Report: Chile ready to field Alexis on Tuesday


A report by Chilean publication El Grafico claims Alexis Sanchez could still play against Uruguay as his country desperately try to get their World Cup qualification back on track.

The Arsenal striker missed Thursday’s 0-0 draw with Colombia after sustaining a low-grade hamstring tear in training. He remained in Santiago to undergo rehabilitation and his doctors now believe the inflammation has subsided enough for him to play without pain on Tuesday night. .

While that may sound like good news on paper, it’ll no doubt have alarm bells ringing at London Colney.

On Thursday, Arsene Wenger called on the Chilean medical team to share the results of an MRI scan with their Arsenal counterparts claiming any decision to field the striker could prove ‘suicidal’.

Arsenal face Manchester United and PSG after the Interlull and a further eight games across three competitions before the end of 2016. If Alexis were to exacerbate this existing condition on Tuesday it’s fair to say he could well face an extended period on the sidelines.

Last year, Alexis pulled up with a hamstring problem against Norwich on 29 November and didn’t return to the fold for two months.


  1. Alexis has got to take some responsibility too….AFC pay his wages.
    He shouldn’t be risking a 6 week injury in an irresponsible way.
    If all this goes horribly wrong, it could jeopardise upcoming transfer talks too.

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    • apologies to Chilean fans, but I hope they don’t qualify. This is the only bloody way this guy ever gets a break.

      Sorry again Chile fans, but you’ve had so much success lately so I’m sure you’re not offended 🙂

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    • 1) It doesn’t matter.
      2) Alexis doesn’t have a jog or a walk. I’m pretty sure he sprints everywhere he goes.

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    • Play his as the goalkeeper and he will still try running around to score a goal!

      Oh God, Chile would play him even if he got crippled.

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    • I was at the 7-0 game v Mexico and he played as an out and out left winger running 80 yard sprints the whole game.

      Let’s hope he gets some rest this week and comes back fired up for Manure.

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    • I have no idea why you would think that. The issue here is that the Chile medical staff is not communicating enough information with the Arsenal medical team. They are not collaborating adequately. Doesn’t matter what country they’re from, that’s highly unprofessional.

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    • With all due respect, that’s complete bollocks. We’re concerned with the fact that this time last year Alexis went through a very similar situation to what he’s going through now and ended up on the sidelines for 2 months. Nothing to do with the country he plays for.

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    • Honestly, I’ve seen some ridiculous examples of playing the racism card in my time but this just about takes the biscuit.

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    • Why do we have to carry that burden though? It’s a game of give and take I concede but seems like there is only take when it comes to his national team commitments.

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      • Yeah, qualifying for and winning the World Cup is not as important as the EPL title. Arsenal are a club, not a nation of 17 million.The season runs till May. Just pray for Alexis.

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  3. Alexis, has to take some responsibility if this goes horribly wrong. I understand he wants to play for his country but at what cost? If there is a significant risk of doing damage to his harmstring, what benefit is that to anyone. His employer will lose him, so would his national team. Be smart about this, Alexis

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  4. I think we all saw this happening from a mile away. I think the problem we have with Chile stems from their current desperate situation and their prior lack of consideration concerning their players long term futures. Only a disabling injury would keep them from playing Alexis and even then I think they would do a speed test with him on crutches to see if he could keep up.

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    • Yes. Plus, if he’s out for two months, we’re screwed, but would he even miss a SINGLE game for them (too lazy to look it up)??? Clearly a medium term injury is way worse for us than it is for them. Very bad form. This is the way to poison club-country relations.

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  5. What a bunch of cunts, and if Alexis is stupidly sacrificing potentially six weeks of playing time for one game, he’s not much better tbh.

    If they fuck this up, we should withhold from the next three international breaks, regardless of what the fucking laws are.

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  6. If it was a game that Arsenal had to win to keep the title hopes then we would have done exactly the same thing I am afraid. Wether we like it or not, if there’s a remote chance that Alexis can play, he will. We just have to hope that we can rest him against United and PSG (may be use him from bench)

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    • “If it was a game that Arsenal had to win to keep the title hopes then we would have done exactly the same thing I am afraid.”

