What’s Gundog-wrong with Ozil’s Twitter?


We live in a world where a superstar footballer, still soaked in sweat and with an opponent’s shirt wrapped over his shoulders, can step straight off the pitch after scoring a last minute winner, head to the changing room, pose for a selfie, choose a suitable arrangement of emojis, come up with a top notch hashtag and within minutes share his joy with fans around the world via social media.

Well, that’s what we like to think happens. Of course, in this age of carefully crafted media-friendly brand cultivation, it’s pretty obvious that the biggest names hire a helping hand from time to time. Which is fine, assuming they don’t let the mask slip.

It looks as though Mesut’s people made a bit of a cock-up the other day when a tweet, that was supposed to be sent from our midfielder’s account after the Chivas friendly in California, was posted by Ilkay Gundogan; Manchester City’s new recruit.

Both are top quality German international midfielders born in Gelsenkirchen to Turkish parents…so you can just about understand the confusion. It was quickly deleted, but as is often the case with the internet a quicksilver Twitter user captured a screenshot.

Here’s what happened…


Nothing major, a minor gaffe that’s more likely to cause Gundogan a headache with the fans of his new club. Could have been a lot worse for both men…let’s hope the guy or gal running their accounts isn’t also in charge of keeping their partners in the loop.

We suggest if you’re left ‘fuming’ by this, you may be doing life a bit wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.35.00

Still, it could have been worse, as some of these examples show:


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