AST want to club to take tickets from no-show fans

AST want to club to take tickets from no-show fans

Arsenal’s AGM takes place this week, and the Arsenal Supporter’s Trust are urging the club to take action against fans whose tickets are regularly unused.

Despite schemes like the Ticket Exchange, there remain swathes of unoccupied seats for every game, and the AST want the club to address the issue.

Spokeperson Tim Payton told The Telegraph, “It’s disappointing to see so many empty seats at ‘sold-out’ matches when the demand is clearly there.

“If someone is only using the ticket a few times a year then they should be warned and after that they should lose their priority for the next season.

“It is a win-win to get this sorted. More people on a match-day means new fans and extra revenue in other areas but, crucially, it would also improve the atmosphere and benefit the team.

“If Arsenal are concerned only with making money then the board won’t be bothered how many ticket holders actually attend.

“If they’re interested in the atmosphere within the ground and in encouraging the next generation of young fans to become regulars then this issue should be a major concern.”

It’s pretty obvious there are plenty of available seats for almost every game these days, particularly at club level, so finding a way of ensuring they’re filled would definitely be a good thing.

Let’s see what the club response to this is.

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