Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal: By the Numbers


4 – Goals AC Milan scored in Arsenal’s heaviest away defeat in Champions League play before today
3 – Goals Arsenal scored in the return leg (I was there!)
0 – Chance that I will be there to watch Arsenal lose to Bayern in the return leg this time
6 – Passes by Francis Coquelin in 77 minutes against Bayern Munich
9 – Passes attempted by Francis Coquelin in 77 minutes against Bayern Munich
8 – Minutes per pass attempted by Coquelin
11 – Passes by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in 90 minutes against Bayern Munich
18 – Passes attempted by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in 90 minutes against Bayern Munich
5 – Minutes per pass attempted by Ox
25 – Passes by Xhaka (led Arsenal)
83 – Percent of Xhaka’s passes he completed (led Arsenal)
20 – Passes by each of Gibbs and Sanchez (2nd on Arsenal)
77 – Percent of their passes that Gibbs and Sanchez completed (2nd on Arsenal)
18 – Passes by Özil
6 – Tackles by Özil
75 – Percent of Özil’s passes he completed
100 – Passes completed by Xabi Alonso (led all players)
100 – Passes completed by Coquelin, Ox, Xhaka, Gibbs, Sanchez, and Özil combined
7 – Shots Arsenal took in this match
5 – Shots Arsenal took that weren’t from the penalty incident
1 – Shot Arsenal took in the second half
10 – Minute that Francis Coquelin who was covering Arjen “always goes left” Robben showed Robben to his left and Robben said “much obliged, chap!” and fired in a left-footed curler, that Coquelin must have realized that his Arsenal career was over
55 – Minute that Alcantara calmly walked by as Mustafi was having a conversation with Bellerin, collected a simple pass, and scored Bayern’s fourth
84 – Minute that Arsenal took their only shot in the second half
87 – Minute that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain tried to dribble out of the back against two Bayern defenders, lost the ball, then got juked, and while he was trying to pick up the broken pieces of his career, Muller just calmly scored a 5th goal
2 – Years ago now that I begged Arsene Wenger to retire so that he would spare himself this embarrassing end to his career
9 – Number of times Arsenal have played “big” clubs this season (Liverpool, PSG (x2), Tottenham, Chelsea (x2), Man U, Man City, and Bayern)
1 – Number of wins Arsenal have earned against those sides
7 – Total points Arsenal have earned against those sides
16 – Points those teams have earned against Arsenal
3 – Consecutive losses Arsenal have managed against those teams (City, Chelsea, Bayern)
22 – Total shots Arsenal have taken in those three matches
51 – Total shots those teams have taken against Arsenal
24 – Shots that Bayern Munich managed against Arsenal today
3 – Goals Arsenal have scored in those three matches
10 – Goals the opposition have scored in those three matches
943 – Touches by Bayern today
419 – Touches by Arsenal today
0 – Things left to say about this match: it was just a possession-dominant match by Bayern and a complete collapse by Arsenal


Sources: 442 Stat Zone App,


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“10 – Minute that Francis Coquelin who was covering Arjen “always goes left” Robben showed Robben to his left and Robben said “much obliged, chap!” and fired in a left-footed curler, that Coquelin must have realized that his Arsenal career was over”
Anyone think this manager will get rid of Coqulin?………….remember the 8-2 at OT…………
that’s when I realised our manager has lost ANY sense of shame!……… long as he collects his 8 million a year, and is the highest paid guy at the club, he is ok, and will always chat rubbish in interviews.


Chat rubbish get banged by bayern 😂

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

I have wanted Wenger to leave for a while now, and feel its important that this doesn’t turn into another #Wengerout post. Barring a few fans, its clear to everyone that Wenger needs to go.

Arsenal have the finances to compete, but Wenger is just too stubborn to spend. It just defies logic that the 5th richest club in the world, Arsenal, cannot compete in the transfer market with teams like City and Chelsea, who are ranked lower on the rich list.

