Arsenal value breaks $2bn barrier, ranked 5th in the world

Stan Kroenke Arsenal cash

Arsenal’s current value has broken the two billion dollar barrier for the first time, with the club ranked the 5th most valuable in the world, according to American publication Forbes.

They’ve released their annual report on the valuation of football’s biggest clubs, and the only teams the Gunners sit behind are the traditional European giants Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich.

forbes football list 2016

Those 5 are the only clubs to break the $2bn mark, with Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus and Sp*rs making up the rest of the top 10.

The club’s inability to progress beyond the Round of 16 in the Champions League means they’re not in the top 10 earners from European football’s richest tournament.

Champions League income 2014/15

However, the might of the Premier League’s TV revenue is apparent in the list of the top 20 earners from TV. Only Real Madrid and Barcelona, allowed to negotiate their own deals separate from other clubs in La Liga, beat out the English teams. 17 of top 20 are English clubs, with Juventus sneaking in at the bottom.

Football TV revenue 2014/15

Such has been in the increase in value that Stan Kroenke’s investment in Arsenal could net him a profit of $1bn should he decide to sell – an unlikely prospect at this moment in time.

With Arsenal expected to have a cash balance of up to £250m when the end of year accounts are released later this year, and the team underperforming in terms of expectations, there will be significant pressure on those in charge to use these financial resources to the fullest extent to help make the team competitive next season.

Full Forbes report and insight here.

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