TV schedule announced, including festive fixtures


The TV companies have announced their games for the period up to January of next year, and six Arsenal games have been moved.

For anyone planning travel to game over the coming months, here are the new dates and times.

West Ham v Arsenal

Old date: December 3rd, 3pm
New date/time: December 3rd, 5.30pm
Channel: BT Sport

Everton v Arsenal

Old date: December 14th
New date/time: December 13th, 7.45pm
Channel: BT Sport

Man City v Arsenal

Old date: December 17th
New date/time: December 18th, 4pm
Channel: Sky Sports

Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Old date: December 31st
New date/time: January 1st, 4pm
Channel: Sky Sports

Bournemouth v Arsenal

Old date: January 2nd
New date/time: January 3rd, 7.45pm
Channel: Sky Sports

Arsenal v Burnley

Old date: January 21st
New date/time: January 22nd, 1.30pm
Channel: Sky Sports

Note: This game may still be moved depending on the progress of other clubs in the EFL Cup.

So, there you go. You can get booking planes, trains and auto-mobiles.

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