The problem is Wenger, and his outdated philosophy when it comes to transfers and wages. In the game before Chelsea Wenger gave the impression that he wanted to sign Kante, but couldn’t offer him the wages that Chelsea did. This is a ludicrous statement.

Some websites state that Kante earns 110,000 UKP at Chelsea. Xhaka, who cost Arsenal nearly as much as Kante cost Chelsea, earns 90,000 UKP a week. So was Wenger really so naive to back out of offering 20K UKP per week more to Kante!

Lets us assume this is wrong. Let us assume that Kante wanted 150K more than what Arsenal were offering him. Even then moving for Xhaka instead of offering the 150K extra to Kante was a stupid financial move.

Xhaka cost Arsenal 30 mil UKP, and earns 90K per week in wages. Lets assume this figure is wrong and that he earns only 45K per week in wages.

Had Wenger offered Kante the hypothetical extra 150K per week in wages it would have cost an 7.8 mil/year (roughly 40 mil over 5 years).

However Arsenal then chose instead to spend 30 mil on Xhaka, and assuming his wages to be half of what it actually is, his salary is 11.7 mil over 5 yrs. Add that to his transfer fee, Arsenal were willing to spend a total of 41.7 mil on him over 5 years, instead of spending the extra 40 mil it would have taken to get Kante to sign!

Remember this math doesn’t add up even after bloating up Kante’s wages, and reducing Xhaka’s wages to half of what it actually is. In actual terms, if math were a person, it would gone and killed itself over this.

Its been the transfer story under Wenger for ages. Do not offer a top player the extra wages it would take to sign him, but then spend even more (fee+wages) on a lesser player!

So get someone in who will make better use of the money available. Financial prudence doesn’t mean NEVER spending. Financial prudence is to make the most of the finances available, and Wenger is clearly not doing that.

I still want Wenger to finish this season on a high.

Arsenal will bash Sutton United silly (hopefully), and hopefully Wenger will get his first win over Mourinho when United visit the Emirates later in the league, and hopefully Wenger wins the FA Cup this season. However that has to be that.

There is no way that Arsene Wenger has earned the right to lead Arsenal beyond this season.


Yes, surely it is time for a change, but a new manager is not going to change the entire modus operandi of the club which is stability and profitability. The majority shareholder is on record with his view that chasing championships is a fools errand. There is no commitment at the board level to taking Arsenal to the next level. The problem is much bigger than just the manager.


Actually Wenger was very successful before the current board was formed. Even on a budget and selling best players every year we did better than we are now.

We are missing someone who can deliver a player to Wenger that he wants. When was the last time we got a top player and Wenger said he had been tracking him for some time?

That was probably Gilberto Silva, and David Dein went out personally to negotiate that deal and ensure it went through.

Do we have that sort of passion from our current board? No.
They would probably just send an email.

Bould's Eyeliner

Your argument is wholly dependent on example as to whether we really want Kante or not. I don’t… doesn’t fit our squad.


I’d like Kante, but I’ll take Xhaka as well. They’re completely different players, and we actually needed one of each last summer (which itself is damning evidence against our transfer dealings, given the number of other central midfielders we already had at the club).


1- gooner who travelled to the game (me) and felt like he was watching his grandsons under 10s team. No fight, no passion for the club except Oz and Sanchez. There’s no shame in getting beaten by a better team but there frigging well is if you don’t try. In fact my grandson tries harder.


Oh and I mean Os as in Ospina not bloody Özil


Ironically that team fell apart at Old Trafford after Le Coq was subbed off. I’m pretty sure it was 2-1 or 3-1 when he left the pitch.


Milan the heaviest champions league defeat? We’ve lost 4-0 to Barca (Messiiiiiiiii) and 5-1 to Bayern in the group stage?




Our team has no identity now. None that I can think of anyway. What exactly is it we try to do in games these days?



