Video: Alexis Sanchez scores twice for Chile

Video: Alexis Sanchez scores twice for Chile

Well, despite our fears, Alexis Sanchez appears to have come through last night’s clash with Uruguay intact. He came off in the 83rd minute, but did so having scored twice to keep Chile’s World Cup qualification hopes alive.

See the goals below.



What a guy. Let’s hope the hamstrings suffer no post-game complications.


    • As much as I think it will definitely be another roll of the dice to play him against United if his fitness is still maybe 50/50. I don’t think Arsene really has a choice, he has to start him away at Old Trafford because I just don’t see us getting any sort of positive result without him in the side.

      I also don’t think we can really afford to lose – psychologically it would be a huge blow to get beaten away at United again, under Maureen, especially with them playing the way they are currently, which is exceptionally poorly.

      A draw wouldn’t be the worst result, but the point at home to Spurs would mean only 2 points from our first 2 fixtures in November, and that’s hardly setting the world on fire.

      I if we get the win it would really set the tone for us, and really cement our position in this years title race as genuine contenders.. and for me, I just don’t want Maureen to have one over on Arsene again – it kills me.

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  1. It is insane how much the guy plays, surely the strain on his body is immense. However the upside is, if he is fit for Old Trafford, he’ll be coming into the game in red hot form. He and Ozil are so different and so exciting in completely different ways, what a pleasure and privilege it is to watch both of them play for us this season.

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      • Yes. Alexis starts, runs riot scoring two goals before halftime before running out of steam. Giroud comes on at half time, takes out two defenders making room for a silky run and finish by Ozil. Kos heads in at the 90th minute, 4-0, at which point Wenger drop kicks Mourinho Cantona style.

        A man can dream.

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        • I would picture Wenger more in the style of Mandrake doing a hypnotic gesture which leads to Mourinho’s insides melting and as he dies a pathetic death on the side line he reaches and cries for Eva Carneiro before remembering he sacked her and now it’s too late. By the next second he’s dead, much in the same fashion of King Joffrey when he was poisoned, and the Arsenal fans and Man U fans cheer to the tune of Ding Dong the Cunt is Dead!

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  2. My favourite part of goal two is simply the run he makes in behind. The touch is undoubtedly world class but I hope this will give him the confidence to go in behind more often

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    • Disagree completely. His name is Ray Hudson, and whenever I want to watch a game and the only streams I can find feature him on commentary, I’m disappointed because it means I have to watch on mute. He’s unbearable. His commentary would be hard to tolerate even in small doses, but it’s that he speaks that way all the time about the most mundane events on the pitch that really make it bad.

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      • 100% Overexcited moron. He’s the epitome of the boring middle-aged guy who’s had one too many Tennent’s trying to chip into your football chat in the pub.

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      • Also, Hudson is not at the match–he is sitting in a Florida studio. He was one of those not-quite-good-enough or a little-bit-old English players in the original NASL in the late 1970’s, playing in Ft. Lauderdale (I think), and apparently never left.

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  3. Props to Sanchez for staying in one piece and scoring two nice goals. That Uruguay keeper’s not very good though, is he?

    I hope Sanchez brings that red hot form back with him. If he can play that way against MUD we’ll slaughter them.

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  4. Fingers crossed for Saturday. I can’t see AW resting him for this one even if he arrives back late. I really fancy our chances against a patched up Utd back four with the form Alexis and Mesut are in. Come on you Gooners.

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  5. I was born to the sound of Bay Bells,
    At 3 I proclaimed ‘T*ttenham smells’,
    Sp*rs are shite, by blood’s red and white, and I’m not talkin bout my cells

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  6. Suspected hamstring injury? Two goals, no problem, says Sanchez.

    What a guy. That touch for the 2nd goal is absolute quality.

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  7. Oh, when will some of us ever learn. With or without Alexis Saturday is going to be one of our most difficult matches this season. It’s not that we shouldn’t be optimistic because we should. But it ought to be just about the win and nothing else.

    If there’s one thing this campaign has given us already its to shut down the ready-made, recent seasons, stock narratives relied on by the majority of twatfaced pundits. Hell, even Roy Keane said some nice things about us the other day.

    Unbeaten in all matches since Liverpool; and DWWWWWWDWD from our last 10 in the league isn’t a bad tally.

    We don’t have to slaughter anyone on Saturday. Just a win would be enough to humiliate Mourinho. So, let’s keep this stuff coming and stay at the pointy end of the table. The hubris can wait for another time.

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  8. Hopefully Alexis is fit for the weekend. Although we are without a couple of important players, the manure defence is missing several of the regular cunts. Of course they’ll have some other cunts but they won’t be as good and Alexis is just the man to take advantage.
    Be a big blow to them if we go there and take the points.

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  9. Blogs, I’m not sure if I’m misremembering, but I seem to recall that you had a no-autoplaying ads policy on arseblog. In the last couple of weeks on arseblog news I’ve noticed autoplaying ads with videos either at the bottom of articles between the body of text and the ‘tags’ section, or on the right side column of the page above the ‘as featured on NewsNow’ badge. This happens on some but not all pages. They tend not to play immediately after the page is opened, but some time after (anywhere from 5-20 minutes I’d say). The way I browse is pretty much open a shitload of tabs and come back to them all later to read, so to have some videos start up telling me about clean feet or whatever on an unknown tab when I’m reading something unrelated is pretty annoying (maybe more annoying than an autostarting ad that plays on open, at least you’re not caught off guard). Anyway, apologies if I’m not remembering correctly but if I am and a sneaky advertiser is trying to get around your own policy then I figured I should let you know. Cheers.

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    • “The way I browse is pretty much open a shitload of tabs and come back to them all later to read, so to have some videos start up telling me about clean feet or whatever on an unknown tab when I’m reading something unrelated is pretty annoying”

      Yes, I’m the same, and there should be no autoplaying video ads at all. If you do see any, please email me thearseblog at arseblog dot com, and if you can provide me with the URL the ad takes you to, I can block it.

      We need advertising so the last thing we want to do is annoy people. We’re always here to help if you see anything dodgy.

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  10. Isn’t it selfish and hypocritical that we all thought Chile crazy to feature Alexis with a bandaged leg, but wish he’s able to play a role on Saturday, 3 days after? If he’s at the brink of a hamstring, he’s no farther from aggravating it just because he was okay after playing this morning.

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      • Such a strong performance from Sanchez edging his way through those two defenders, not least for the two of them towering over him as they begin to close him down, but that pass from Diaz is the one I could watch all day. Lovely ball!

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  11. Yeah. He should just get back so his leg can be looked at, and cared for, professionally. We should think long term. Many accuse Wenger of overplaying him, yet they want him on Saturday. About this time last season he was reported to have complained about his hamstring after a midweek game, and Wenger reassured us at his Thursday press conference that he was okay. We played him on Saturday, and that was it for 2 months. It probably cost us the title.

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    • I understand your point, but there’s a difference between feeling tight midweek and playing nearly 90 on a known tear in recovery.

      I’m happy the initial take is that he’s ok, and hope it stays so. this is one where I’ll be very happy to be wrong!

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  12. No way Wenger won’t start him on Saturday if his hamstring is deemed OK. He never has rested him coming off of an international break when he would play all of two games (this time he only played one). It has been interesting seeing Wenger take him off early a few times this year when early in his tenure with Arsenal Wenger seemed to never want to take him off.

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  13. Alexis should put pen to paper and sign da ting. If he and Mesut can maintain their red hot form, and Theo gets back his goalscoring boots from weeks ago, I see us topping the table. But the pudding will be in how we handle the next few busy weeks.

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