Kroenke makes £85m French investment (not Griezmann)

Stan Kroenke

Arsenal’s majority shareholder, Stanley Enos Humpderdinklage Kroenke, has made a massive January investment.

Before you get too excited though, he’s bought a vineyard in France. The American has paid a reported £85m for the pretigious Bonneau du Martray, making of some of the finest Burgundy wines.

According to the Telegraph:

Bonneau du Martray has only had three owners in more than 1,200 years. It was first the personal property of Emperor Charlemagne and then the Church, but was confiscated during the French Revolution and then sold to the Véry family. In 1835 Marie-Eugénie Véry married Charles Bonneau du Martray, whose descendant Jean-Charles le Bault de la Morinière has just ended the two-century family ownership.

And now it belongs to Kroenke who [insert your own joke here about making it the 4th best vineyard in France or whatever].

Arsenal, of course, have a long history with the old vino, with many players sharing names with various types of the delicious tipple. Such as:

  • Chablis Dixon
  • Rioja Miyaichi
  • Chiantian Wright
  • Chris White
  • Reduardo da Silva
  • Chateauneuf-du-pates
  • Soavela
  • Sagnagiovese

While before he signed for Blackburn, Arsenal were reportedly interested in then Southampton striker Alan Shiraz.

No, we’re not going to apologise.

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of stats in football, check out today’s Arsecast which features an interview with the creator of the Stats Zone app for iOs and Android, which provides an incredible array of information from each match.

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