We have no game plan, naive tactics (playing Ozil in a number 10 free roaming role in a match where we needed to defend well), trust in players who are not good enough to start for us (Coquelin, Gibbs) and a formation that has stopped working for us since cazorla got injured but that we still persist in playing with. Also, benching players who perform every time they play for us (Lucas, Elneny, earlier Campbell)


Have you read the article? Özil = 6 tackles and 80% success!

Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions
Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions

We didn’t play our usual 4-2-3-1 today. We played a 4-4-2 with Ozil and Sanchez in free roaming roles. We played 4 midfielders and they still got dominated because they either weren’t good enough or weren’t prepared properly tactically. Despite Ozil being an out and out fwd in this system he still topped the tackle count with 6 because he dropped back and tried his best to help out the 4 guys who failed to do the job in midfield. He was meant to be the man to find on the counter once our midfield 4 won the ball and hit on the counter. Bayern dominated regardless. Blaming Ozil is the fourth last place to start but because he’s an easy target go ahead and do it. Coquelin is a very good place to start as 7am has done above. His total inability to help in possession is a much bigger handicap than Ozils lack of defending (not today with his incredible 6 tackles, wow) will ever be. Players around are pressured because he doesn’t show for the ball and teams aren’t eating up the decoy ploy anymore. Ox and Iwobi didn’t work hard enough to be the options offensively that they were meant to be and defensively they clearly struggled in the roles too. Coquelin who usually puts up fantastic defensive stats has been shown up against the better sides defensively giving up crucial goals. Add to that the negative impact he has on the sides ability to play with the ball he should be the first dropped.


Our 4-2-3-1 is 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 when defending and has been the whole season. It was not a new formation. Not blaming Ozil but his role and position, but agree about Coquelin and Iwobi. Has been criticising Coq starting for a while. My point was we should probably have had 10 men defending instead of 8 if we wanted to park the bus (as it seemed). Or press with 3-4 players if we wanted to really press them, instead of only Ozil and Sanchez. Now we really didn’t do either of those strategies.


I agree with the commenter who points out that the nominal 4-2-3-1 was basically a 4-4-2 (it has been pretty much the whole season with Sanchez up top, as Ozil plays further forward to occupy areas vacated by Sanchez, who rarely plays in the traditional no. 9 position; it’s probably more accurate to say we essentially play with 2 “false 9’s” than with either a traditional centre forward or traditional playmaker).

But whether or not it was a specific tweak last night or more or less the same as the rest of the season, the important point is that Ozil clearly was not tasked with high pressing and closing down their defenders as they built from the back, as it was obvious our game plan was to get behind the ball, let them have it in deep positions, and then look to break when we won it (this is a point about the Man City match that Tim Stillman makes in his latest article). So even if Ozil hadn’t made 6 tackles last night, the camera shots of him ambling around when Bayern had the ball wouldn’t have been a stick to beat him with, since it’s obvious this basic directive came from the bench, and was not down to laziness or mental weakness or whatever (not saying Arsene said “Mesut, do your best to look like you’re not even trying out there,” but probably more like “Mesut, we’re not going with a high press tonight, we’re going with 2 lines of 4 in a 4-4-2 low block, so your job is to stay high, cut off passing lanes, and look to bomb forward on the counter when we win it”). The problem with last night was Wenger’s tactics, and a lesser extent the execution of members of our back four and midfield four, not with Ozil (not saying he had a great game, mind).
But the simpletons among us will gnaw away at their scapegoats like dogs with a bone.

Dial Square

I am willing to bet that he was not given an instruction by Wenger to not let Robben get on his left.
I am willing to bet that nobody was given instructions and that there was no plan
Wenger out. Sam Allardyce would have done better (Allardyce would have made some backhand money but that is beside the point)


Afraid you lost me when you made a ridiculous mention of Allardyce.


Sam Allardyce? That is quite offensive to compare him to Wenger. He would never even be there. The man who made a mess of his dream job within a month and is doing next to nothing at Palace. Perhaps Wenger is worthy of criticism, but you crossed a line there.


Big Sam? Really? Have you seen Palace lately?

