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As the quiet week continues, it seems like the perfect time for this post.

As you know, the comments on these articles are open to everyone. It’s hugely important to us that we have a range of diverse opinions, and it’s great when articles, posts, and so on, spark discussion and debate.

However, it’s also worth reminding people that we do have a comment policy here which we expect people to follow. You can read that comment policy here.

These rules are not open to discussion or debate, and have been crafted with the experience of 14 years of doing this website.

When things aren’t going as well as we might like, there tends to be a lot more conversation, and that’s understandable. There’s generally a lot more to say about a game in which things went wrong than a routine 2-0 win. That’s human nature.

What I would remind people of is the fact that we’re all Arsenal fans here. Your view on playing styles, the manager, the board, Doris the Tea-lady and whatever else may differ, but at the end of the day we all want to see the club do well.

I would ask again that you respect people’s opinions, even if you disagree with them. There is no need for personal abuse of other commentators, or the people who write the articles.

It is possible to want a change of manager and to express that without resorting to some of the worst online excesses. Similarly, you can want him to stay without writing off those who want a change as cranks or lunatics.

You don’t have to be one thing or the other. And one of the worst things that has happened in recent years is the increased polarisation and division of fans who believe they have to nail their colours to a particular mast and stick to it regardless.

In the words of Chris Rock talking about politics, “No normal, decent person is one thing. I’ve got some shit I’m conservative about, I’ve got some shit I’m liberal about.

There’s room to find nuance in situations, so be open to ideas that you don’t necessarily hold yourself. You don’t have to agree but it’s a shame when people close their minds completely.

Also, if your comment is held for moderation, please give us time to release it. There are a number of reasons this may happen, and we do our best to go through them as quickly as we can.

We do appreciate everyone who visits and leaves comments … well, almost everyone … but part of making this place enjoyable for everyone comes down to you guys too.


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