Wenger reveals Brexit concerns


It’s no secret that Arsene Wenger had hoped Britain would vote ‘Remain’ when it went to the ballot box on 23 June.

In the days before the referendum he, along with 140 other well-known Europeans with a vested interest in the UK maintaining relations with the EU, put his name to a ‘love letter to the UK’ published in the Times Literary Supplement.

“It is your decision, and we will all accept it,” the letter stated. “Nevertheless, if it will help the undecided to make up their minds, we would like to express how very much we value having the United Kingdom in the European Union.”

Ultimately, it was the Leave camp that won the day, a scenario that Wenger worries could have long-term repercussions on the strength of the Premier League.

“The players are going to see their salaries drop a little bit and the competition with Germany, for example, is going to be stronger,” Wenger told France Football [translated by ESPN].

“But that’s part of the risks of the profession and that worries me less.”

The boss does believe that the influx of TV money should initially cushion the blow.

“England has, all the same, a lot of resources in terms of finances. There’s leeway with the [TV] money that’s going to be brought in this year as well.

“But in my opinion it’s particularly in the long term that there are questions. The way in which England leaves Europe will dictate the future of the Premier League.

“If the league becomes less attractive, TV companies will spend less money, the revenues of clubs are going to decrease and the Premier League is going to suffer the consequences. That’s where the problem is.”

Without going full Donald Rumsfeld, there’s certainly a lot of known unknowns and plenty of unknown unknowns about the triggering of Article 50 and the subsequent Brexit. Nobody seems quite sure what the hell will happen or when.

Anyway, you can now go wild with your ‘quitting Europe early’ is so Arsenal gags…

Update: You can read the full transcript of his interview here.

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Am I the only one who really doesn’t care about the strength of the Premier League?

In many ways I’d welcome going back to a time when teams were forced to develop more of their own young English talent than simply go out and pluck 11 multi-million pound stars.

It’d be much better for the national team (haha) and create more of a bond between players and fans if this were to be the way Brexit ultimately influenced the league.


Maybe, but if clubs are forced to spend all their income on English players then player salaries will go up even more.

Don’t forget England were just as crap in the 70s and 80s before we had foreign players and managers.


Why would salaries go up for English players?

The argument I’m making that the Premiership would attract smaller TV deals in the long term, making all the clubs poorer. That would mean that clubs would have to cut spending; getting more from their youth academies would be the most sustainable model to build on.

I would definitely make the case for that improving the national team. Take one example – Kieran Gibbs. Bloke was a perfectly decent fullback for us and we signed a slightly better one, which has stunted his development. Had we not had the funds to do the Monreal deal, I think he’d be a much better player and probably be in the England team, and we’d likely have a young understudy for him. If you multiply that effect across all 20 clubs, or saw more England players move abroad, I think England would punch their weight at tournaments.

Furthermore, the colossal wealth of the Premier League has left fans feeling more and more undervalued by their clubs, who are much more interested in shifting merchandise than they are worried about the experience of going to a game. As a regular match-goer, I see that as a bad thing.

So in summary, if the Premier League pulled in less overseas and TV money, would it mean the German, Spanish and Italian leagues would catch up? Maybe. But the trade off is seeing more academy players coming through and giving supporters more power at clubs as they would play a bigger role in their finances.


Also you mustn’t interpret this as me saying “NO FOREIGNERS IN THE PREMIERSHIP EVER”, I love having Ozil and Sanchez in our team as much as the next supporter. I’m saying that if they were to be luxury purchases, rather than the status quo, and if that were the case for all sides, we’d still have a competitive league but full of players who grew up supporting their respective clubs who otherwise would be farmed out on loan.


We signed Monreal because Gibbs is far too prone to injury


And one day the talent level will drop so much in the EPL that it will become something like the Scottish league. Only the locals will watch while the world audience (and the money) will move on to something else. It happened to Italy after the 90’s and brexit might just be the thing to burst the EPL bubble. That’s the kind of thing Wenger doesn’t want.


Well said. All you stupid brexiters look at the scottish league and if that is what you want ‘your league’ to become. Brexit certainly is one step towards that direction.
One of the most alluring things about english football is the international nature to the league as well as the fan base. This is very worrying for all fans too.