They have a decent 2-0 win against Bournemouth in there, but other than that it’s pretty grim, including a 3-0 loss to West Ham and a 4-0 spanking by Sunderland (!!). If a Big Sam team ever faces Bayern, we’re looking at the beating of the century.

Being upset with Wenger is one thing, but come on.. don’t compare him to that bloke.

Dial Square

Laugh at Allardyce and his low budget bunch of misfits, laugh even louder at Wenger’s lineup of international superstars.
Allardyce IN!

Bould's Eyeliner

People like you are to blame for Brexit and Trump.


You ruined it with Allardyce.

Roof attack

So today or tomorrow when they wheel out some player to say “we must learn from this” or “we fight until the end”. Do you remember that line from the dark knight: you either die a hero or love long enough to become the villain. take note mr Wenger.

Roof attack

Live not love! Damn predictive text!!


The Dark Knight isn’t real you know….


More real than our defence!


Haha the mustafi chatting to bellerin for that goal killed me last night.. But spot on i feel Le coq was bad for that first but also iwobi gave zero fuks about helping gibbs at the back so he got roasted with extra basting in the player ratings cause he was left to mark two players most of the night..özil couldn’t put down his sleeping bag and ran around with it wrapped around his legs all night ..


We have played the 4-2-3-1 with Coquelin in midfield in every away loss against top opposition this season. Either change the formation or ditch Coquelin. Or change the manager (and board preferrably)

Mas moiderer

We have no one else to do that job. Not in a two man midfield. Go back to last season and coquelin was pretty good.


He used to be good when he played with cazorla.

Mas moiderer

Which to me suggests is a question of balance. Wenger needs to find a system that suits this current set of players. Rather than persist in trying to make 4231 work, which it isn’t. For me ozil as good a player as he is we don’t have the strength in the middle to cover for him defensively. We either need to buy in the right type of midfield player. Kante/matudi/ vidal calibre of player. Or change the system.


Agree that was pretty much the point I was trying to make. Ozil as a free roaming number 10 means that we play pretty much with 10 men when defending as he doesn’t contribute anything defensively.


1. First of all: 6 tackles.
2. Second of all, do you really think we’d have avoided that embarrassment last night if we had kept everything else the same but simply put a more aggressive player, say Welbeck, up top in place of Ozil?? (For the record, I would have played Welbeck, probably in place of Iwobi.) In the more-or-less 4-4-2 formation, Sanchez and Ozil weren’t tasked with doing much or any defense (this is obvious from the fact they CLEARLY hadn’t been given any instructions to pressure Bayern’s back four or deep midfielders in a coordinated way), so why is the problem that Ozil doesn’t contribute defensively? The real problem is the manager’s tactics, but blaming Ozil for this is silly. Plenty of creative players get played nominally wide in a fluid front 3 in a 4-3-3. Or play deeper in a middle 3 of a 4-3-3. Ozil could do this too, if given time to adapt (he plays there for Germany quiet often!).

Look, if we were playing 4-3-3 last night and Ozil was part of the middle 3 and he turned in an ambling performance THEN you could slate him (though, again, if he ended up with more tackles than Xhaka and Coquelin, it’s not clear how you could justify blaming him more than them). Ozil has actually become LESS of a midfielder this year than ever, and it’s pretty obvious that this is down to Wenger wanting to partner him with Sanchez up top, particularly to cover for the fact that Sanchez still roams around an awful lot for a CF, so others have to make runs in behind as well. And yet, when our midfield has a complete nightmare like last night, somehow it’s Ozil’s fault–“we’re carrying him defensively”!

Instead, the blame should be on 1) the manager, for adopting a system and approach that meant Bayern could pass right through the middle of us, and 2) the players in our four man midfield last night that all looked like they aren’t at the requisite level to be at an elite club, both with and without the ball (for the record, I think 3 of them clearly are, but they didn’t show it last night; the jury’s out on Coquelin, though recent evidence doesn’t look good).

