Video: Monreal scores for Spain


Hey, the world hasn’t ended yet and in the meantime Nacho Monreal has scored for Spain.

The video is below.


  1. I remember Nacho monreal giving arsene Wenger’s side the lead in the fa cup QF at the old toilet. And the distinct metallic noise when the ball hit the net

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    • I love that noise. There was a Vieira goal that did that, maybe in the invincibles season? Maybe that one at WHL. Anyhow, it’s a satisfying thing.

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  2. Jesus Christ blogs, I had to read your entire blog this morning thinking that something bad had happened to Nacho, thinking soon we will be playing Ramsey and Neny as fullbacks, just to find out he scored, nearly caused a nervous breakdown

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  3. Really pleased for Nacho. Quality and consistency of his performances over the last 18 months have been rewarded with a call up and goal for his national side.
    Repeat performance at OT next wknd please!

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