“Very happy” Ozil ready to commit…if Wenger does


Mesut Ozil has given his clearest indication yet that he’s ready to commit his future to Arsenal, although the German admits his decision could be influenced by whether Arsene Wenger signs a contract extension at the end of the season.

The Gunners have been in negotiations with the 28-year-old for quite some time with the player’s current deal, signed when he moved in a club record deal from Real Madrid in 2013, due to end in July 2018.

Speaking to German publication Kicker [translated by the Guardian] about his future, Ozil – as was the case with Alexis Sanchez recently – underlined that he’s happy at the Emirates and hoping the board sort him out with a suitable deal.

“I am very, very happy at Arsenal and have let the club know that I would be ready to sign a new contract. The fans want that I stay and now it is just down to the club.”

Eager to stress that money isn’t the decisive factor in negotiations, Ozil added: “The club knows that I am here most of all because of Arsène Wenger.

“He is the one who signed me and he is the one whose trust I have. The club also knows that I want to be clear what the manager is going to [in the future].”

The midfielder also took a potshot at Thierry Henry after the Frenchman claimed that Arsenal’s star duo were holding the club hostage.

“Everyone has a right to say what they want but what they have to say doesn’t interest me,” continued Ozil.

“Ex-players or other people who have a view don’t know what is actually being said between me and the club.”


    • “The club knows that I am here most of all because of Arsène Wenger.”


      The WAGNER AHHT mob should have this stamped in their living room walls.

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        • Özil, the outstanding creative midfielder in the business, a World cup and twice FA cup winner, came here “because of Arsène Wenger” and is willing to spend his prime here for him as well.

          Suck it up.
          (Something tells me that you may be able to understand this sort of language!)

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    • Morgan is a dunce. Although I really respect Wenger and thank him for all he has done, but we need to move on. It’s not going to change and we need fresh ideas. Arsenal is bigher than Wenger, Ozil and Sanchez combined.

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    • Not only is Henry undoubtedly one of our top 5 players of all time (the best player we’ve ever had in my own opinion) but he’s a massive fan of Arsenal. He’s naturally gonna be frustrated. I don’t agree with a lot of what he says but it does represent the views of many of our fan base and he’s encouraged to say negative things about us in the press by media outlets to increase viewership. Most of our squad knows him personally and a few of our players probably know him quite well, so I don’t think his comments are actually negatives. At the end of the day our players and Wenger are all adults and should be able to take criticism.

      In any case, I will never lose respect for Henry because of his love for Arsenal and how good he was for us. There’s no one right way to love a football team

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      • Massive fans don’t fuck off to Barcelona. Massive fans don’t willfully become wankers for a TV paycheck.

        Henry is an Arsenal legend on the pitch. Off the pitch, he has behaved like a cunt since he left for Barcelona.

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        • All the hate towards Henry? Really?? Some disrespect ex gooners who were sold to direct rivals in post Highbury. Although not right but the many years of not winning the league and the frustrtion of seeing them do with other teams can be somehow understood. But Henry? Thierry Henry the King Henry? Well I dont know much about you people but Thierry I know is a biggest fan a player could be. He stayed at club after CL final although club was willing to cash in. He renewd his contract with mounths before his transfer so Arsenal was paid properly. He when at Barcelona (this one is crazy) came back to London when injured to watch Arsenal in Emirates and not his team at the time Barcelona. And most importantly fyck! He is Thierry Henry. He won all he could for us. We havent won a title since this man. If you dont gave respect for Henry… Really? You must think you’ve contributed more than our best ever fan who happened to be good at kicking the ball.

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          • Renewed his contract? Of course he did, after holding us hostage for a massive sign on fee.

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          • So what he wasn’t that good anyway. Even Giroud stats are nearly as good. Henry is just overrated. Period. Wenger win those tropies not Henry

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          • @Rashwho Henry overrated? I bet on my life itself that you havent seen the man play. I bet you havent even watched a classic Arsenal match replay. And I guess you havent even watched a Youtube clip of one of your clubs best ever Legends. And if you believe winning all he won in Arsenal shirt was only for Wenger let me tell you this, while he won a Champions League and couple of la Ligas on his last couple of years in Europe. Wenger is yet to win another league without this man.

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          • I am of the opinion that Pires is a genuine fan, unlike Henry. You can still see him around supporting the team, I myself had the pleasure of meeting him in Monaco, sitting in the stands like a regular fan supporting his team, not in the VIP section, not in the spotlight.

            He left because he was heartbroken, Henry left because his CV had some gaps in it (and a convenient bigger paycheck in Barcelona).

            It has been painful to see Henry behave like he has during the last few years, I am just irritated at how some push the narrative of him being our biggest fan when his loyalty failed him when we needed him most; unlike that other genuine fan called Wenger who turned down the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich to stay at the club he loves, regardless of his personal ambition. For fans, Arsenal comes first.

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          • @Bob’s Mexican Cousin I had to sign up just to point out how right you are mate.

            Pires, Wenger, Bould… bleed red and white. Henry is basically a very gifted mercenary for me at this point. Where would he be if AW did not have the patience and faith in him that he did? Who else (and how soon during his career) would have given him the chances that he got at Arsenal?

            Henry owes absolutely everything that he has become to The Boss and The Arsenal. He should be showing more respect.

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        • Martyparty

          If you had been a professional footballer in Henry’s position, would you have stayed?

          How many if us, even if we love the organisation in which we work, would not leave for a better offer?

          If Henry had stayed, he would not be a European Cup winner would he?

          Enough said?

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      • He was, of course, a great player and is probably a genuine fan. But he gets paid (a lot) to say interesting things on TV, and that means controversial and provocative statements, not dispassionate analysis.

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    • Depends what you mean. It doesn’t dent his legacy as a player with us. As a pundit, I never thought he was up to much anyway.

