Wenger reveals four young prospects to make a mark

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Arsene Wenger was asked today his press conference which young talents might make an impact next season, and the boss pinpointed four youngsters who could be ready to make their mark.

Despite the fact the Gunners squad is pretty full, the Arsenal manager is still ready to hand opportunities to young players, as long as we’re involved the EFLDBTMFIHTCHRT Cup. We play Nottingham Forest sometime soon, or something.

“We have a few who are had a very good pre-season like Chris Willock,” he said. “Jeff Reine-Adelaide and Chuba Akpom.

“They are the three who have been outstanding – Krystian Bielik as well has done extremely well. They could play.”

The boss also had an update on Carl Jenkinson who is making a comeback from a cruciate knee ligament injury.

“Carl Jenkinson, we plan six weeks from today,” he said. “He had to do his shoulders as well – sometimes when a guy has weaknesses and he has a big injury, you take advantage of the fact that he has a big injury to sort out the short ones.

“That’s what we did with him. He had the two shoulders done. He went through a tough time, Carl.

“But he’s brave, conscientious, motivated and I think he will come back well.”

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Expect all four to make a mark at Arsenal. All are really talented and feel they can make it within 2-3 years.

Toure Motors

All hail to the Jeff!


The whole ‘the Jeff’ thing is jokes and all but I caught the u23 game yesterday and he was excellent.

Dribbling through tight spaces and shrugging off a horny Lucas Leiva.. quite impressive. Looks to have developed physically.

Big props to Willock and Maitland-Niles as well, both gave good performances. Thought Bielik looked like he wanted to play CM again, he kept attempting hollywood passes in the first half and piling pressure on himself – looks like he got a bollocking at half time because he stopped all that. The lad next to him at CB played well.


I still hope Carl makes it at the club. Lifelong gooner and famous father


I love the Corporal. Don’t think there’s a player at Arsenal I want to succeed more than him.


You don’t become Corporal Jenks without all the heavy badges on your shoulders.

Explains it all yeah!

Ray Parlour's Ice cream van
Ray Parlour's Ice cream van

His father is one of the greatest singers I have seen live….

Arsene's zip

That goal celebration said it all.


Completely forgot about that! Can’t find the video anywhere either


Unleash the Jeff


Nice to hear some positive news on Jenkinson too. Id like to see him displace Dedouchy as back up right back. Admittedly he’ll have a tough fight to be first pick. Lets hope he’s up for it.




jenko!! true gunner! two shoulders and a knee operated on at the same time. doesnt get more arsenal than that ! plus his dad sings arsenal songs


I love Bielik. He’s so calm on the ball. Don’t like that he’s been converted to a CB. Feel he’d have been a great DM/CM. Willock has massive potential as well. I hope they all make it.


I actually love Carl. Bielik might have to take his place in my heart. I just want to see him play. Could not make it to California so I hope we go deep in the League Cup. ( can’t remember new name ).

Clock-End Mike

Agreed that I think he’s more of a natural MF. He had a poor match today, often caught out as the U23’s lost their 3rd match in a row, 1-3 to Liverpool. But maybe that’s part of the learning process, and of course I haven’t seen him in training 😉

Ducks sake

He did his shoulders. That’s proper medical terminology.

An Ox-sized Coq

Hmmm Chuba, a striker? Not saying he should start but surely a solid 10-15 mins could do no harm.

Adam O'Leary

Unleash the Jeff


Can anyone be more specific as to what ‘getting his shoulders done means’?
A speedy recovery to him nonetheless.

Bendtner's Ego

Probably a similar situation as Walcott, who had a genetic predisposition to shoulder dislocations because of the way they were formed. They probably went in and fixed the joint.

Random thought: if you have acl surgery, along with double shoulder surgery, how do you wipe your bum after using the toilet?


I believe you’re fitted with a self-
wiping sphincter until the rehabilitation process is complete.

Dial square

Well Theo’s got to earn that £140,000 a week somehow!!

Holding in the box

He’s a premier league footballer. I’m sure he has a devoted girlfriend.


You ask Szcz how, as he broke both his arms at the same time while in the youth team.



Andy Mack

I’m pretty certain they fix one side and when it’s healed they then do the other shoulder.


Arsene is French. He would supply him with a bidet.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If you were hung like a ****** how would you even use a toilet.

Jimbo1 – How is having a personal water fountain going to help his shoulders and knee heal?


So are we installing a new pair of shoulders for the corporal?


Bionic Carl


Would that be considered cheating? Hmmm


Looks like he might have had a lot of pressure from his family to succeed at arsenal. Must have been a lot of weight on his shoulders.


Comment:Haven’t seen much of these young guns but I’ve seen enough of Jenks! I don’t hope that he’ll make it, I know that he’ll make it. I hope that he can stay fit and the fans who have the privilege of being in the stadium get behind him and not murder him if and when he makes errors. As a young player he is bound to but he will learn quick. COYG!!!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

…and he’s the perfect successor to Cech too. 100% record as a keeper. He’s never let a goal in yet 🙂

Tom Gun

I think Jenko is the perfect 2nd choice. Desperate to get into the team but understanding of the reality. It may seem harsh but he’s the perfect son who wants to impress his father but is in the shadow of his older (well actually younger) brother if you get the metaphor. If he then makes it it would be on merit and totally justified.


