Wenger: You have to scout the lower divisions


Following the signing of Cohen Bramall, Arsene Wenger says it’s important for Arsenal to keep an eye on what’s happening at lower levels as clubs become increasingly competitive in the transfer market.

The 20 year old’s arrival at Arsenal – albeit is a ‘young professional’ – has come via an unconventional route.

Having been spotted by former Gunner Brian McDermott playing for Hednesford Town in the Evo-Stik Northern Premier League, his career has taken a huge leap – and although he’s going to feature at youth level, he has a chance that few players get.

Speaking to the official site, it was put to the manager that it’s possible to find players at clubs who traditionally would have few dealings with those at the top of the Premier League.

“More and more,” he said. “You need to scout in the lower divisions because many of them [players] have to go down before they go up.

“And he’s one of them.”

Drawing parallels with Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud who made their top flight breakthroughs in France at a relatively advanced age, he touched on the qualities that saw him take a chance on Bramall.

“Are you ready enough to fight that you are above this level and that you absolutely want to come back?,” he said.

“Players like Giroud and Koscielny have had that test. They are similar to that. Once they get up, they really mean it.

“He is a young, promising left back who has a lack of experience at the top level but who has fantastic ingredients,” he continued.

“He has tremendous pace, a good left foot, a great desire to do well. Overall, he’s a very exciting prospect.”


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      “Hi, this is Sam from arsenal direct, unfortunately we are all sold out of extra large alexis away kits at the moment”

      And your dreams will come true.

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        41 and thin as a whippet (but less so around the guts of late)

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  1. Welcome to the Arsenal! Ian Wright wrote in his autobiography that non-league football is full of brilliant talent that could make in the PL. I hope this signing is proof of that.

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  3. It’s the fact of life that sometimes people forget when they say “oh if they were any good players, why aren’t they making it?”

    Sometimes, even though it’s unfashionable to say it these days, what with all the social media quotes and stuff, good old fashion luck is required.

    Bramall was fortunate that a big club decided to give him a chance. For every Bramall, Vardy and Smalling, there are plenty that never make the grade; not because they didn’t have the talent or work ethic, but they simply weren’t given the opportunity, or bad luck (injuries the main one).

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  4. Wenger is normally ahead of the game in the market.

    With the number of clubs through the entire rank of PL now able to afford higher price players, there is a double squeeze in the market on the continent.

    I mentioned over several transfer windows now that Arsenal faces a double crunch with new oil rich clubs (AND China) squeezing the top end and the better distribution of TV money with PL clubs pushing the bottom end.

    The supply is therefore tight.

    Wenger is now moving toward the end of the market neglected by these clubs.

    He has always been ahead of the trend.

    When he first came, he enjoyed monopoly of knowledge of foreign players and the willingness to buy from abroad where many teams in England remained entrenched in outdated jingoistic protectionism of the “English game’.

    When those teams started to buy foreign (and when the oil rich clubs started to enter the market), Wenger’s advantage diminished and it was no surprise (coupled with the stadium ciommitment) that we went through a very long fallow spell.

    As Wenger tried to reconstruct the team following his own self generated debacle relying on academy youth, he sought players that were overlooked in market like the Artetas, Meterseckers and Podolskis to imbue some experience in the squad.

    Now, he has also turned to lower leagues – Jenkinson I suppose was one, and then Holding.

    Bramall may or may not become our future Lback but it was clear we did not have much of a pipeline coming through in this traditionally a strong position for us.

    His development over next season or two gives us breathing space with BOTH the aging MOnreal and the injury prone Gibbs likely able to hold for that period. It does not necessarily discount us buying from market either should young Bramall not make the cut.

    Wenger has had a decent run with his left backs starting witht he domestically produced Cole to Clichy. Santos was a mess but thankfully cheap. Monreal has been an excellent remedy whilst Gibbs hampered in growth by his injuries.

    At Rback, I suspect Debuchy will be sold as the limited Jenkinson. Maitland Niles will continue to be tested in the position but we also have either of Gabriel or Chamberlain to assess in the role as back up to Bellerin.

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  5. Watch out Nacho, your successors arrived, but he is much much faster. Hector and Cohen would be the fastest left and right backs in the Premier League and thats an exciting prospect. I expect to see him debut in the first team next season, what a bargain for such a talented 20 year old. Well spotted Brian McDermott.

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  6. Sure, you have to scout the lower divisions. Where else are you going to find great Arsenal legends like Eboue, Jenkinson, and Sanogo??? They’re top top quality!!

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  7. Arsene Wenger has given so many lower league players a chance and they have gone on to become great players. It’s good to see at least one of them paid him back by staying. Massive respect to Laurent Koscielny.

    Hope Bramall can do the same. Best of luck, kid.

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