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        • Firstly, a “systemic routine of losing” makes very little sense when applied to Arsenal under Wenger. I won’t bother rolling out the stats, but that makes little sense. If you judge Arsenal only on the basis of winning the premier league trophy, then yes, it looks a bit shabby lately, but we are building up to it: this season is not over, and there is a lot of football left to play. Secondly, this idea that Wenger has no new ideas is patently absurd; he’s changed formations, tactics, and players numerous times over the years — has he largely settled on 4-2-3-1 (4-2-1-3), yes, because it brings out the best qualities of his attack-minded players, but this ‘same old Arsenal’ criticism directed at Wenger is ridiculous: same old media morons, same old Arsenal fans. We are lucky at Arsenal to have had such a gifted manager institute policies and playing styles that bring out the “beauty” in the beautiful game. Though we need to win games the hard way, with 1-nil defensive performances, and Wenger/Arsenal FC have proven they can do this in the current campaign, I thank the Footy Gods on a weekly basis that we play to win, to score goals, to combine style with steel, and not to stifle a contest and play negative football. It takes balls to play the way we do, and though we’ve suffered a major dip in form recently, and that hasn’t been fun, we’re still up for the fight. Just look at our top 15 goals from the first half of our campaign (most teams could score half of those quality goals during an entire year) — for 20 years now, that has been the Arsenal way, of which there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed. I won’t argue with you on one point, and that is that there is absolutely nothing fresh about Wenger’s face, but with age comes wisdom, and though you might not understand what he means, the prof is giving you a lesson every week. Enjoy the free education while you’ve got it.

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          • I dont pretend to be aware of going-ons in the club and I am sure most of us would not either, so if we look at known facts.
            1. This team is a Arsene team, meaning he has almost complete control over who and how he plays and has been the case for the last 10 years or so at least.
            2. Leicester won the league with far less talented team last year but Arsene has not managed to do that, after the last set of the players who had character, providing steel, most(not all) of them bought by the previous regime left.
            3. He said on the eve of the his last contract extension becoming public( distinctly remember), that he is sure we can win the league in next 3 years, which has not happened.
            4. He gets outfoxed by the almost the same teams playing the same way against us every season and still he cannot come up with a plan.
            5. Other managers like (say the Pochettino) can alter the shape of the team based on the team they play against but Arsene seldom does that.
            6. He has not yet managed to win the Champions league.
            7. We don’t play the fast, fluent and attractive football anymore as we did 5-6 years back.

            I don’t deny tremendous contributions(mostly financial, finding , nurturing and then selling great players) he made over the years to the club.
            But given that a manager’s #1 remit I imagine, and this is my own assumption, is to win trophies and the league (domestic and others) at a club like Arsenal, how successful has he been.

            Personally I would be much happier seeing the team loose out on top 4 but win the premier league next season than see us do another insipid exit at knock-outs.

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          • Leicester winning the Pl was an anomaly. So many things have to be right for that to happen. I truly believe we have improved year on year.

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          • Because demanding better will do anything, to a board that doesn’t give a donkey’s left nut what the fans think.

            In my opinion, there’s a damn good reason why fans are not listened to, and its because well, we’re quite shit at this. If we were better, we would be paid to do it. Or even paid to write about it like the fantastic staff on this site.

            Let’s grab a little perspective–I have no problem with discussing whether Wenger should stay or not, or whatever, but unless there is really a crucial incentive to intervene with club affairs (i.e. human rights, un-sportsmanlike behavior, crap referees, John Terry’s face, etc.) , ‘demanding fans to do this, or do that’ seems a pointless waste of time.

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    • Henry is a club legend and always will be for his part in many club achievements, but he did leave Arsenal for Barcelona, so I still hold a grudge towards him for that. I know I’m being silly, but that’s partly why I don’t care what he says about the Özil and Alexis contract sagas. the other reason I don’t care about his critiques is the way he tries to sensationalise to please his employers.

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      • Exactly. It’s like criticising Mezut for spitting in the soup after he took a shit in it in 2006.
        Punditry seems to subtract 50 IQ points to any individual.

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    • Respect Thierry a huge amount for what he helped us achieve whilst he was a player for us. Thierry clearly has a lot of love for the club and for Arsene. However, I do wish he would stop talking nonsense about matters that do not concern him.

      It’s fine for him to discuss what we do on the pitch in regards to punditry – he was paid to do so. Much like Keown, Dixon, Wright and Winterburn are, but the ongoings behind the scenes, need to stay there else it becomes divisive.

      Anyway, more pertinent to the article, this is good news, and I can see it from Mesut’s point of view. Along with Sanchez, Giroud and Ozil himself, we need Arsene to commit for another few years.

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    • Anyone remember his last few years… dithering over the contract and then committing and then flying away? Henry is a legend. That doesn’t excuse him from making mistakes. In his current job as a pundit he will talk shit from time to time. At those points you have to remember this is precisely why he is at Sky and not on the training pitch at Arsenal.

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      • Indeed. Henry has a new job now. It is the 2nd time he has chosen another employer over Arsenal.

        He will forever be an Arsenal great, but everybody needs to step back and take his comments with a huge pinch of salt.

        Wenger was right to make him choose between punditry and being an Arsenal coach.

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    • I still think we need a change at the top. Much more important than a single player. Look at what Klopp’s managed to achieve at Liverpool with pretty modest means – and imagine what an ambitious new maestro could make – not only of our thicker wallet – but of the tainted and sizeable squad wenger – to his absolute credit – has assembled (but seems unable to get the best out of). Sell Ozi if he feels that way, and give the new gaffer an extra £30 mil to play with. That’s how I feel. (Granted I’m a little less cocksure if the same applies to Sanchez – but even then would conclude that it’s time for a manegerial change first and foremost. Irony is these players could potentially flourish at arsenal with weng gone.)

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      • So what exactly has Klopp ‘achieved’ so far? Apart from losing to Bournemouth and Burnley? Oh, and that magnificent 0-0 draw at home to Plymouth….

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        • Wez, don’t be a prick. That’s the sort of answer you would give to a Liverpool supporter, not a fellow Gooner who wants to get involved in constructive debate.

          None of us are happy about it but the facts are Klopp’s team came to our stadium and banged 4 goals past us and they are current looking down at us on the table.

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          • If Wenger goes, and he will at some point, I’d love to see Klopp take over. Not that I think he will.

            We have this Hasenhuttl feller in the pipeline now and he might be here sooner than we think. I wonder how long it’ll take for him to become the scapegoat for the “manager put” crowd?

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          • “Klopp’s team came to our stadium and banged 4 goals past us.”
            Well, without Koscielny, Mertesacker, Mustafi, or Gabriel. Chambers and Holding (in his first top-flight appearance ever) in the center. No Alexis, Ozil, Giroud, Perez, or Welbeck.

            By the way, I like Klopp for his enthusiasm, his obvious love of the game and respect for its traditions, for the way he treats his players and, apparently, his staff. Good man, good football mind. I hope Liverpool finish just behind us, in second.

