Video: Arsenal 2-0 Reading – On the whistle

rob holding 2016

As ever, here are the thoughts of @gunnerblog on the 2-0 win over Reading last night.

Yep, not exactly on the whistle, but that’s because I went to bed last night before James posted the video. For once it’s not his fault.

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Prima Donna

Wow, no comments yet. I reckon everybody’s been writing ‘first’ and not being let through..





I agree about Holding , thought he was top draw first time I saw him .. Thought we panicked into buying Mustafi without giving Holding a proper chance to show

Antispuds returns

Didn’t see the game, listened to the radio. Shocking i know but seeing the highlight, oh boy, the OX was on their case. great video thanks blog or whoever put it there. Cheers mate