I’m all for 4-3-3, but don’t tell me Wenger is held back from playing that way because of Ozil; Ozil can adapt, if given clear instructions in how to play in a new system, and if he doesn’t THEN that’s on him.


Good to a certain level.

Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions
Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions

It was a 4-4-2 today and against Chelsea we started with a 4-3-3. We played Hull with a 4-2-3-1. The formation and tactics have changed but either the players can’t follow instruction or the tactical drilling is poor. Either or we have been poor and putting 4 guys in midfield today didn’t work because they weren’t good enough in their defensive or offensive roles.


Our 4-2-3-1 is basically 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1when defending as Ozil doesn’t drop down to be a 3rd midfielder and the wingers drop so deep. Against Chelsea we started 4-3-3 but it was hard to see as we didn’t have any kind of structure on the pitch.

gunner smith

I don’t know. When you fight a team with superior attacking talent,why not park the bus?
That is against the FM’s mantra of the beautiful game.Some teams on a losing run with a new manager used this tactic until the confidence returns to the players.
Wenger has been delaying his exit for years. Surely he shd know times up before another humiliation will result in the axe.
We all agree a new guy may not be an immediate hit. Its a gamble worth taking because with Wenger the end product is known.I believe any guy who takes over will revamp the complicated football approach and go direct.That will will mean more shooting from outside the box and no fits when possessing the ball like Sanchez.

Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions
Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions

Sorry Gunner Smith, I know you love shots from outside the box but any top manager that comes in to take over Arsenal is not going to advocate giving away possession by taking low percentage bombs from outside the box. Do you understand that they are scored at at no more than 3 goals per 100 shots. Even the best distance shooters don’t convert over 5 out of every 100 shots. No manager with half a brain cell is going to tell his team to waste the ball with shots from long distance. The occasional shot from distance is tactically useful only in its ability to draw defenses out of shape for when next your in position and you can hopefully play a ball into the box and give a teammate a realistic chance of scoring. Even the most Neanderthalical of football managers plays the ball long into the box looking for knock downs and shots taken from inside the area. If Arsenal were to suddenly be managed by you Gunner Smith I would expect our expected goals tally to drop alarmingly below 1 per game and we would go from the top of the scoring charts in the Premier League right down to the very bottom.

Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions
Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions

Or in simpler terms we would have needed to take at least 167 shots from distance to draw the game today and exactly 200 shots from distance for the win. SHOUT SHOOT repeat ad nauseum.


Wednesday morning Paris was in levitation…. this morning north London is at the deep end of the groundhog hole….
Gravity stroke back I guess 😭

Tuesday there was a Paris’ fan banner stating “be our warriors – we’ll be your soldiers”…. I feel so far from this mindset


1St half was alright


Arsenal and Barcelona found wanting. Ah well. Drawing Barca looks the easier option now. Who would of thought that when the draw was made???


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein.
“Buying two season tickets every year.” – Me


Sat on a horse all the way from his ranch, Kroenke sends his love…


Is it just me or is anyone else having problems accessing the main site? Don’t tell me the servers got fried by the amount of heat (or was it hate) from the posts!


1 – Rumor about Allegri joining Arsenal that’s keeping me hopeful for next season.


Seriously, was men against boys out there. Coquelin, iwobi, chamberlain, gibbs, bellerin.

Experience of walcott, monreal, welbeck, giroud all on the bench.

The fuck do you expect. Ive never been a wengerout type of guy, but hes making it very hard on us not to lean that way. Im sick of it..

Runcorn Gooner

Walcott on the bench…….which he was on some other team’s bench.

Big Dave

Coq, Xhaka and Elneny are all good players but they’re not leaders. We’ve got three Manu Petit’s but what we’ve been craving for years is another Viera. Get rid of Monreal and get someone who can mirror Bellerin with pace and defensive skills to match. Get rid of Walcott, I’d love to see Perez or/and Wellbeck flourish on the wing. Get rid of Ozil. His stats look good with regards to assists but his shooting, attitude and defending is shocking plus Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsay could all play in the number 10 role whilst showing a passion for winning. Play Sanchez on the left wing and Giroud upfront. We need someone who’s going to score tap ins and headers and you’ll never get that with Sanchez. If you agree with most (not all necessary) of what I’ve said, give us a thumbs up.