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          • Not sure calling a fellow Gooner “a prick” is engaging in constructive debate either, Spinner.

            If we’re judging Wenger on trophies won then it’s fair enough to judge other managers on the same grounds. Klopp has won nothing at Liverpool……yet.

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          • That’s very kind of you spinner. The fact remains that Klopp has yet to win anything, so to sight him as the answer to all of problems is a little premature. I like Klopp a lot. I also like what Wenger has done and what he continues to do, which is to bring us world class football in a world class stadium and attract world class players. He has given us a lot to be proud of, in terms of his commitment and desire, and a club ethos that really is second to none. We are a class apart from the rest and that’s what I love most. We don’t win every game and granted we haven’t won the league in a while, be lest remember it used to be once every 18 years baring the 30’s, so we are improving. In fact if It’s the lack of any realism when summising what we have achieved, and only pointing to what we haven’t that is so evident in the instant gratification world of professional football. Those that say we haven’t challenged for 10/12 years are wrong, and clearly have short memories, which is perfect for the agenda that is being set. Having been watching my beloved Arsenal for over 30 years, I am happy in the knowledge that we really do have it very very good, and no amount of trolling is going to change my mind. If I thought we couldn’t challenge or had fallen off the pace I would be happy to say we need a new manager, but at this point in time we really can challenge, win things and continue to be up there with the best in Europe and the world.

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          • Emirates stadium without a sugar daddy while staying in the Champions League longer than any other PL team. And a couple FA cups.

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          • Getting knocked out of the CL every season in the round of 16, might be achievement in your eyes but it’s pretty shit for Arsenal FC.

            But then again you always struck me as person with low expectations.

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          • If you want to conveniently cherry pick the years you want to judge a club by you have to be serious about all of the conditions affecting those years.

            Selling players and making the CL every year balanced the ledgers without having to take a much much larger hit to player funds. You don’t have to like it. It’s simply what was.

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          • Ok. Finances are much better so what’s the excuse now for underperforming and underachieving?
            I don’t want the next manager to come in and publicly claim 4th place is a trophy. Wenger did it and you gullible lot believed him.

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          • You’re right, Spinner. We should win every game all the time. Just like all the other teams do. They win everything all the time and because we are Arsenal we should beat them comfortably every time. Nothing less is good enough.

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        • Imagine Arsenal had that 0-0 draw at home to Plymouth……’what are people complaining about ? So what the team selection was a gamble. We’ll still win the replay anyway & don’t you realise Arsene played the YOUNGEST TEAM EVER IN ARSENAL HISTORY’ in that game. No other manager on earth would do that. What about those players development ? You won’t be complaining when we win the CL with those players…’ etc etc

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        • Me too.
          Any player who plays for a manager and not the club and clearly states the same about his commitment is in my view disrespecting all the Arsenal supporters.
          I support Arsenal first and then Arsene because he is our manager.
          There’s is something very wrong within the club culture if its any other way.

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        • John C, I would happily sacrifice you. For anything. Even a pig.

          On second thoughts, I would happily sacrifice you for nothing.

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      • Klopp is getting similar results with a similar budget than wenger. The difference is there isn’t a s***storm every time they lose points. And they don’t even have European football interfering with the fixture list.

        I too think that we should move on from wenger to for example Allegri but to claim that Klopp is doing so much better is just believing the media hype.

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        • Yeah he bought Mane with a lot of money, Karius, that CB and Wiljnadum (or whatever his name is). They also have big money signings in Firmino who cost about as much as Alexis if I recall correctly. Lovren, Clyne, Moreno weren’t cheap . And Milner on ridiculous wage. Still according to the media he is dealing with a limited budget and a below-par squad.

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      • What a terrible comment. Proof that the extremism among Gooners is as bad at the positive end of the spectrum as at the negative.

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          • Fair enough. It’s just a shame it’s come to this this. Most Arsenal fans love Arsene very much regardless of whether they think he should stay or go. There are perfectly reasonable arguments for both stances.
            Unfortunately, reason has departed….anyone who thinks he should say is a clown living in the past & anyone who thinks he should leave is a fcuker who should support someone else…
            Quite depressing.

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      • I feel confident wenger and the players will pull something off this year. It would fit nicely with our lame starts and great comebacks to clinch it on the final day.

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        • Should have stayed at Highbury then.
          But if we would have stayed at Highbury, then the underachievement would have been blamed on not moving to a bigger stadium. Of course, there’s no way the manager can be to blame.

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          • Your incessant cynical badgering about how Wenger needs to go on every post here is so very tiring. Why accumulate down-votes every day? Why not support some other club?

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          • Your immature response is in breach of the comment policy. If you can’t follow the rules then don’t comment.

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          • Take a hint about who needs to comment here and who needs to put a sock in it. You are a troll in a fan’s skin.

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    • The way i see it, Özil has another year left at the end of this season, as does Alexis. I want Wenger to leave us on a high at the end of this season… so, whether he wins the title or CL or not, I think his time is up and he does not have much more to offer this club. If we bring in a new manager, lets say Loew, Ozil and Alexis still have a year, and we make a proper challenge for silverware, the Ozils and Sanchezs would surely stay. Loew has a good relationship with Özil.

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  1. This is a nice dilemma for the Wenger Out fans. Keep Wenger for another year and have Ozil and Sanchez extend their contracts or have a new guy come in and potentially lose those two?

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    • I want a new manager just to prove #WengerOut fans wrong. Seems like longevity is a lost desire. Relationships, jobs, clothes, football clubs: everything’s temporary and a fad nowadays. All anyone wants now is ‘new’, whether good or bad it doesn’t seem to matter.

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      • very true, i’ve seen leicester city fans say they want their manager sacked.

        I know a few very anti wenger guys, and they admit that they campaigned for managers as far back as Billy Wright to be sacked, so forgive me if i believe that the WOB will be the first to turn on whoever replaces wenger, and not those that support the manager of Arsenal.

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      • Wouldn’t work. The dialogue would be conveniently shifted to other perceived faults, easiest being ‘the new manager’s fault’ or ‘the players are terrible’, or ‘silent stan’ etc etc etc etc etc.

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          • Nope. I am responding to what I see as close-minded, predetermined statements that have been hiding in the shadows during the good times only emerging when 1-2 unfavorable results happen. Never a positive thing to say.