I think one of the least alluring aspects of the premier league is the international fan base.


Cheers, as an international fan I really appreciate your view.


I don’t necessarily agree or disagree, but I think that’s exactly his point. Theoretically the global interest and money going away would help the clubs get back to their local roots, bringing back the glory days of the First Division, etc.

I don’t think it would work quite like that but I’m fairly certain the OP sees your scenario as a positive, not a negative


From an Australian gooner, and sorry to say lads i really couldnt give a toss about the strength of the english national team.

I know theres pride in that, just as we have with our country. But we get to see international matches once every few months? And a tournament every couple of years. The Arsenal is something we get to all enjoy in most cases twice a week and this club has a long & proud history of foreign players becoming club legends.


I don’t care about the England side. If little old Wales and Iceland can manage to out perform us with a considerably lower populations then we should be ashamed of ourselves. The PL is entertaining every week, England are dull as dishwater. It is this little englander mentality that brought about Brexit in the first place. If you can’t do your job better than someone from overseas that is your tough luck. Do better, work harder. The same is no different for football players.

AW is right to be concerned about Brexit. In the space of a week any players from Europe are already about 20% more expensive. A £40m player becomes £50m. They will also want higher wages to compensate for the drop in the pound. Brexit is going to cause a lot more problems than those experienced by football clubs.


The most valuable opinion I’ve heard in this year.. seriously thanks for people like you 🙂


Do better, work harder, get fucked over by the Tories and their cunty rich mates. bit like groundhog day really. Football is an escape, nothing more. Sorry, have to go to work today. Groundhogs rule. Leicester showed that.


I voted remain. I travel whenever I can, have a life rich in culture, am liberal minded and abhor racism or discrimination of any kind. But I would like to see more English players in the Arsenal team. Your view that that makes me a little Eglander is as narrow minded as the little Englanders themselves.


Danny I would be pleased to see more England players in the Arsenal side on merit not because we have to fulfil a quota. Cream should rise to the top and artificially trying to reduce competition for English players is not going to improve the England side. Players from overseas are willing to go and play in other leagues in order to improve, how many England players are there playing abroad? We now live in a global economy where we all have to compete with more people in all types of work. Competition should make us strive to do better and improve, if people don’t like that it is their lookout but it is the reality of the modern world. I don’t think my view is narrow minded, I am looking at the bigger picture. You are entitled to your view but I think it is short-sighted mate.

PodB – I don’t really know what you are on about but have fun at work.

Andy Mack

Teams make great efforts (and expense) to develop their own players but the problem is that the talent pool is tiny as we have far too few qualified coaches in England.
When the FA invest in more coaches instead of their own expense accounts, only then will the level of English players improve sufficiently.


How will any of this effect his ability not to spend any money?


Good line, thumbs up from me, but actually the answer is ‘really badly’. He avoids spending money by signing up starlets like Fabregas and Belerin. As Blogs pointed out, this may not be possible in future.


Off Topic sorry – but does anyone know when TV release fixtures? I’m travelling to the City game on the 13th from Ireland and I don’t want to book anything yet until the fixtures are confirmed?


Buy some fucking players instead of talking about future hypotheticals! Man united are stealing a march on us, as are Man Shitty and Chelski. Stop talking and get that heavy wallet out.

Al Gilmore

You are an idiot.

Mr Gooner

No need for abuse. Thumb down is sufficient.


Stop talking? The man’s literally not allowed to communicate verbally because that’s costing us players?


Talking is all he seems to be doing. Jeez what’s with the Wenger loving?


Does United spending lots of money scare you? Where were you for the last three seasons then?


Lol Wenger isn’t even allowed to talk, he has to spend every second of his waking day on signing new players, harsh!


The wealthiest league in the world won’t struggle.


Can’t wait til the entire world is genetically mixed so we can stop wasting time focusing on our differences as human beings and start to realise that we’re all the same.


What about religion? There will always be fighting.
Anyway, who really out of all the new signings for the so called big clubs is really going to make a difference? Zlatan? 34 yrs.. who? There has been no great transfers yet and there will not be. Even Zlatan is a shirt seller.


