Mertesacker becomes latest to change number

Mertesacker v Spurs

After Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey changed numbers for next season, and Granit Xhaka handed the number 16 for his debut campaign with the club, Per Mertesacker has become the latest Arsenal player to switch numerals.

However, the German has bucked the trend for a slightly lower digit, and instead will sport a clip-art bee on his back.


“Bees are our friends,” said the BFG. “I wanted to highlight the issue of the bee population dying out.

“It’s suggested that Colony Collapse Disorder that has wiped out an estimated 10 million beehives in North America alone, and the western honey bee is in real danger.

“Not fake danger like when Gareth Bale falls over when someone tries to tackle him, but REAL danger like when someone tries to talk to Mesut when Flamini is around.”

Mertesacker’s status as one of the senior players at the club was the only reason the move was sanctioned, with Arsene Wenger immediately dismissing Hector Bellerin’s request to change from 24 to a bolt of lightning emoji.

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