Wenger hopes stability will give Arsenal an edge


Arsene Wenger is hoping that managerial stability and the fact that the Premier League is more competitive than ever will give Arsenal an advantage this season.

With new managers at Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd, and teams like Leicester, Liverpool, Sp*rs and others all competing for at least the top four, the Arsenal manager is hoping the club’s relative sameness might work out well.

“Guardiola has come in, he’s a world class manager,” he said. “Mourinho has come in at Man United. Will that all click very quickly or will it take some time? We don’t know.

“Sometimes it can work marvellously well, sometimes it takes time. I hope it takes time and we can take advantage of the fact that we have stability.

“I believe that a club, despite all the money, is as well about identity. Identity is about values. And values have been carried through generations.

“It is about the chairman, the manager or players who stay for a long time. I hope that will always be the case. Just spending the money or sacking the manager, football has to be bigger than that.”

Pressed on whether he’d be spending more, Wenger provided a classic soundbite, saying, “Football is not a financial competition, it is a performance competition.”

Which is very true, yet there’s pressure on him to add to his squad and he spoke at length about transfers earlier. He could, you know, just buy some really good players. That would make everyone’s life easier.

In the end though, Jose Mourinho is a rampant donkey felching twatbasket and we should never forget that.

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