            I’m around when results are bad AND good. I like to be happy sometimes. It’s nice.

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          • Of course, it’s nice to be happy.
            But I can’t be happy when Arsenal FC, one of the true giants of English football, have not realistically challenged for the league title for over a decade. Miles off the leaders and in 5th place is not challenging.
            I can’t reduce to my expectations to your levels just to give myself fake happiness. I want Arsenal to achieve what it should be achieving with the players and resources it has available. Until that happens I will remain unhappy.

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          • I will always be an arsenal fan yes even if we fuck up and ive love to see arsenal win a cup sometime but i hope i av more in my life to make me happy

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          • I dont know why but ive seen what u av had to say bout 3 times i just feel sad for you not the club but for u.Yes its lovely to see arsenal win it all but its a 90min game theres life after .

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          • My Condolences. Enjoy.

            You can fuck off over my expectations, because you have no idea what they are. Put your own words in your own mouth. Ta.

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          • Hit a nerve, did I? Yes, that moment where someone called you out for having low expectations. Must hurt, but you can’t blame anyone else, you’re the one who decided what your expectations are. Hope 4th place brings you much joy.

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          • That’s just it mate, my expectations aren’t low, and you know fuck all about how I support the club. The only thing you called me out for was a fictional claim that YOU made.

            It’s a shame you’re so miserable that you feel the need to go after fellow supporters and try to tell them what their expectations are and what they think.

            So I’ll end on a happy note.
            It’s looking more and more as if Wenger and Ozil will be signing on for more.

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        • Or david moyes, paul jewel… we’ve had fuck-wits on here shouting the name of any manager that’s won half a dozen games.
          None of them get close to Wengers win percentages but that doesn’t matter.
          And now they’re shouting for Low who’s never had any notable success with a club side which is very different from running the German National team.
          If they take a moment to see how many times other top 6 teams have changed their managers with zero benefit, they’d be a it more careful about what they’re wishing for …

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    • Hmmm….think you’re taking a huge leap there by including Alexis. I’ve thought for a while Ozil will 100% stay if Arsene does so this changes very little.
      Alexis I don’t think is as tied to Arsene’s future. I think he needs to be convinced we can win big trophies. Will Arsene staying convince him of that? I wouldn’t bet on it to be honest.

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    • From my point of view, it would be a disaster if we lose both players and it will be a big step back in terms of years building the team and finally we managed to start signing word class players. It will be rvp cesc saga again and if we lose both of them why would any word class player would want to come to the club when you lose your best two players, would player like reus want to come ? I don’t think so, he would come if we have both ozil and alexis tied with new contracts and certainly we know that he would sign to play for wenger.

      I think even if we not win anything this year, wenger would not allow our best players to leave because of him, and would signed an extesion so he can tied up both players to long contracts and secure the big future of Arsenal, we all know how much he loves arsenal and how many years we sufferd especially him with no moeny, and when we are finally finanicily strong and signing world class players would be a big blow to lose them.

      Also I’m sure he can bring one more world class player in the summer, maybe reus. But in all honestly I would rather wenger signed one more years secude the long deals for ozil and alexis and then leave even if that means we will not win nothing next season, then lose our best players and going many years backwards.

      Even if we signd the best manager in the world would change nothing if we lose our best players and we would then certainly win nothing.

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      • Arsenal football club is not about having best players and not winning a fuck all. Wenger has done his best and I do not think he will do more than he did during the Viera era. For me, he has been failing base on the crop of players he has been buying. I believe his approach and methods these days are contributing none performance. If Kloff or Pochintinho is our manager, the players will perform. I do not think they fear or respect Wenger much as their performance show. Most of us are deluded to think that Wenger is the only messiah for Arsenal. I respect him, he deserve every honour but his time is up.

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        • Pochintinho or Pocahontas or whoever. What the fack has he done so far? How many EPLs has Klopp won?

          Some of the crap that gets bandied about by boo-boys like you is unbelievably vacuous. There are issues with the squad and the recent history is for all to see. The bad AND the good.

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          • I’d like to know what he’s smoking o think Kloff would leave Liverpoo! or Pochintinho would leave the Spuds to join us…
            Pochintinho is more likely to leave for one of the big 2 Spanish clubs (or possibly PSG if they offer him enough €) than to move to his present clubs biggest rivals so he’d get all the judas crap.
            Although I think Argentina will probably get him first when they need their next national team manager…

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  2. Shots fired at Henry I would say.

    Henry badmouthing Wenger and players just to be in press is really getting old.

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    • I disagree.

      Thierry is not employed by us. He’s employed to give his opinion. His opinion is that Ozil and Alexis are holding us hostage. While you might disagree with him, it’s hardly TH14 “badmouthing” Wenger.

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    • Having a view different from yours is bad mouthing right?

      The wonder of social media!!!

      Remember he has a job to do and he has a boss! Bet if he was saying only positive things about AW he won’t be bad mouthing!!!

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      • Henry should think carefully what’s most important to him; a mighty cash flow from media punditry, or his position as one of the club’s most loved and revered former players. Coz he can fuck the second one up quicksmart if he’s not careful.

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        • Henry can say whatever the fuck he likes. He is and always be an Arsenal legend. He’s a pundit now, and wouldn’t be much of one if he sat on the fence. If any fan wants to criticise his so-called anti-Arsenal views, they can go do one.

          Thumb up 11 Thumb down 10

          • ah james, is henry bigger than arsenal, I would also ask you, can Wenger say what he likes without complaint from you.

            Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

      • ah Henry loves the club so much that he turned down the chance to work for it, after all his guff about wanting the job, all so he can earn more money saying what ever his sky bosses want him to say about arsenal, Henry was a legend of a player, but if he is just a mouthpiece for whatever sky want him to say, then what does that say about Henry the pundit.

        And it aint about him saying only good things, although its funny that ex utd and ex liverpool pundits on sky can be openly pro their clubs and sky don’t have a problem with it. Ozil has basically said Henry did not know what he was talking about when he said Mesut and Alexis were holding Arsenal to ransom with massive wage demands. Maybe we should not be surprised that Henry would hold this view, as it seems money is his motivating factor. And don’t give me the bollocks about Henry is entitled to his opinion, as his job is to give an informed opinion, and he is being paid a kings ransom for it, the least he could do is inform himself of the facts.