If everyone was like me we’d just chill


Zlatan is 35 in October, and I couldn’t see him score more than 10 goals including penalties, the PL is not a french league when whole PSG team played to set him up goals while he was taking a walk 90 minutes during every game, Mikihtaryan is good player but remebmer kagawa was even better than him and he struggled in the PL, that doesn’t mean he will be a bad player but I consider him above average and he is not a winger where murinho will play him and destroy him when he order him to play full back after taking a lead 1-0 every time . He scored 23 goals but only 11 in the bundesliga, and he will not score more than 5 goals in PL. I consider rasmey better than him and I’m not even thinking comparing him with ozil and alexis. But rumors are spreading that they are getting pogba that is the only player that worries me and will improve their shit midfield very much. Hope this rumors are spreading from pogba cam so Real M pay jube what are asking, also last season ramos did use man.utd to get a new bumper contract.


Butter and jam on toast, or just jam. There will always be divisions 😉


Butter and jam, all day long.


You idiot – jam only!

Cape Town Gooner





Only 100% English speaking butter would do. No European jam for me and my household.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

Jam without the toast? Freak! Burn him!!

Reality cechmate

even if we were all one race some would be darker and some would be uglier and others wealthier. Not to mention sexualities and sexes. What I am saying is if ever you want to make a mixed baby for the sake of world peace remember this quote ‘damned if you do, damned if you dont’




Arsenal and Spurs.

The world can never be united.


You don’t really think they’re just sitting back doing funk all do you?

Stewart Robson's therapist
Stewart Robson's therapist

“The players are going to see their salaries drop a bit” – our hearts bleed for them, the impoverished little cherubs.


Lmao….coats on!


In fact, one of my first reactions to Brexit (as an outsider) was ”well, that’s the Premier League fucked then”


This could benefit Arsenal in some ways this summer – with the pound losing value, it benefits the clubs who have income in multiple currencies (e.g. Champions League money in Euros) when buying from the continent – just like getting your money out for a holiday, a €50m Euro player will now cost £40m rather than £30m


As far as I know Arsenal do not have a cash reserve of Euros. We do all our business in pounds.


If they had any sense they would have exchanged a shitload of money into euros before the referendum. Most of the businesses that I deal with who have to do business with European countries did this to protect their businesses.


Wrong. I think Arsenal’s cash reserve is kept in Wenger’s bank account in Guilly, france and denominated in euros, pesos and italian lira. That is why we have had problems withdrawing the funds at short notice in the past because the italians wanted their lira back. My mate told me.

Andy Mack

Although they ‘account’ in sterling, they’re likely to have accounts in Euros and US $ like every other internationally trading UK based company.

Andy Mack

Should say “likely to have bank accounts”.

Someone's Something

Unless the FA are willing to revamp their entire way of “doing football” then not even a EU-membership will help them from going below other leagues and nations.

The rather pathetic exploits of the English national team in recent tournaments shows you just the extreme lack of quality players and managers in the league.

Andy Mack

Don’t you mean “the extreme lack of ENGLISH quality players and managers in the league.” ?


Now watch this become something of a cop out into not buying the players we need to compete.So predictable.


Yep toma that is what we all fear


Jesus Christ, can you please concentrate on Arsenal & buy some f…. good striker.


Post-Brexit the main leagues to benefit will be the MLS and Chinese Super League, as their respective currencies have both strengthened dramatically over the £ and to a slightly lesser extent the €. The big names drawn to Europe from all over the world will genuinely start to contemplate these leagues far more as the years go on, and whilst the Premier League will remain world renowned there’s no guarantee it will remain the largest financially, which could see certain TV deals shift focus to other nations, reducing the PL’s global appeal and audience, and thus the superstar recruitment we’ve enjoyed this past 20-30years.

Unfortunately a lot of people voted ‘Brexit’ as a knee-jerk reaction to unfounded and since throuoghly debunked claims on false immigration quotas and richly exaggerated monetary movements between us and the EU. Some were won over by the heavily biased red top tabloids (largely owned by megomaniacal tycoons hoping to further the rich/poor divide) who tapped into many’s tucked away racist/xenophobic/facistic beliefs, and gave promise of a so-called Independence Day that was nothing short of insulting to those across the globe who have had to fight for real freedom/independence. And many were simply ‘making a stand’ against the EU, due to discontent, but unaware they’d actually win and now regret their decision as they have been enlightened to the farce of the Leave campaign and their false claims and downright lies, not to mention the thoroughly deplorable figureheads of the campaign who have now jumped ship.