      This is because he is an Arsenal employee.

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  7. It’s yet another fault with these international breaks. When is the next one? 3 or 4 months away? So they will play him, after all he’ll be fit and raring to go next time around.

    Do they cover his wages if missing for the next 2 months? If not they should do.

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  8. I’m not sure Sanchez really cares what Arsenal say to him. He is proud to represent his country and will do so regardless of a potential injury. Wenger is in a corner because if he argues against him it will weaken his chances of getting Sanchez to sign a new contract. If he does nothing and Sanchez gets injured the fans will go nuts.

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  9. Next time we can do like man utd and say all our international players got injured at the last minute and wont be traveling anywhere.

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    • That wouldn’t work with Sanchez, because he’s always desperate to play for his country – you’d have to lock him up to prevent him from going. And he knows that if he gets injured, Arsenal will still be paying his wages,whilst he contemplates his next contract, either with Arsenal,or elsewhere. Frankly, he’s got us by the balls and he knows it.

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  10. It’s simple, Chile without Sanchez and Vidal are a bunch of sunday league players. While they’re dropping points another south american NTs are progressing (Perú for exemple), so they need Sanchez, even a ‘half-fit’ one to try to rescue their chances to qualify to Russia.
    And tbf, I think the Chileans (and the Chile NT staff) does not give a single frock to Arsenal’s requests.

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  11. As nice as it would be for Chile to be responsible, it doesn’t seem like it will happen. If Sanchez can get to the pitch, they’re going to play him.

    Arsene needs to find a way to rotate him and give the guy a breather. We have strength in depth & need to find a way to use it. It’s the only way he’ll see rest without an injury setback forcing it.

    It’s not popular but we have to rotate against bottom table teams and in the cups to push on for a full campaign.

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  12. As much as we like Alexis I think we have to accept that he will always put Chile first and Arsenal second (just like Wilshere actually). Both will go a long way to keep their place at NT irrespective of what that means for the Club.

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  13. I have a feeling this may be where we get fucked. Absolutely dreadung next weekend. No bellerin, sanchez and carzorla massively disrupts the balance of the team. Especially with no perez as back up. I hope to be pleasantly surprised but i cant see this ending well. At least we cant blame arsene this time. Just rotten luck:(

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  14. With Alexis not playing this weekend against United, the big question becomes how do we set up? We could keep things simple and plunk Giroud and Jenkinson in for Sanchez and Bellerin (4-2-3-1) and hope we can make the most of our chances in a much slower build up, or we could turn to our only real advantage left and overload the midfield: we’ve got Coquelin, Xhaka, Ramsey, and Elneny healthy, so rather than 2 we could deploy 3 of them to win the midfield and try to control the game (either with a 4-3-1-2, using Walcott and Giroud as twin forwards in front of Ozil, or taking the gamble and rolling out a 3-5-2 of our own: Must, Kosc, Monr; Ox/Iwobi, Ramsey, Coquelin, Xhaka, Walcott; Ozil, Giroud). The other experiment, based on his improved goal-scoring this year, would be to play Ozil as the false 9 if Giroud is still considered not to be fully fit. Whatever the case, I do think our strength is in central midfield (when we can’t play our speedy attack game) and we should deploy that more from the start – our guys are solid, extremely good on the ball, with plenty of distance in those legs. This team is deep, but we can’t pretend that all the players are like-for-like throughout; play to our strengths, and adjust. We’re better than United, that’s for sure.

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  15. Alexis is a great player but he’s not exactly the responsible type. He’ll play even if it could potentially lead to several week injury. And Chile will play him because why should they give a fuck about Alexis and Arsenal’s domestic season, he’ll be fit by the time the next international rolls around and that’s all that matters to them.

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  16. if Alexis plays for Chile whilst injured, and against the wishes of his club who pay his wages, in my view he will be in breach of contract…I like him as a player but no one is bigger than the club…

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  17. As of today, Monday evening, according to TVN, major Chilean network, The coach said “Alexis is 100% and ready to play Tuesday ”
    There you have it folks.

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