        Thumb up 17 Thumb down 13

    • Henry is just overrated. I read an article about his stats and Girouds. People tell he was god on pitch but if you are on par with Giruod you are just another striker. Not a legend. He is so overrated. All the titles he won was Wenger. He was shyt in other teams.

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 20

  3. This headline is less misleading than the one in the Guardian. But to be clear, Özil doesn’t say Wenger has to stay, but that he wants to be clear on the manager situation before he signs a new contract. This seems completely reasonable but also makes negotiations very tricky.

    Thumb up 66 Thumb down 0

    • You are right but after reading the original comments it is hard to interpret in in any other way that Wenger signing an extension would be a positive thing for Ozil.

      Thumb up 41 Thumb down 2

      • Yeah, it would be. But I think it would also be positive if he knew he was getting someone else he liked. Loew, for example. I think what he’s really saying is “there is no fucking way I want to be managed by Alan Pardew, promise me that and we can talk.”

        Thumb up 20 Thumb down 1

    • Exactly what i’m thinking. Ozil didnt say he wont play under someone else except Wenger in Arsenal. It’s more like if the manager (whoever he is) has a good view in the team and include Ozil in his plan then he will sign.

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  4. Does he state that he wants to see what AW does with his contract or could he possibly mean in the transfer window? It’s a little ambiguous.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

      • ‘How dare a player have a good relationship with his manager.’
        Just to be clear, ‘dr strange’ never mentioned that players cannot have good relationship with managers, just that the club should come first and everything else including your manager should follow.
        Anything else is an insult to the supporters of the club.

        Thumb up 10 Thumb down 18

        • Nice sentiment, but that kind of loyalty only applies to supporters, not players. Players, much like the rest of us, are looking for the best working environment that they can find…the best fit for them. Personal relationships are a huge part of that. It is silly to suggest that any player, especially one that did not come through the Arsenal academy, should be blindly loyal to the club above all else.

          Thumb up 17 Thumb down 5

        • You hit the nail on the head meletios.
          Anyone thumbing you down must mean they love Arsenal and Wenger, but they love Wenger a little bit more than Arsenal.

          Thumb up 6 Thumb down 27

          • Rubbish. You might as well say that all those who are saying ‘we must keep Alexis’ love Alexis more than they love Arsenal.
            The point is that many of those who love Arsenal (as I have for 40 years) and want Wenger to stay (as I do) believe that’s the best option for Arsenal. It’s an opinion. YMMV.

            Thumb up 24 Thumb down 6

          • That’s a false dilemma Clock-End Mike,
            no one in the history of ever has said we must keep player X regardless of anything negative,quite the opposite in fact,the phrase no player is bigger than the club is very often used,so the comparison of more than they love arsenal can not be applied,
            but saying that the outcome of our successes in player acquisition,league position or even silverware is secondary to always backing manager X no matter what (which is often stated) could easily be called loving manager more than the club.

            Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

          • It’s a Straw Man Argument. Nobody here said they choose Wenger over the club. Not once. Spinner made that up and is trying to attribute it to others just to forward an argument. Mike points that out clearly with the Alexis analogy.


            Ozil never even said he chooses Wenger over the club just that he wants clarity on the future and Wenger’s future.

            At the end of the day Ozil can leave for any reason he chooses. Nobody has to like it, and he doesn’t have to adhere to someone else’s expectations. I’d like to have the comfort of knowing he’d stay no matter what, but It’s his profession, career, and love. Some of our most revered legends left, and some for reasons I like less than this.

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          • @Mpls..I am sure you have made most accurate interpretation of Ozil’s comments.
            Its almost like you meet him daily for a round or two every day at the local pub.

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        • Alexis reportedly chose Arsenal because it is in London and he likes the city. Chew on that. Why did you chose your last job? Please share. When you get shit-canned or moved to the basement near the toilet, smile and tell your employers the company always comes first.

          Or are you insinuating that Ozil doesn’t want Arsenal to be successful, or doesn’t care for anyone but Wenger? In which case you are deluded and have never sat through let alone successfully handled any negotiation.

          Thumb up 11 Thumb down 6

          • Ah thats where these two things are different.
            If you want to compare, lets say I as an employee working for Google (not saying I work for Google but also not saying that I don’t)say I am working here because my manager not because I believe in what Google is doing, otherwise my arse would sitting on an Apple office chair publicly in the media..how do you suppose the reaction would be.
            Hell nowadays who make disparaging comments against there office in the personal social network get castigated as well, lots of example on the web.
            I understand the reality of someone joining the club is very different from the ideal reasons but publicly proclaiming it in the media when all the contract talks are going down is what bothers me and makes me wonder the kind of club ethos and values impressed upon them.

            Let me hazard a parallel statement, if Arsene left and we are playing under a different manager;
            a player says I am not going to be playing to my full potential because its not managed by Arsene…
            Is that not offensive to the Arsenal supporters either ?

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          • Ozil never said anything about not playing his best for someone else. But I’d imagine he’s clarified his own footballing values after the circus at Real where they cycle top players and managers in and out out of boredom and for their president’s political purposes.

            Ozil’s point wasn’t about manager over club, as one might conclude if they read all these comments and not his statement. It was that it wasn’t just about Money, responding to Henry’s insult. That it was more so about a respect for the manager, and the way the manager and club play the game. That shows appreciation for the club. If you recall when he came he said he wanted to improve and play great football. Give or take a few off performances, which every player has, that’s what he’s doing.

            Ozil didn’t come to sit on the bench or play clogger route 1 and park the bus. If Wenger calls it a day and they bring in some oaf multiple players will leave, willingly or not, if they don’t fit the style of play or it doesn’t fit their goals. It happens all of the time at clubs that go through a significant change in leadership. It seems a bit harsh to question his professionalism based on a career decision he has to make while facing a major unknown quanitity in his absolute prime years.

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          • @Mlps..see you ignored the basic point I was trying to make..may be I was not clear enough…

            In reality there will be always more than one reason to join a club, but proclaiming that in public and therefore inferring that the manager comes before the club is totally wrong and disrespecting supporters.

            Lots of post her quote club comes first or are we saying there are exceptions ?

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    • It’s ridiculous that fans expect players to have the same criteria as they do, watching from the sidelines with very little at stake. You can afford to be misty-eyed; they can’t. They have to work with real people, not just watch figures on a screen.

