Ozil says he’s ‘ice-cold’, Pires claims he’s our new Iceman


The quite delightful and very handsome Robert Pires says something has clicked in Mesut Ozil’s head and believes Arsenal’s midfield maestro is now worthy of comparison to the legendary Dennis ‘Iceman’ Bergkamp.

The German World Cup winner has scored seven goals in 14 appearances since August and needs just one more goal to equal his best season tally in a Gunners shirt – form that has Arsenal firing and Pires purring.

“Something has clicked,” Pires said. “What’s happened in the head is like a click because he’s scored a lot of goals.

“This is a difference between the last season with Mesut Ozil and now because he’s thinking just for himself and sometimes when you are in front of the target it is very important to score a goal.

“Mesut Ozil has very good qualities, he can normally score a minimum of 12 goals during the Premier League so in my time the maestro was Dennis Bergkamp, and now it is Mesut Ozil.

“I love them both because they play very good football but they play for the team. Not for himself, they play for the team. This point is very important for the future and of course for Arsenal.”

High praise indeed from a player who knew how to convert chances in and around the box.

For his part, Ozil credits the nagging of his manager for a newfound willingness to sniff out goals.

“The manager wants me to score lots of goals,” he told Arsenal Player. “He sees in training that when I have a chance, the ball mostly goes in.

“When we train on finishing, he sees that I score lots of goals. He knows that I’m ice-cold in front of goal and he wants to see that in matches.

“I’m doing that now – I go forward and, while I haven’t changed my game, I’m focusing on scoring goals myself too.

“Every year he comes to me says, ‘You need to score more than 10 goals this season – that needs to be your aim because you have the quality’. I’m trying to take that on.”


  1. Reports coming in that Ozil contract extension is confirmed at 200k per week for 4 years, an he has went ahead and bought a new mansion at Hampstead worth 10m. Yippee!!!

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    • I wonder whether Ozil’s house needs the guttering seeing to, as mine does and I was thinking we might get a good job lot deal from this man I know…wondering like…

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  2. I don’t see why 15 goals wouldn’t be extremely achievable given his accuracy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 17.

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  3. Dennis was the reason I started following Arsenal and now Mezut has followed in his footsteps. And I couldn’t be happier. 15+ goals on top of his assists. Time for Jack to give up the #10.

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  4. Off-topic, but it’s nice to see Koscielny and Giroud as subs for France today (with Ozil again not in the squad for Germany). Mustafi is starting for Germany, but he wasn’t used against San Marino the other day, so that’s okay.

    Good to have less worry with these players considering the way we’ll be collectively holding our breath tonight for Alexis.

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  5. Can Mesut get ‘The Maestro’ on the back of shirt? Or perhaps just ‘G.O.A.T’? I mean, Dele Alli got to change his name, it’s only fair…

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  6. Whoa Joel Campbell just help rip USA apart with a brace!!! Sanchez had a brace as well!Ice cold are our players from central and south america tonight.
    Arsenal to the world but surely the world is not enough!!

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