Arsenal v Lincoln City date/kick-off time announced


Arsenal’s FA Cup quarter-final against Lincoln City will be played on Saturday March 11th, with a kick-off time of 5.30pm.

The game will be televised by BT Sport who will probably try and find a fat lad in the Lincoln squad and get Robbie Savage to put a bet on him eating an entire suckling pig in the dug-out before the end of the first-half brought to you in association with BT BET for all your betting needs.

A win for the Gunners would see them visit Wembley once more for a semi-final. It’s also a game that has to be decided on the day, there are no replays for quarter-finals anymore, so extra-time and penalties are a possibility.

The Lincoln game will come after a hectic week for the Gunners. There’s a trip to Anfield on March 4th, we host Bayern Munich on Tuesday March 7th, and then there’s the visit of the non-league side in the cup.

Let’s hope it’s a game we go into with a bit of momentum, and with two decent results behind us.

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I hope the lads will be up for this match. Very likely our only chance for silverware this season. Come on guys!


What about the league and CL?
Oh yeah, it’s groundhog February again.


Spinner we know how you feel mate. No need to keep on and on and on and on….

chippy's chip

And we know you like gibbs but..


I just try to lighten the mood.


I would like us to win ths FA CUP this year and hopefully Wenger stays! Im shocked at how no PLAYER has come out to defend WENGER after all these years he’s defended them in public! I think he should sign a 2year extension and leave after that. Somehow I have a feeling Arsenal are too comfortable we don’t know the quality of manager he is because he’s been here so long we’ve taken him for granted and once he leaves we’ll realize what a manager and man he is. I personally don’t think it’s time for him to leave. I think some of the players need to go though some of the so called “big players” who seem immovable need to go though. starting with Ozil Ramsey Per Debuchy Jenkinson and we need to add to that Midfield we need another Coquelin esque player like a kante a fighter a tackler not another Xhaka because other than Coquelin no one in that midfield is a proper tackler Xhaka is sloppy and we got him for his long range passes and when Coq has been out and without cazorla who can tackle better than Xhaka it’s almost as if we have no midfield. The likes of Walcott need to be subs to players like Griezman we need more world class players!

I think Wenger should stay! but if he leaves, I would like to see him at Bercelona! working with the best players in the world messi suarez neymar etc something he hasn’t had the opportunity to do because of his loyalty to arsenal when he wins the champions league then you all will realize its the players mentality not everything is wengers fault.


I thought the exact same!

Daft Aider

It would be great for Wenger to bow out of the club after winning the cup, no chance of that though, we’re stuck with him forever

Roger Ramjet

When I read that I thought it mentioned something about sucking a pig.


Yes something about Robbie Savage and a suckling pig…


Na no pig fallacious, David Cameron supports… Is it Villa?


And that is why all these pundits will never be successful managers. All they’re good at is kicking people when they’re down.

David Hillier's luggage
David Hillier's luggage

I see the Sp*rs Millwall game is kicking off at 2pm. Good luck with that, the Met.


I didn’t see anyone mention this the other day but does anyone remember the other night when Ospina kicked the ball out to the Sutton player, and afterwards the Arsenal fans behind the goal were hurling absolute abuse at him?

Dale Cooper

Couldn’t really make out what they were saying, to be fair, but yeah, it probably wasn’t the nicest stuff you could ever hear.


Did it offend snowflakes such as yourself? There there, never mind, go back to mummy for hug and she’ll wrap a fresh layer of cotton wool around you.


Fuck off doom-monger.

Hurl abuse at the opposition players as much as you like, but support our team or don’t call yourself a fan.

Hope i didn’t offend you


Yawn, another snowflake has entered the discussion.

So they should have ‘well done’ to Ospina then? People like you are part of the problem of underachievement at Arsenal. When someone fucks up you’ll say it’s not their fault and then give them a neck massage. Prick.


You’re an idiot spinner


Boring. You are so so hard.

Bennis Dergkamp

piers, is that you?


You are dishonest to your federation.


Yes, David should stop learning from Cech!

Heavenly Chapecoense

How will Wenger treat the Bayern game ? We absolutely have no chance of going through. If we go to full attack mode, they will hit us on counter and their goals will count double if we manage to score 4 more goals than them. If we play those who are not starting XI and get destroyed again, will not help the mental strength of the team.

chippy's chip

His blind faith and optimism suggests he will start with the “big guns”. They will know they are beaten before ko and will go through the motions. Subs on 70mins. Same old excuses post match and we grumble on and on.

chippy's chip

Obviously just a guess. I hope im wrong and we smash em 5-0 but….


