Wenger: It’s impossible to contain Alexis


Arsene Wenger says that Alexis Sanchez looks in good shape on his return to Arsenal, and that the Chilean’s much talked about desire to play and be involved in football makes him almost impossible to contain.

Good practice says you should give a player plenty of rest, especially after a summer tournament, but if the player himself is determined to play then it becomes more difficult.

The 27 year old has been ‘off’ since the Copa America final on June 27th, some of that enforced because of the ankle sprain he picked up during the game, and the boss is hopeful that he won’t suffer the same kind of debilitating post-summer start to the season as he did last year.

“The problem with Sanchez is to be cautious with him because it’s nearly impossible,” he said. “But you know what I did, I gave him a long break because I know that this was needed for him.

“They played two Copa Americas in a row and in England you don’t have a winter break. He got an injury. I know as well that you give Sanchez five weeks holiday, he will stay quiet one week and after he will start to run everywhere, and he comes back fit.

“I hope I got it right, that he had a good rest and regenerated a little bit, because he looks alright. We will see on Sunday.”

Wenger is pondering using Sanchez as a striker for the opening game of the season, but will make his mind up between him and Theo Walcott as the week goes on and he can assess fitness levels better.

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215 Arse

That’s all great. Sign a striker.


And a center back while you’re at it. Also, a winger please.


Yep and then we’ll definitely win the league…


“Wenger is pondering using Sanchez as a striker for the opening game of the season, but will make his mind up between him and Theo Walcott as the week goes on and he can assess fitness levels better.”

I am sure it is going to be a very tough decision for him.


wow…that’s like selecting between Ronaldo and Messi!


More like between Messi and Mr. Messy.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Have the feeling that Theo will destroyed Liverpool and embarass lot of fans.


While I wouldn’t mind being completely and utterly embarrassed, (god knows it wont be the first or last time), I just don’t think it will happen, not against Liverpool and I very much doubt against anyone else…

….still, here’s hoping i’m wrong

Woolwich Peripatetic

They do like to play up the pitch and have a woeful back line so it does sound like a classic Theo as CF game. It will depend more on how we cope with their pressing and work the ball past them.
The problem is that if Theo hits a hat-trick against a team playing a high line (entirely possible), that means no new striker who can handle a packed defence, which Theo can’t, at least not at CF.


Alexis or Walcott? That’s like having to choose between Messi and Lassie. I like dogs me but Feo is only good for chasing sticks


Can’t see most of us complaining if we end up with him playing top, although we tried it when he first arrived and abandoned it fairly quickly.


From the other article sounds like we are ready to give it another go


Hes gone next year , without a doubt


It must say this must be the easiest decision for Wenger. Just ensure Sanchez had enough rest.


Neither are ideal as with Sanchez you lose some of his energy and it wasn’t ideal when tried.
Theo is theo ide rather cambell or my granny who is 89 but talks a good game.

Toure Motors

Theo doesn’t want to be a striker anymore….

lovely arse

I can’t believe I just read Walcott is the other option up front. I mean, it’s no surprise, but, shit.. so deflating to read that.


I’m sorry, but does the player who scored 3x as many goals as Walcott in 1/3 of Walcott’s playing time deserve to be considered before Walcott?
That being said, sign a striker.

Mr Gooner

To be honest, with the amount of games we play during the course of a season and our injury stats, we are definitely going to sign 2 more players. It might not be the exciting signings people wanted, but we are definitely going to sign 2 more players.


If we cant sign a striker, i say we sign Mahrez n put alexis up top as our Super Striker. Of course id much rather alexis left, mahrez right n lacazette up top


We can have Lacazzette; the problem is Wenger refusing to pay £40m, as if they were taken out of his own pocket…
And yes, nowadays you need to pay over the odds to bring quality. Winning the league will more than make for that price. And worst case scenario, there’s re-sale value, as Wenger likes to point out


It’s happening, I can feel it..no signings because we couldn’t find anyone who makes us stronger..it’s all hesding that way, the comments about waiting for the opportunity stinks of it..Madness


Can we play Ramsey as a false 9?


lol. if we are trailing in the game, i am sure ramsey will start playing as a true 9.

Sideshow _bob

I keep saying this everyday in disbelief “Can’t believe Theo is still at the club He was supposed to be the first one out” Baffling stuff from Wenger


Sanchez is an ambitious player, like Cech. Wenger better bring a striker and a CB (top ones) or players like Sanchez or Ozil will start thinking about where they ended up.

Arsene's Coat

A fit Alexis playing in the number 9 has the potential to be deadly, great movement, deadly finish. Doubt he’s match ready though yet. No mention of Akpom as a possibility.. Thought he’s looked better than Walcott.

Harry Sunderland

I think alexis at striker is a waste, especially as we are not a counter attacking team. He needs a counter attacking team to flourish as a striker like with his national team. Not sure I’d like to see Walcott there either though just saying that Alexis can have much more of an influence from the left than wasted with his back to goal.

Henry Parnes

Such a pity that Vardy played us for a fool. We were made to appear as the laughing stock of the EPL. We seem to have the greatest difficulty in signing required players, whereas our competition are beefing up their squads all around us….