World of Arsenal rocked by #interesting #content? Please RT


There’s naff all going on in the world of Arsenal today – often the case when all the juicy Wenger press conference quotes have been rinsed to death in advance of a matchday – but that doesn’t stop the onslaught of #CONTENT.

So here’s a quick roundup of all the Gunners-related guff you can find on the net today…stuff that makes us want to stick pins in our eyes.

Arseblog News is doing this so you can save yourself 30 seconds…time you could use to floss, blow your nose or simply dedicate to lamenting the demise of the newspaper industry.

  • A¬†journalist has called the agent of an Arsenal player and asked if his client might leave. The agent has said no. The journalist has called his mate at another newspaper and they’ve both written the same thing.
  • An Arsenal player has used his native tongue to¬†confirm his English is getting a bit better.
  • A former player has said that Arsenal winning a trophy this season is a good thing.
  • The death of a former First Lady of the United States has been blamed on an Arsenal player.
  • A player who was once spuriously linked with Arsenal could well be leaving his current club for a new club.
  • An opinion piece has been written asking if Arsene Wenger is a criminal.
  • A non-sensationalist quote from the manager has been twisted to suggest he still wants to be in charge of the club when he’s 85.
  • A controversial Republican Presidential nominee candidate has backed a well known ‘celebrity fan’ for the manager’s job.

You’re welcome.

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