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      • for some fans they don’t understand loyalty is a two way street, once a club no longer wants a player or manager the loyalty of the player or manager does not give them a second thought. they are sold or sacked. Rocky loved Arsenal, was loyal, and gave everything for the club, but as soon as George Graham no longer wanted him, the lad was sold. Arsenal were loyal to RVP all through his injured seasons, but as soon as it suited him to leave, his loyalty to Arsenal went out the window. There is sweet feck all loyalty in the game. Never really was.

        it is funny seeing the wenger out guys blab on about “loyalty to Arsenal” is all that matters, yet they have no problem showing no loyalty to the players, the manger, those who run the club. So what exactly are you loyal to, when you say you are loyal to Arsenal. You can even say you are loyal to the other Arsenal fans, as the infighting with anyone who disagrees with you is clear to see.

        Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

      • @Squiggle ..”misty eyed”… ha ha made me laugh…
        but seriously with the amount the players earn nowadays, I am sure they can afford to be ‘misty eyed’, much more than I do.
        I am guessing you posted that because you either think the player in question has not earned enough to set him up for life yet or you have much more in depth knowledge of his mind than I do.

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  5. Fair enough I say. Imagine committing for 5 years and then Brendan Rodgers (for example) swans in at the end of the season with his horrible shiney teeth. You’d top yourself.

    Thumb up 55 Thumb down 2

    • imagine if the rumors of Howe being Wenger’s replacement were true, no wonder Ozil wants to know what is happening.
      Seriously, its clear Wenger played a massive part in persuading Ozil to join, and that the player respects and enjoys playing under him, and the attacking football Wenger wants us to play. So why would he not want to know is Arsene staying or not, and if not, who is coming in, will it be a manager with a similar outlook, a manager who will want to use him in the same position, in fact will the next manager want him.
      We have all seen players who sign for several different clubs to play for a manager they know and trust, how many players followed Harry Redknapp and fat sam all over the place. We have also seen new managers come in and star men, fans favorites, one club men, being pushed out the door, as they did not fit in with their plans. We seen at Arsenal when Graham came, and again when Wenger came, some players were gone, and lets not forget that Ian Wright was looking to leave cos he did not get along with Rioch, so any love for the club was out the window when the player did not agree with the manager. So why shouldn’t ozil want to know firstly is Wenger staying, and if not, who is coming in, and if a new man comes in what will that mean for Mesut. Would any of us not ask the same questions if we were in Ozil’s position.

      Thumb up 20 Thumb down 3

  6. This is completely logical. Mesut lived a crazy situation in Real when Ancelotti arrived and Mourinho left and he is prudent now…

    Thumb up 37 Thumb down 2

    • This comment is genuinely disturbing. Even if I agreed that Ozil’s performances in the big games was “disgraceful,” I don’t see how that would make him “a natural coward,” a characterization that I would reserve for other areas of life. The relatively little I know about Ozil outside of football, such as his charitable activity, makes me question even more the basis on which you make a moral judgment about his character, not his football ability.

      Thumb up 18 Thumb down 2

      • A different George how can you question ex-preist tobin, if he says Ozil is a natural coward, then he is, after all its not like he is just a faceless internet warrior, no he is a real brave guy, fighting the the good fight, I bet he even has an A4 sheet. If he is lucky he will get to call Ozil a coward on AFTV.

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  7. Ozil is at an age where he has given a lot to the game of football. I think he deserves to make his own decisions with regards to the conditions he wants to play in (ex. league, team, manager, etc.).

    If Wenger is staying (which I hope he does) then he might want to push up the date he signs an extension or does that give some more ammunition against him? Wenger can’t win either way.

    Thumb up 27 Thumb down 2

    • There’s no advantage for the club to renew Wenger’s contract at present.

      The gaffer will also likely not make a decision till end of season.

      There is no pressure either for Ozil or Alexis (and agents) to conclude a deal now. They will likely also want to see where Wenger goes (or stays) and who will be tabling offers for their services in the summer.

      Therefore they will likely wait it out.

      The media are the only ones who are ‘surprised’ that nothing is concluded and will run on it to play the whole Arsenal crisis saga storyline.;)

      Thumb up 23 Thumb down 0

      • There are also players like Greizzman or Mahrez who may be available in the summer that can add similar threat to Alexis should he ship out then.

        So again, nothing will likely conclude before hand.

        Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

  8. He’s also dying to get his hands on the no. 10 shirt…..He’d settle for a few grand less every week just to be safe in the knowledge that he is “The Arsenal Number 10″….

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  9. Just goes to show the enormous influence Wenger has at the INternational stage in attracting some of these talents over to us. IT wasn’t just about the money because clearly 6 or 7 other clubs in Europe could pay equal or more than us and some of them would have had similar requirements for a high caliber midfielder such as Ozil.

    So you have to ask yourself how Wenger nipped in and got Ozil as a late “panic buy” without some of these competitors stealing a march on him.

    As I had mentioned before, the media pack haven’t got a clue as to how the transfer window works. NOne of them have operated in the market.

    When you buy late on, you let the competition thin out. Many of the would be competitors to Ozil’s signature would have committed money to other players already.

    Which was why Wenger was hesitant following price against Napoli for Higuain.

    He knew he had to wait on the Bale deal to conclude for Madrid and was still unsure what the end price for Ozil would be.

    BUT a lot of the ground work to attract Ozil to pick us ahead of the others had already been done. Soft power with Metersecker was exercised along with Wenger’s reputation for development.

    As I have mentioned before, Wenger isn’t a mug by any means in this department but he can be found out in tactical terms.

    But his market savvy is bar none and he is an excellent developer of players.

    Crucially, he also shows the patience (sometimes painfully to our detriment) to allow these players to blossom.

    The likes of RVP, Fabregas, Ramsey, Walcott all had less than convincing periods earlier in their career casting doubt in the minds of many that they had quality to give the club.

    But Wenger persisted and got the best out of them.

    This was also the case for some overlooked older players during the 2010-2014 period when Wenger sought bargain price veterans to shore up and revamp the squad.

    Metersecker has been a largely unsung hero for the squad who has improved immeasurably since signing from Bremen. Podolski had a good spell which unfortunately did not last long enough.

    This would not have escaped the attention of Ozil who was at an impass with his Madrid career.

    I think Wenger principally attracts players who feel they are not finished article and that he can improve them as players further.

    Case in point Alexis. He was in and out of Barca and not exactly developing in right trajectory.

    Ditto Granit. He signed really early with us which is indication that the player had chosen our environment first and foremost with likely development in mind.

