Fans groups plan protest at Norwich game


Two of the main Arsenal supporter’s groups, REDaction and Black Scarf Movement, along with The Gooner, have announced details of a protest to take place at the Norwich game this Saturday.

They’re urging fans to download, print out and display a sign which says ‘Time for change – Arsenal is Stale – Fresh approach needed’.

REDaction say on their blog, “We have an absentee owner who takes money from the club whilst not engaging with fans.  We have a manager who won’t use the resources available to him, to strengthen a squad which everybody can see needs investment.

“Throw in some of the highest ticket prices in world football.  And, all of the Groundhog seasons, where it’s clear that the fans’ ambitions are not matched by those in charge.”

While Black Scart Movement’s statement says, “Whether it’s the manager, whether Stan Kroenke has to go and whether the Board needs shaking up and reminding that we’re a FOOTBALL club, change is needed at Arsenal. A fresh approach to bring some excitement back to this great club of ours.”

It’s asked that fans hold up their signs on 12 minutes (to signify 12 years without winning the title), again on 78 minutes (12 minutes from full time), and at the final whistle.

The other main supporters organisation, the Arsenal Supporters Trust, who were originally involved at the beginning, told the Evening Standard, “AST agrees there is a need for change at Arsenal, and support the plans to raise this issue at the game.”

Arseblog News asked all three groups about their position on protesting during the game, rather than just before or after.

AST: “We are urging members to read the REDaction and BSM statements and decide what’s best [for them]”.

REDaction: “We are encouraging the most vocal protest to be after the final whistle, so no suggestion that this should affect the team. And it goes without saying, during the game please give your maximum (and loud) support to the players on the pitch.”

BSM: “Marches pre-match have been done before and got some decent coverage. Big banners & flags are just a few people but we wanted to get all people involved who felt passionately about these issues.

“Post match, most people have pissed off already before the match finishes! Therefore it’s a simple way to protest, a chance to get numbers (assuming people have the balls) and of course the game is live on TV.”

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