Make a film title pun from a striker’s name


We’ve seen Arsenal linked to countless forwards this summer, how much truth there is any of those links is open to question.

Our guess would be ‘not much’, but it doesn’t change the fact we need a striker and people are getting restless. So, in order to pass the time, we’ve decided to play a little game: work a player’s name into the title of a film.

You can use first name or surname, but the film must exist. You can also use any striker you like, rather than just the ones we’ve been reported to be interested in.

Here are a few to kick you off with, please add your own in the comments.

Bacca to the Future

Lukaku’s Talking

Higuaindecent Exposure

Y Tu Benzemama Tambien

Gomez Congeniality

Throw Aubama from the train

Lacazette aux Folles

The Big Lewandowski

Right, you creative pun geniuses, do your stuff.

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