    Rather the Pogbas at high cost who feel they are already the finished article, Wenger prefers players with a bit of humility and hunger to develop further (Giroud)

    So it will be no surprise that any extension for Ozil will likely be contingent on the gaffer’s.

    Ozil has enjoyed some of his best football at Arsenal. Ditto Alexis.

    A lot will depend on where they see the club going with (or without) the gaffer.

    But make no doubt, Wenger is a massive influence in their improvement as players.

    Thumb up 49 Thumb down 9

    • How many other clubs were in for Ozil, Sanchez, etc. None of the big ones as far as I can remember so a lot of your points are moot.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 10

    • And Ozil wasn’t at an impasse. They needed to sell a big player to cover some of the costs for Bale.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  10. Clever PR from Ozil’s team, removed the focus on him and puts it on Wenger and the club. All you are hearing at the moment is posturing. If we keep in the top four then Ozil will sign (regardless of who is the Manager in my opinion), he seems content.

    I don’t think that will be enough to keep Alexis though, regardless who the Manager is.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 21

  11. mayb he doesnt want himself to replicate what happened to RVP…
    surely SAF had a major influence over the deal but imagine him playing under moyes the next season……*tears*
    but In Arsene We Trust

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  12. I heard there’s a clause in the renewal that’s states he has to challenge for headers in the middle of the park and that’s why he’s hesitating to sign

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  13. The fact that he left Real Madrid because he couldn’t get the Manager (Ancelotti) to guarantee him a spot in the starting eleven tells you everything you need to know about what matters most to Özil. I would be more than happy to have him stay in the club.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 7

    • It’s sad to watch fans (like that pissy lad at Le Grove) who were thrilled to get Ozil start to say that he’s only here because no-one else really wanted him. Of course they weakly cover themselves by saying they’re happy to see him stay.

      He couldn’t possibly want to stay because he believes in Wenger. After all, they once heard from someone that Podolski made jokes about Arsenal’s preparation.

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  14. If Özil staying is contingent on Wenger signing an extension then one could argue that he is endorsing 4th place. #wengeroutevenifweloseözil

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    • so in ozil’s 3 years here he has won 2 fa cups, and finished 4th once, 3rd once and 2nd once, but one can argue he is endorsing 4th, yeah you could argue it, but you’d lose.

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  15. Now I’m just waiting for a similar statement from Alexis about Wenger so I can make popcorn and watch the twitter AKB/”WÖB” shitstorm

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  16. Jeez guys! Sanchez Ozil Ox Theo belerin kolchelney mustaffi weilbeck gibs Iwobi and ALL the rest will want out if Wenger leaves. Why do you think these players other than the money are holding out?? You all can’t be that naive surely!!!

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  17. This is purely hypothetical as he’s not available but are our fans saying they wouldn’t be happy if we lined up Pep to take over from Arsene at the end of this season?

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  18. No surprise. I always believed this was a big factor in both of the two big outstanding negotiations. After all, both were pretty upfront that Wenger was a major reason for their coming to Arsenal in the first place. Sanchez may be feeling different but I suspect it’s a concern for him also.

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    • ah but wellarsed, the wob always dismissed this as just Arsenal PR making them say it. You know, the club made them say it, cos how in hell could the wob praise and support ozil and alexis, if they believed that these guys rate our manager.

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  19. In some sections of the fans the frustration over the past few years and the teams failures has unfortantely tainted the esteem in which they hold the Manager. As most fans I can see his failings they are well documented by now however I also have the up most respect for the man, in a year when so many legends have left this world we should be thankful for the legend that is Wenger

    He is regarded as one of the best amongst players and many would come to Arsenal simply for him. Are fans telling me that we wouldn’t have had a problem signing Sanchez if it wasn’t Brendan Rogers at Liverpool as opposed to Klopp or Pep?. This notion that it wouldn’t affect the quality of player we could attract is a nonsense.

    And for fans who have always pointed the finger at Wenger for penny pinching and not aiming for “top quality” then tell me why in a process where Wenger is not involved (the next manager) are we being linked with Eddie Howe and the Leipzig bloke? Personally the club is happy to play it safe and in Wenger they have found a man who offers that safe consistency. With the options that are reportedly being looked at I would rather have Wenger, that’s my opinion accepting the fact that all those other managers that we would have liked as fans (Klopp, Pep, Simeone) have not been on the radar of the club.

    All in all let’s give the man credit he has brought in a whole generation of fans that will sustain the future of the club, facilitated top young players and more recently top players to the club and for that we owe him more than thanks!!

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    • Arsene is a great guy! Absolute gentleman who’s served arsenal very well. However, our love for arsene the man shouldn’t blind us from admitting he’s no longer a top class coach that can take us to the next level. I’m all in for a lesser known coach who can move us forward.

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  20. On another note, I see this announcement has, predictably, acted as gasoline to the already raging debate about Wenger’s future at the club. Is there any truth to the stories that this same dispute generated a brawl – among Arsenal supporters (by the bar) – at Deepdale?

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    • It wasn’t Arsenal supporters brawling. It was three members of the bar staff who wanted the HFB’s autograph and when a steward asked them to leave him alone they took exception and one of them (Chris) tried to punch the Preston Chairman’s wife who was trying to diffuse the situation.

      I just made that up, goodnight.

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      • seemingly there was a fight after some fans threw pints of bear all over other fans, and its said this is something that happens a fair bit and has nothing to do with the divide in our fanbase. it seems some guys think it funny to throw pints of beer

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  21. Well as we know Alexis loves playing with Ozil. He has said many times that he has a great understanding with Ozil on the pitch. Also we have seen that when these two are at their best they can be unstoppable. I think Alexis realizes that he has a phenomenal running mate with him already and he can be the main man at this club. That being said I believe both of these players could also apply pressure on the club to spend money if they work in tandem. I could see Wenger extending another 18 months and Alexis and Ozil doing the same.

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  22. Fans. Who would you prefer was at the club next season?
    Wenger or Ozil?

    Upvote for Ozil to still be at Arsenal.
    Downvote for Wenger to still be at Arsenal.

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  23. This is very clever comms from the club. Brace yourself for a contract extension soon. And I don’t mean Mesut’s.