Keeping Arsene Wenger at the club because of great things he did years ago is like keeping an apple pie in the fridge because it tasted good 6 months ago when you bought it.

Monkey nuts

6000 – the number of Bayern fans at the second leg
22000 – the number of Arsenal fans
Gazides and Kroenke please fuck off as well


We need a defensive cover. A Vieira, like someone said. Yea Cowuelin runs around. But he looks more like he is in women’s NFL, or he needs to go back to ththe basics…away feom the first team. But then again, players like Kante, Vidal, Herrera are not easy to come by. Are you gonna tell someone in a winning team to come play with the kids? I agree with giroud and welbeck starting. This is also a mental game like the Boss pointed, and you need players with internationa experience and not kids playing their childhood heroes and feeling grateful for the chance. We lacking personality in the starting 11, and everything else seems to go wrong with us as matter of 5/5 cli ger bad luck.


I hope now everyone got it where we stand and who we are. This is not a single occassion AGAIN this is going on for years. Yesterday showed, we are not world class, we are far away and if nothing changes fans will lose it with the club. Immediate change is necessary, even if it means that we won’t have successfull years to come but a new buildup needs to start. Another 5 years in nowhereland and I am gonna jump off a building.


PREMIER LEAGUE 2016/2017 – Per 90min metrics


TOTAL SCORE: 21.22 VS 19.81


KEY PASSES: 0.82 VS 0.67


SUCCESSFUL TAKE ONS (%) 88.24% VS 72.97%

TACKLES WON: 2.39 VS 2.26

AERIAL DUELS WON: 66.67% VS 36.96%


BLOCKS: 0.31 VS 0.08

CLEARANCES: 1.63 VS 1.34




There is a saying where I come from which goes like this: “It shows when the manager has lost the dressing room”

When the players dont believe in what AW has to offer anymore it shows very clearly on the pitch. We witnessed this last night.

I have been an AW fan since I decided that Arsenal is my team. Last night he lost me – I´m really sorry, he will always have my respect for what he has done. Mr. Wenger the time has come and it would be graceful to acknowledge that and step down at the end of this season.


See I didnt choose Arsenal… it chose me.


I have seen many different Arsenal teams over the years and witnessed some of the best football ever under wenger. Now recent years where we have money to spend has resulted in a disjointed and fragmented team that can’t function, in glimpses earlier in the season we saw a promising team that was ripped apart by injuries. Wenger has been unable to find a balance and players look broken, producing poor,amateurish and gutless displays way below their normal level . Wenger can not organise or get team selection/ balance right, he can not motivate or inspire his team to get a result against the odds,his team fold like a pack of cards when it’s time to stand up and fight, they have a ‘your on your own mate’ attitude instead of digging in and standing together. At the very core of these issues is Wenger he has had many years to sort it out and move us forward with new resources but has still not made that stellar, top quality signing, a player at the top of his game who’s club do not want to sell.we get players with issues or new comers to the premier league who need a season to adapt! The end result is where not good enough at the top level, we get found out over and over, something needs to change we need new blood, fresh ideas a new approach.last night left me so upset to see what has become of the Arsenal
A laughing stock,easy pickings.

Sorry to rant but just had to get this out.i work along side 3 F-ing sp*ds fans and my ears and sole are burning this morning.


And when do they have thier round of 16 clash???

uncle D

Sometimes the the gamble pays off and sometimes this happens!


Watching this team is not even entertaining anymore other than comedy value.



1 – Kante Premier League title as the most important player on his team – Possibly, yes?
nb: with stats last season which are comparable to Coquelin’s at Arsenal last season.
nb: a diamond shines more brightly in a sea of carbon than in a handful of diamonds.

2 – Premier League titles Kante will have at the end of this season
– I guess it’s reasonably likely that Coquelin would have a league title if he played for Chelsea this season also.