Some of us, however, ignored the politicians and went straight to information given out by leading global economists, and their financial forecasts, we researched exactly what the EU had done for us over the years such as enforced minimum wages, workers rights, product regulations creating safer households, our strength on the global market and position on trade, the ability to work and move freely visa-free across 27other nations, free healthcare, set standards of education, the list goes on. We also recognised the pitfalls in leaving; the disbandment of the UK, the risks to jobs and companies that invest heavily to the UK, the risk of trade negotiations and a complete lack of leverage in setting up our own deals especially now we may well be competing against the far more resourced EU, and again, the list goes on.

But the important thing is that Britain “will be GREAT again”, and that we’ve “taken back control!”… Utter bollocks. We’ve basically become the knight from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail; deluded, close-minded, completely self-destructive, and ultimately a laughing stock.

The ballot paper was missing a key ingredient:
“Remain in the EU, and try to reform it”
but that’s far too logical in today’s world of media driven politics.


Sorry, that was rather serious…
To counter,

How many ants do you need to rent a house?


Ten ants!


And how many ants do you need to sell the house?


Are you kidding? If any currency is unstable right now, it’s the Yuan with markets losing confidence both in their markets and government. The figures the Chinese govt is giving out is dodgy to say the least. The Yuan hasn’t increased w/ respect to the pound, it’s the latter that’s fallen dramatically.

However, I agree with your point re the US dollar. Many of the posh investors I have talked to moved a large chunk of their assets to the US & specifically the NYSE.

While this may strengthen their economy, it also will, unfortunately, help Man Utd FC since they trade on the NYSE. It’s price has suffered a lot since Ferguson retired, but now it may propel an increase as much as it pains me.


Whilst the Yuan did take a hit initially upon the Brexit so did many of the worlds nations/currencies as part of a temporary reaction to the global economic shockwaves it sent out. In the long term it’s widely regarded that China are one of the main nations likely to be least affected by the Brexit. So admittedly I was wrong to state that it had strengthened, my point should have stated it will remain in a strong position (with slight fluctuations such as the present) whilst the GDP will drop. Financial deals offered to top footballers from China will progressively become more and more lucrative in comparison to whats on the table from english clubs.

And whilst I think footballers are horribly overpaid worldwide, over here the money used is despicable, but alas it’s what makes the Premier League the most watched league in the world.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

which one of you is Johanne Djourou?


Dude, lets not turn this nasty.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

i was only admiring the financial and business commentary


You lure us in with the compliments of ‘Djourou’, but when our backs are turned you’ll mutter ‘Senderos’ 😉

Stringer Bell

What you mean he was telling lies to strengthen his opinion. Sounds familiar with both the out and the in. Who would have thought another person that doesn’t really know much pretending they do.

Stewart Robson's therapist
Stewart Robson's therapist

Brilliant idea! Reform the EU! Why has no one ever thought of that before? Reality check: they have. The entire history of the European project is a series of failed reforms. We ended up with a top-down, de registe political construct that answers to no one, and which has now crippled economies all over Europe.

Forget immigration, it makes no odds to me, I voted for a Britain that creates its own laws and has the ability to negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world. The choice on the ballot paper was between a European Britain and a global Britain. I chose the latter, I am proud to have done so, and I will not be patronised for it.


We do create the vast majority of our own laws, we also created quite a large number of the EU laws – Human Rights Act? We have not done a terribly good job of engineering trade deals recently. We are less attractive as a trading partner outside of the EU but you crack on with your views buddy.

Stewart Robson's therapist
Stewart Robson's therapist

Hansard, the House of Commons library, confirms that 55-60% of our laws were dictated by Brussels.

Yes, we created the Human Rights Act. That shows you that we don’t need the EU to protect human rights, Britain has historically led the way on a multitude of civil liberties and workers’ rights and can do so again.

Of course we haven’t been good at negotiating trade deals recently, the EU prohibits us from doing so! In leaving, we can now negotiate bilateral trade deals without the interference of 27 other countries.

