell scores goals (more then Ramsey), is more creative, better at tracking back and defending, better on Right. Not sure why Wenger doesn’t value him more and play him. Should play Coq, Elneny, Cambell, Sanchez, Ozil ,and Welbeck. Let Ramsey sit out until he learns to play his designated role correctly. Giroud can come the bench until he comes back in form.

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    • I fully agree. When I saw Ramsey in the lineup I was really irritated, as AW really does not learn. Even if he scored, I still would have put him on some time in the 2nd half. On merit Campbell should have played here, in Barca game even, Manure too. Who knows where would we be now. Also, it is not fair as maybe Joel would have developed even more, being a 3rd choice basically does not help him feel important so he fot sure does not feel as confident as he would if Arsene gave him 1/10 of support he has gave Ramsey and especially Walcott.

      Also, blogs, I like you so much but jumping on anyone who says anything remotely bad about Ramsey just sucks. Maybe the guy just meant at the moment – Campbell did score a great goal against Swansea while Ramsey was the opposite of clinical lately.

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      • I wasn’t dissing Campbell at all, I said he was our best player against Swansea, but the guy said he scores more goals than Ramsey which is obviously wrong. That’s all.

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        • Should have clarified – Goals/ min played. Cambell has played 871 minutes and has 3 goals. Ramsey has played 2219 minutes and has 5 goals.

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  59. Should have clarified – Goals/ min played. Cambell has played 871 minutes and has 3 goals. Ramsey has played 2219 minutes and has 5 goals.

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  60. It took 3 or 4 games for Campbell to come in form and then he was relegated to the bench when Wenger was playing Ox (Why Ox?…only Wenger knows). As Campbell has received minutes he has continued to impress. He is a wide player. As compared to Ramsey, who wants to play Ozil’s role no matter where he is asked to play. Need to start selecting players based on merit…performance in recent matches and training.

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