Wenger: Board must choose next manager, not me


Arsene Wenger has once again reiterated that the choice of next Arsenal manager must be made by the board, not him.

This has long been the Frenchman’s position on what will be a seismic shift when that time comes. However, he did say that if he was asked to provide some feedback, he would do that.

Speaking to beIN Sport, Wenger said, “I think it is very important in the club that everybody does what he is paid for.

“My job is to be the manager of the club and to be responsible for the style of play and the technical policy of the club. The board’s responsibility will be to choose the next manager so that is not my job.”

Looking at the Arsenal board though, there is something of a dearth of football knowledge on it, with the Kroenkes unlikely to have the expertise to make any kind of decision, leaving Ivan Gazidis and Ken Friar as almost the only qualified men when the decision has to be made.

There might well be some input from Wenger though, but he again insisted the final decision has to be made by others.

“If they ask my opinion, I will give it in an honest way,” he said, “but it will not be me to choose the next manager. I’m not in their position, I am in my position.

“No matter what happens, I will have to make my decision, the board will have to make a decision and I will respect the decision of the board anyway, even if I wish to stay on I will respect always the decision of the board – they have the responsibility to do that.”

It may well be that this decision has to be made at the end of this coming season, but equally if things go well it wouldn’t be a surprise to Wenger extend his contract for another couple of years.

Either way though, let’s hope the board aren’t sitting waiting, and do have some succession plans in place. Be prepared, like good boy scouts.

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