And the number of countries already queuing up to negotiate with the U.K. shows you just how attractive it is to trade with one of the biggest, most fertile economies in the world. New Zealand, Australia, India, South Korea and Canada among them, with the United States also keeping a close eye. Countries who are all not in the EU and yet somehow manage to survive. I wonder how on earth they do that.


ahahahahahahahahaha…. lmao @ the line “And the number of countries already queuing up to negotiate with the U.K”.

Who exactly is queuing up to have a trade deal with the UK presently? Any links to the news? In any case, i think the UK will be in a desperate position when negotiating from the current post-brexit position and the world knows it. Not an ideal position from which to get good deals out of trade negotiations. Invariably, one gets fantastically and eye-wateringly shafted.


Hansard does not confirm that, it documents any speeches made in the 2 chambers verbatim. I know this because I am mentioned in it. My dad (an MP of over 30 years) made a speech that included a reference to me getting on a bus to go and see Arsenal against Man Utd in the FA cup semi final in 1999. 13% of our laws are dictated by the EU – confirmed by an expert on the EU from Liverpool University. Not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things particularly when we engineered a lot of them.

It is well known that we don’t have the resources to negotiate the trade deals that you are talking about. We have about 20 specialists in the UK when we need vast amounts more… hundreds. It is banded about that the EU prevent us from trade deals with other nations but that is nonsense. Why do you think we kept on sending delegations to India and China whilst still a member of the EU? We were trying to broaden who we trade with and did not achieve it in any great shape or form. The fact is that we have an economy that is heavily centred around services not industry, we don’t have much to trade with. The financial services sector is pretty important given that we are the financial hub of Europe but Paris and Frankfurt are looking to relieve us of that mantle as soon as possible. You are entitled to your views fella and I do understand people’s anger, it is crass to refer to leave voters as racist or stupid or old, but I do think the reasons people give for voting to leave are a little misguided. Brexit is going to hurt this country (whatever will be left of it if Scotland jump ship), certainly in the short to medium term. You won’t be able to blame bankers for the next recession, it will be because of people voting to leave.


So, the therapist is not merely an ordinary old whining fart. He is an old, whiny, LYING fart!


In a constantly moving economic environment I believe the EU should reform every 5 years to address current and forthcoming advances and issues. A constantly evolving body that moves with the times. Whilst it hasn’t done this I wholeheartedly believe we’d be worse off without what we’ve got, post Brexit hysteria in the markets, the current and increasing disrespect to hard working foreigners/’foreigners’, a lack of minimum wages and workers rights, I could list the many reasons but they’re plastered all over the internet.

Could you honestly trust a Tory government with nobody keeping an eye over it? It’s incredibly obvious what will happen. Privatisation of the NHS, all schools to become academies, continual tax breaks for large firms and the super rich as “their finances help stabilise the economy”, a country once famed for it’s cultural acceptance and ability to rise above other nations’ regular disregard of foreigners and their belief systems will become introverted and punished economically through derisory trade deals, and lets not pretend the EU won’t make an ‘example’ out of us and our rebellion. The UK will disband, mass employing companies will move their businesses elsewhere, ex Pats will have to move home because their pensions amount to bugger all elsewhere, retirement dreams will shatter for many, whilst those of us in work will rarely see pay increases alongside receiving higher taxes, on top of struggling with the increase in prices of numerous essentials, the futures of our younger generations will be torn apart as their options become increasingly limited. And regarding ‘bureaucracy’, by the end of this calender year, the United Kingdom will have a Prime Minister nobody of the public will have voted in… Food for thought.

And the best bit, Brexit hasn’t even happened yet, last weeks financial plunge was just a taster of the recession like levels we’ll reach, perhaps even exceed, when the process is confirmed.

Stringer Bell

Leave it out Jeremy



Your comment is scarily relevant to what happened yesterday and today. After years of campaigning for “leave”, Boris & Farage have literally ransacked this nation. Forcing the Prime Minister to leave (in a way) was one thing, but abandoning ship after creating a cluster**** situation points to a spineless, gutless rats who are supposed to lead our country.

The Labour party is in arrears, the Conservative party PM is being ousted and on Twitter, another set of “experts” are calling for Piers Morgan to become the PM.