Prediction time:

Liverpewl 3 – 1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2 – 3 Bayern
Arsenal 3 – 1 Lincoln City Red Imps


Heavenly Chapecoense

Over the years, Arsenal have known how to beat Liverpool.


Over the years, Arsenal have known how to get knocked out of the CL Round of 16.


jesus, spinner. give it a fucking rest.


You’re just a troll, you’re not funny or enlightening. You must have many friends that enjoy your company.

Brian wallace

Anyone got the odds on us beating Bayern 6-1? 😂


Probably less than 5000-1, which were the odds for Leicester to win the PL last season.

A Different George

Don’t we go through at 4-0? Two in the first half, two in the second.


How much money are you going to put on it George?


I’ve got £5 on Arsene being caught on camera eating a Tarte Tatin.


Nah he is just a world class wanker.


Oopps that was meant for the below post about Spinner. Bahah

Crash Fistfight

My money’s on a croque madame.

Dial Square

Rather bet on Manfred Neuer eating a pie whilst Alexis is taking a penalty


Bloody hell, if we beat Bayern by 4 goals to nil and go through, it will be an even greater comeback than what Liverpool did in Istanbul. Highly unlikely of course but who knows? Would be typical of us to in recent seasons not make it past this round but also its typical of us to do it the very hardest of ways possible.

That said, the best chance for a trophy of significance has to be the FA cup now.

In terms of the league, we have 10 points to cull off of Chelsea. Again seemingly unlikely.

OTOH, we just have to plough on and beat those in front of us first.

You never know, an injury/sending off plus shock loss may precipitate a draw the next game for them and we are suddenly 5 off.

Another draw somewhere and we may be 3 off of them with say 4 games to go.

Of course our propensity in current seasons is to not show up when the opportunity appears, but things change.

What we need now is the most efficient rotation from the gaffer and better tactical disposition. He has his weakness in these areas but the other factor is the players themselves have to have the belief that they can achieve something.

If I were the gaffer, I would set a target to win every game (in league) from here on in.

Nothing to lose now anyway because the odds are starting to stack up against us. That’s often when we do best when some of the pressure is off.

Crash Fistfight

If we won 4-0 against Bayern it would be the biggest comeback since Antonio Conte’s hairline.

chippy's chip

Lincoln will be as motivated as sutton were and playing at ours will give them a bit extra. No dodgy pitch but still a chance to be massively embarrassed.


Is Spinner a Spud fan by chance?



Have Coquelin closer to Ozil to pressure higher up with Granit/Kosicleny/Mustafi the triangular base to build on. In essence if Granit drops, it is almost a 3 at the back.

Ox wide to but available to support Monreal. No Gibbs. He was atrocious. Personally not sure what the complain was with Mustafi who has been more than decent. If anything, players like Iwobi and Gibbs were culpable for not closing down quickly enough and allowing pressure into the box from crosses etc.

When you consider Koscielny was passed by easily in previous two games, I’m not sure why people think Mustafi is poor granted he was out jumped by Lewandoswki (but that cross should not have been allowed in in the first place)

I think up top, Giroud or Welbeck can sub for Alexis who can then push wide at expense of Ox.. Conversely, Ox can be swapped for Coquelin should more attacking intent be needed there.

Walcott is a swap for Lucas late on if there is space for counter attacking tactics only.

Iwobi should be a swap for Ozil should we need to be a bit more combative.

Otherwise, this is a good first choice framework IMO to work through to end of season…with of course variations to suit opponents (Elneny, Ramsey, Holding Metersecker, Gibbs and Gabriel are back ups no more)


we know how you hated walcott. Does gibbs allows crosses more than monreal? the goal scored by gibbs was not through gibbs. gibbs was not a super human. Coquelin is the one that fails to mark and pressure robben and koscieny without per metersacker is just an aggresive defender. He can hardly coordinate his defense. Santori, you always make good points but am surprised at your double standard.


4th substitute this round, too, correct? That will be fun to see 4 fresh legs coming on in the 71st minute


I should’ve written 8 fresh legs