Most of you claim you want youngsters to come up through the system, yet you clamor for expensive signings. Can’t have it both ways, bedding the youth takes patience.

Dial square

So just because we’ve got some promising youngsters coming through, we shouldn’t sign anyone?


You have that option. Only that a Chambers and some Maitland-Niles and Akpom, Campbell will miss first team opportunities. The point being – we cannot have it both ways. Therein lies the biggest problem with Arsenal for many fans in the modern game. Arsenal’s strategy does not really care much about the transfer market as much as it does its academy…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You’re about 5 years behind the times with that statement.

As Gooners we should accept that buying a brand spanking new top, top player isn’t the only answer. I’m extraordinarily happy with Bellerin as our first choice (only real choice, til Jenks is recovered) RB. If the people clamouring for top, top signings had had their way back in the day he’d be playing for Barca by now.

Ideally we should be aiming at doing both, and I think Wenger is, though before these last two signings and the win I reckon that 75% of people on here would have vilified him for daring to suggest we have some great “young” prospects here.

There is absolutely no reason why one of our promising youngsters won’t turn out to be the top, top players of the future, and it would be a shame to see one sold on (like a Pogba) and then in 2 or 3 years be the man we all wish we had. They need to be given a chance, but I don’t for a moment believe that Wenger will use giving them that chance as an excuse to not buy new players (though I know that some Gooners like to twist what he says about “buying for the sake of buying restricts the opportunities of players we already have” (paraphrased), into “I won’t buy any players because I have some 15 year olds that will be really good in 2022” (that was paraphrased too, don’t all start telling me you never made that quote).

Wenger is trying to get a balance between home grown and “bought as mature” players. The rules of the PL force Clubs to do that anyway, and I think Wenger is doing a pretty reasonable job at it. Not as good as Southampton were, but not nearly as bad as a few of the “BIG” Clubs that finished behind us over the last couple of years.


It’s possible to maari both, just look at our right back situation for example. When Sagna left, we signed an experienced professional in Debuchy, send an inexperienced Jenkinson on loan and promoted a promising Bellerin. Many would argue that Debuchy siging as a bad one, but for the money spent it was a valuble cushion while the impressive Bellerin replaced him in squad.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Basically it shows that a player who looks great in a different team, or a different league, may be utter shit in our team, or our league.

Some of these top players we would love to buy may realise that they are top players partly because they are at established top clubs filled with other top players, or in a slower-paced league, or playing for a Club that is considered all-powerful in that league where the opposition doesn’t really believe it can win against them. They probably suspect that if you take them out of that environment they may never reach the same heights again. Ergo, they are reluctant to join a club like Arsenal that has never won a CL so is not yet a truly top club (in their view) and isn’t packed with Galacticos.

We’ve had quite a few examples at Arsenal of taking “The Beast” from a European club and having him turn into “The Homesick Wimp” or the “Fragile Personality” in England. Every top English team has examples of top players who became shit after they bought them, and became top players again when they went back to Europe.

This is my theory and as its better than “Wenger is an idiot” I’m sticking to it.


Is Zelalem not a thing anymore? He was the most promising of anyone.


You are right. What the heck? Did he play today?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He’s happily doing his thing in the U-23s. Healthy, and hopefully ready to build on his season at Rangers.


Unbelievable Jeff is going to be bigger than Pogba straight replacement for legend Patrick Viera


Going to need to get Troy Deeney to let somebody else have some of the pies if he is going to bulk up enough for that.


And then the mentioned players go down 3-1 to Liverpoo. Not a great start for the young guns, just hope a run of defeat wont affect there confidence comin into first team. Assuming most of them will be playing (or included against) Forrest, a good run in the u-23 league wouldnt hurt.
Going bit off here, but i saw on the official site bit of Maintland-Niles and good report on him against City causin them troubles etc and then today he plays RB against Poo. I was just like wtf?! Anybody?

maybe il just lay off this shit im smokin then

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yeah, but it was hardly fair was it? 4 against 11 and we still managed to score? They’re doing fine, don’t worry.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better… stronger… faster.


I was at the u23s game tonight. Utter shambles. None of these players are anywhere near 1st team. Can’t honestly see any of them making it, so utterly clueless were they.
Sorry it doesn’t fit with the narrative but I’m afraid I have to say that as I see it. It’s not just because they lost. It’s how they lost and the utter lack of a plan in terms of shape but also lack of desire among the players. Really, really poor. Far too many of them resting on laurels. And the laurels are pretty insubstantial.

Arteta Fan

Rod nailed it with his comment. I love Arsenal because we are not like the Oligarch teams. We grow young players, we give them an actual chance, we place team/growth/commitment to values over and above just buying and hoping it works out. Balancing that with the need and desire for championships…I will gladly take a few less championships to be proud of how we treat young talents, loyal players and dedicated managers. I say if all you want is wins at any expense go follow MoHo or Abromybitch
…they will buy and sell, fire, replace, move anywhere to pad their egos.

Make mine a Swiss miss
Make mine a Swiss miss

It’s tough to break through these days and I’ll be happy if one of the four makes it.
Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying though. No reason we can’t keep strengthening the first team externally and make room for those that force their way in through excellence like Hector, Le Coq and hopefully Iwobi this season.