How does the Premier League continue to shield and insulate itself from all of the problems in the world?
After the Depression in 2008, the transfer record INCREASED and even now, there’s literally no effects of all of this.


Piers Morgan for PM…? God I hope they were just pointing out his initials and not genuinely suggesting the greasiest man since Gregory Greasemaster should rule as Supreme Overlord. He’s so very, horribly, horrible.

Back to less stomach-churning issues… Since the fallout from the Brexit the news is so gloomy, admittedly there is the odd bit of exaggerating (both ways) to sell news but listening to the actual quotes come out from those ‘in the know’ is scary. The bad news (national and global) outnumbers the good at a frightful ratio; £ continually dropping, the FTSE is a mess, BOE have sent huge warnings, companies moving abroad, NHS/junior doctors perils, ex-pats scared of their futures, MPs caught on camera jovially dissecting the poor contenders for PM, racial abuse, Britain First (the new BNP) filling the streets with hate to non-white/Christian/Brits, hardworking ‘foreigners’ fearful of deportation, political party shambles in every direction, it just goes on and on and on. The world over we’re either being mocked for our small island mentality or hated for our disruption of the markets, the best we can hope for is stregthening through Russia, or a good US relationship… should Trump get in. I sincerely hope we don’t have to deal with either of those criminals. All of a sudden we’re looking a little bit North Korea-esque… and that gets pretty ronery, oh so ronery.


I think the worst fallout from this is how quickly the xenophobic ideas regarding “protection of our borders” galvanized the nation. As a labour supporter myself, I am astounded at how right-wing dissidents have almost come from nowhere.
Our MP’s thought of Farage as a joke but it’s sad how foreigners are getting the blame for this. There’s been news (maybe publicity ones) of some ignorants telling people of Indian-descent, “When are you leaving? We’ve voted you out”!

As for us strengthening via Russia, that’s going to be embarrasing for whoever is in charge of that. It was the mighty Britain who supported imposing EU sanctions against Russia and denying visas for Russian officials. That and the recent skirmishes in the EUROS where we blamed them (and rightly so) means our relationship isn’t exactly cordial.

US, well, I fear that if Trump becomes President, more xenophobic ideas will start filtering in and that can only lead to problems.


I too am Labour through and through (true Labour where everyone works together for one another, none of this ‘red tie Tories’ rubbish our party has often embedded in recent years), but even so I respect the differing political opinions of others as we’re all brought up in different ways, in different environments. But one thing I just can’t get my head round/sympathise with is society’s (and most of the media’s) sudden openness on hate with such little (well, no) justification. I used to feel proud to live in such a liberal country…
There’s a theme in this nation, sadly, that when things go wrong, even from our own doing, we have to find a scapegoat no matter how tenuous their connection is to the problem. Sadly a lot of respectable people who moved here from other shores and called the UK ‘home’ are now seeing the truly ugly side of so-called proud Brits. Add to the fact we’ve spent hundreds of years invading countries, forcing our beliefs on others and leaving settlements of our natives scattered globally, then things start to look pretty hypocritical.


Funnily one of ‘BoJo’s’ main selling points to pursuade the UK away from the EU was that Turkey, who have poor Human Rights records/violations, was/is on the cusp of joining… Rewind just a few months/years and you can find a short film where he bangs on about how Turkey have the right to be in the EU. Youtube it, it’s kind of hilariously depressing, or depressingly hilarious.
Then there’s Michael “this country is tired of experts” Gove who is now begging experts to help him find an economic plan to strengthen his chances of getting the PM job. They’ve all gone back on their claims, and the whole thing has become an embarrassing mess for the world to see… Which is a fantastic start to ‘making this country great again’.
And although I believe Corbyn has great Labour values and could be a brilliant leader for us, he really could’ve done a lot more during the Brexit turmoil, especially given how many Remain supporting Union Leaders have been backing him.
Politics seems more like a reality TV show these days, where they’ll do anything for a little bit of fame or some retweers. Sad times.




I concur completely with your last point. Jeremy seemed so ambivalent about the issue from the start and I forget which MP came on GoodMorningBritain and said that many of them had no idea which side he was on. That’s really split the party up with everyone basically fending for themselves in terms of which way they went.