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    • Wenger has made it clear, that he will not be signing a new contract till much later in the season, if at all. he stopped short of admitting that a new 2 or 3 contract had been offered by the club, but he did not deny it either, but he has many times, the most recent being just after Christmas, said he will not be signing a new contract till he sees how this season is progressing. He has to be convinced signing a new deal will be the right thing for him to do, both for himself and for Arsenal FC.

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  24. Maybe, there is more to it and the clubs board are still holding Wenger back? I know we have spent more money recently but for all we know maybe this is a sign that Ozil and Sanchez are saying to the club ‘support him behind the scenes or you might lose all of us’. Maybe they wouldn’t let him spend the huge amounts on individual world class players…..obviously I don’t know and I am frustrated about our performance this season too but hopefully something is worked out for the better of the club anyway! COYG

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  25. This is a terrible situation. I’m a firm supporter of the notion that nobody can be bigger than the club.

    Here you have two people who are. Wenger, for all his qualities, is to blame for this. He’s simply been at the club far too long. So long that there is a generation of fans who cannot imagine anyone else running the club.

    More damningly though, the club is set up around Arsene Wenger, the Boss. The players can’t conceive of a different manager, the coaches and the board are part of the Arsene Wenger Organization as much if not moreso than they are part of the Arsenal Football Club.

    I’m not suggesting that Arsene has fostered a cult of personality, I think it’s a natural by-product of him being at the helm for a fifth of a century.

    For the good of the club, he simply needs to go.

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  26. Would lpve them to stay but If Ozil and or Sanchez leaving means Wenger is leaving and we get an ambitious manager…sign me up! I love Ozil but he knows other managers would be pushing him to be better and impose his super talent more consistently. We aren’t making any progress with Arsene

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  27. Fuck it gets on my tits every time there’s a dip in form and the anti Wenger brigade start.
    Can we take a moment to consider reality?
    Look at the budgets of all of the competitors for the title. Look at their players. Why do you believe it is our ‘right’ to win the title? That we ‘should be’?
    It is incredibly competitive. And please don’t come at me with the example of Leicester. That was an anomaly. There are always anomalies and that was the 1 in 100 year event for the premier league.
    I appreciate that people are passionate but honestly who do you think we should bring in? Look at United? They’ve gone from consistently challenging to now hoping to get back to the four. Wenger does not always get it right, that’s true, but we are so close to titles again. And he will retire eventually, in my eyes it will be too soon.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

    • Yes agree I don’t think Wenger staying would have a negative effect on our club in any ways. Questions remain if we can win a big title with him but as you mentioned our squad is barely top 10, definitely not top 5, in Europe purely based on individual player quality. To feel everything else than a title as a failure every season is pretty unrealistic. Wenger has his strengths and flaws but he is a good manager. Ffs we have challenged for titles with first elevens including players like Song, Flamini, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Podolski,Sanogo, Arteta as DM, and many other pretty average players who wenger has made play out of their minds.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

      • Song is a good player as is Arteta. Podolski and Mertesacker are not average.

        Podolski 129 appearances for Germany, 49 goals. 1 world cup and 2 3rd place finishes in the World cup, Best young player at world cup 2006.

        Per – 104 caps for Germany 1 world cup.

        Can’t remember Jenks or sanogo ever being first eleven players. And can’t remember the last time we challenged for the title

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        • No disrespect to the players, my point was that these players wouldn’t make the teams of Real, Barcelona, Bayern, Athletico, Chelsea (probably), City who we are compared to on a constant basis. Just saying that wenger has done well with the resources available. Now that we have money questions remain if he can get the best out of this team but the point was that we are not and were not competing with the same resources as the other clubs we are compared to bar Tottenham.

          Okay Sanogo and Jenkinson weren’t first eleven players but still had quite a few appearances for us.

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    • Loool at this money excuse again. We have arguably the best squad in the league this season (squad so deep we loaned out our very own Jack) and the most stable manager in the league. We should be closer to the top than we are!

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

      • So you think our players including the Ox, Iwobi, Coquelin, Elneny, Ramsey, still developing Xhaka, ageing Cech are better than our rivals players on similar positions? United and City have better squads, Chelseas first eleven is better on paper.

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  28. The more talk on this one the less likely it is to be going ahead. If either side was really committed it would be done already

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  29. Like a contract has ever stopped someone from switching clubs.

    But we are supposed to have this huge advantage due to our consistency and stability with 20 year the same manager, But even with this massive advantage Wenger is still getting outdone by fresh off the boat managers, some of which has no experience from the Premier League.

    Even when our only rival was a recently promoted Leicester with a new manager without a single league title to his name, Wenger still we’re unable to compete.

    We have the 3Rd highest wage bill in the league and Wenger is the 4th best paid manager in world football.

    At some point even the most die hard Wenger supporter has to start asking himself some questions.

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    • Fresh off the boat managers. Like who may I ask? Ranieri has been competing for decades! Who were the other winners? Fergie, Pellegrini, Jose. You make it sound like the Moyes and the Sherwood and the Pulis of the world are walking around with trophies.

      And what has Wenger’s pay got to do with anything? Who gets to decide how must the club pay him? You??? Most of you haters don’t even know what you are talking about or what your core grievance is. The team is not winning so let’s all shout Wenger Out. That’s all you know.

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  30. The one that is likely to go is Arsene. Think he has had enough, and he cant give more to the club. He is been abroad for a while now. People forget Arsene is french and the mega rich PSG owners would die to have him and Alexis, if Emery underachieved this year.An they may be ongoing battles with the owners too. My bet is the 3 of them are going to leave. Wenger, Ozil and Alexis.
    So we can have a new manager and see how he fares. But he wont be a top one . Silent Stan is not about winning trophies. The core of the problem lies there.We can bring in any managers but if the owner is not ready to splash the cash in wages. The vicious circle will continue.

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  31. It would be great if Ozil signs again, but not on condition that Wenger stays. He seems incapable of instilling the hunger and desire in the team to fight for the title, and there is a general acceptance that second best is good enough. The lack lustre displays in the first half of the last two games is surely indicative of a team that is coasting. A new man in charge would hopefully bring in some real passion and ambition.

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  32. I can sort of see Ozil’s coming from. He doesn’t want to end up playing under Eddie Howe or whoever our Moyes turns out to be.

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  33. Nowhere in the article does Özil expressly say that he will sign if Wenger signs. He just says he has Wenger’s trust and obviously a player who’s 28 and is about to sign probably his last professionalcontract will want to know what the future of the manager/club will be. The article has been manipulated by the media just for the sake of news.

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