Gazidis says something about Wenger


Ivan Gazidis has said something about Arsene Wenger.

The Arsenal Chief Executive was a speaker at a Vatican City conference on sport and faith entitled ‘Sport At The Service Of Humanity’, and some quotes emerged today about the manager and his future.

“He’s been clear and we’ve always been clear, that’s a mutual decision as to how long he’ll continue,” he said.

“Both need to be on the same page on that. Arsenal is not Arsene Wenger. They’re not one and the same thing.

“In a football sense, he has transformed the club.”

So, there you go. Are you any the wiser about the club’s intentions towards Wenger, or Wenger’s intentions about possibly renewing his deal?

I don’t think so. There are no clues or hidden messages here. This is not like playing side 2 of Dark Side of the Moon backwards at 45rpm and getting orders from Satan to kill all postmen named Paul.

It’s not like that at all.

Other speakers at the conference included Prince Feisal al Hussein, former All-Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick, Douglas Tinwhistle, Marmaduke Phillips – head of the UK’s Olympic Fencing division, and Father Ulick Magee.

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