I saw that and I thought it was tremendously hypocritical of him, since until we were in EU, I thought any country had veto power to deny a new country to join. So if we wanted, we could’ve just told that Turkey couldn’t join and therefore, I had no idea what Boris was talking about here.

To that last point, about politics becoming reality, I think nothing embodies it as well as Michael Gove suddenly backing off Boris. What a bunch of losers that side is made of; none of them have the balls to come and stand up for what they’ve essentially led us into.

I see you still believe in Corbyn, and as much as I have respected him, I really think he should stand down. Nothing would be worse than him being re-elected and the majority of the other MP’s not giving him the support. Splits will ensue (pretty much has started) and it won’t bode well for the future particularly as we move into Brexit deals.

By the way, Labour has just increased it’s number of new members by 100,000. Think this may lead to more factions?


*Not hypocritical of Jeremy but of Boris

not sure

To sum up…

It’s “tata” for the old boys club on both sides of the Atlantic…or at least it appears as such, according to my tea leaves : )

Dan Hunter

Why are white immigrants called Ex pats and everyone else just plain old immigrants?


This must be the non story of the century. Effects zero. Didn’t Wenger start whining some years back when Brown upped the top rate of tax to 50% saying how disastrous this might be for keeping our precious little darlings papered ? He wants to see his homeland where the top rate is about 75%.

If players wages did drop or even stop increasing hand over fist, in the utterly unreal way they have the last ten years, few of us are going to start crying about it. We are a club where a player – Walcott in case you ask – now looks likely to park his arse on the bench and be content with a a 15 minute cameo for £140,000 per week. The EPL is a cocooned little world of unreality all of it’s own. One day, the bubble will burst and reality come rushing in.

Sadly Brexit doesn’t look likely to be the event to bring that about.


so post brexit dismiss the bosman ruling sack all the agents and then let the players go back to when they met the manager and chairman and did it all nicely over a cup of english cha luvely eh. If only Carlsberg did tranfers like that! nothing will change in players coming and going from Europe or the world prices wont drop nor will agents fees so its buisiness as usual, buying a football player now has more rules, regs and clauses than ever, normally fees agreed first it all the other things that slow it down.


The issue here with Brexit may be the top end strikers will still be available to English PL teams and price may not be affected as much because they can secure permits.

Still the price will be affected regardless as the supply will diminish.

But the ones who have a harder time getting the work permits may be the biggest issue and it may affect some of the lower teams dropping the quality of the league.

This may trigger a buying spree now perhaps before the rules tip against the PL teams.

There’s plenty of uncertainty.

Lula da Gilberto

To be perfectly honest, the long-term viability of the premier league sweltering exorbitant bubble never really concerned me. This is a golden age for superstars and one of huge inequality and disillusionment from supporters. Brexit or no Brexit, it was never going to last. And Arsenal fans will carry on loving Arsenal even when the bubble bursts. Playing devil’s advocate and pretending that the EU will recover and the UK won’t, which is not at all guaranteed, and that Germany, Spain and to a lesser extent France and Italy supercede England in champions league — which for the former two I’d say is already true — then teams would just start caring more about the FA Cup again is clubs were less able to compete with foreign clubs for increasing profit margins by penetrating foreign markets.

The politics surrounding Brexit is frighening both in the UK and the EU. What happens from here in terms of how we live, human rights and freedom is at a major, major crossroads of our history at a time when we really need to find answers to our planets existential crisis over the human race. Whether teams like Stoke will be able to compete in the Europa or whether players like Zlatan will make millions and millions of pound in the UK, EU, or, in a decade or so, China, really does not concern me one iota. I’ll love Arsenal and thats it.

not sure

Well said..

Speaking of human rights, the EU, along with the US and the mashup called NATO are putting a serious dent in the human rights of millions upon millions with their wars of aggression in the middle east…Good for England to get out of the EU imo, maybe they can lead the way forward into a much better future.


Brexit! Bexit! We got the country back… Now what do we do with it? Dunno


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Yankee Gooner

I’ve said it before on this site, but this post warrants it again: as a US gooner, I’m incredibly impressed with the civility and thoughtfulness of the political discussions when they do rarely occur here. In the US, a similar thread on an MLB, NFL, or NBA site would become a tire fire no later than Comment #2.