Bournemouth 3-3 Arsenal: By the Numbers


This is a match in which Arsenal probably shouldn’t have conceded a single goal. Yet, two costly errors allowed Bournemouth to jump ahead 2 goals to nil. After that, they scored a goal against the run of play bringing their total to 3-0. Arsenal brought on Perez and changed the game, finally getting a shot on target and dragging a goal back before putting on the afterburners and leveling 3-3 thanks to some clever finishing. In the end, this was a game light in quality but heavy in goals.

Here’s the shots quality chart over 90 minutes without the penalty:


As you can see, this was a close (but crappy) contest until the 65th minute. That’s when Arsenal subbed on Perez and kicked into another gear. Without the penalty, Bournemouth’s shot quality was less than 1 over the whole 90 minutes whereas Arsenal finished at 1.5.

With the penalty Bournemouth made Arsenal look like chumps up until the 90th minute.

shots-penAs you can see, that bone-head penalty gave Bournemouth a huge boost. I want to be clear: that was a nailed on penalty. I’m not complaining about the referee. What I’m saying is that Bournemouth’s first goal wasn’t down to them dominating Arsenal in the first 16 minutes but rather due to Arsenal’s shambolic defending. As you can see, their shot quality up to the 15th minute was rather low at just 0.06. I’m also saying that the penalty gave Bournemouth a huge boost and gave Arsenal a mountain to climb and Arsenal took forever to get climbing.

Here is what the passing dominance chart looks like, broken down by individual 5 minute sections of time, rather than cumulative.

passWhat you see here is Bournemouth scoring their first goal with the run of play. They had a good five minute between the 11th and 16th minute which created the eventual goal. The penalty was against the run of play, as was the Fraser third. And then, when Arsene puts on Perez, Arsenal dominate each section of the match in which they score, by huge margins as well.

Arsenal didn’t start well, despite having a lot of the ball. They didn’t get a shot off until the 21st minute and didn’t get a shot on goal until Alexis scored in the 70th. That’s pathetic. But.. if the defense had been a little more organized, switched on, and hadn’t pushed the “season self destruct” button by leaving Charlie Daniels and the Devil alone in Georgia and then giving away a stupid penalty, Arsenal may have just comfortably won this match.


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