Wenger on Giroud’s red card


Arsene Wenger says Olivier Giroud insisted he did nothing to merit a second yellow card after he was sent off in the closing stages of the 1-1 draw with PSG last night.

The 29 year old seemed to fall victim to some gamesmanship from Marco Veratti and Marquinhos while the referee’s back was turned, and both he and the Italian midfielder were issued second yellows by

The ball was on the other side, I did not see what happened. I think the first yellow card [for Giroud] was very harsh already, it wasn’t a foul. The second, he tells me he has done nothing at all and Olivier is honest so I believe him.

“And Veratti told me as well that he has done nothing, so I said look, ‘go together to see the referee and tell him you did nothing’.”

Giroud has insisted he did nothing to deserve a second yellow, saying, “Being on a yellow card, I didn’t want to make waves.

“I don’t know how Verratti falls a second time. It escalated the situation. It’s frustrating, especially since I don’t know if the referee saw what happened.

“I was really surprised at his behaviour.”

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