17 – Place that his former team currently resides – Well noted.
– This is definitely down to his departure but also because the rest of the players are also playing worse, which was expected.

3 – England caps Kante earned for Danny Drinkwater – Funny, and probably true.
nb: I haven’t said Kante is bad. I have however pointed out that Coquelin is at least just as effective, and this season more so. I guess Coquelin might have got Drinkwater a cap last season too.

“certainly can’t say they would based on how many “tackles” each player made this season.”
This is disingenuous since I wasn’t suggesting they should. Just basing it on tackles is a bit silly, though less silly than comparing goals scored for goalkeepers. Tackles is a bit important if you are a midfielder, especially a defensive one. But anyway I selected really quite a lot of metrics not jsut this, for the sake of fairness and completeness. And if you still think he is useless I can’t help you.

Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions
Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions

How about we look at the goals that Coquelin has been a major factor in Arsenal conceding in the past 3 massive losses.
1. Watford; Ramsey fails to control a throw from Gabriel, Coq allows Capoue to go half the field unchallenged into the penalty area where Mustafi Coqs up any meaningful intervention and Capoue shoots and Deeney scores.
2. Chelsea; Fails to track his man forcing Mustafi to pass Costa onto Bellerin who then also had to deal with a flying elbow to the head shortly thereafter as Alonso scored. (Theo should have tracked Alonso but he didn’t and I believe the earlier dropping off by Coq to be a bigger issue as Costa never should have been Bellerins man alone and together with Mustafi Costa doesn’t smash the ball off the bar and the disgraceful rest of the goal wouldn’t have transpired).
3. Chelsea; Later on Hazard steals the ball off Coq and waltzes down the field with Coq unable to drag him down despite a few attempts before he bounced off and Koz gets done and Hazzard scores.
4. Bayern; He allows Robben onto his left foot to shoot?
It hasn’t been a good period for Francis yet his stats in a couple of those games were excellent. He is an excellent tackler and harrier in midfield generally and puts up great numbers but he makes mistakes that matter and his offensive contribution is a burden on the rest of the team that creates pressure on other players who then make poor passes. He does his job on paper but is it enough when these crucial mistakes are leading to goals and the midfield is as disjointed as it has been since RamFlam. He’s not the only one at fault and I do dislike picking out one player but I think he needs some time on the bench and training hard to improve his overall game. The acquisition of a strong midfielder with good passing skills to partner and/or challenge Xhaka would be high on the list of our Manager over the Summer.

Timorous Me

I still don’t think the Watford goal should be pinned on Coquelin. Seems to me he did his job in that situation, keeping the man in front of him for a long period of time, expecting Ramsey to come back to support and be the one to make the tackle, but Ramsey didn’t actually run back (maybe his injury had already flared up? He did depart only a few minutes later).

I think Coquelin’s stats in these games have been pretty good because he does do a lot of good one-on-one defending and reading of the play for interceptions, but the biggest issue for Arsenal right now is that these guys aren’t playing as a team, particularly defensively. Whether it’s for Coquelin or the center backs, so often players are out of position, not hustling back, or just reading the play wrong. Maybe this on Wenger, maybe it’s just a result of shattered confidence, but I don’t think it’s exactly right to try to pin these problems on one guy.


Yes, Arsènal has given us great joy and great success, because he is such a great man. I admire him. Let’s see him in the light what he has done over the years, built a dynasty in the making.

Now let’s move on. I am sure he has realised long before yesterday it is time to move on. He will leave by the end of the season, I have no doubt.

Hire Tuchel immediately (great communicator), you’re never wrong with a BFG (ok, has a special, unwanted flavour after yesterday).

Let Özil go. I spoke to a German friend today, apparently Özil does the same in the German national team. He is a hangdog and never turns a game around for you against proper opposition.

I look at the team, see great players who do not perform and that is the coaches responsability.

So nothing’s lost.

And oh, we have an valuable away goal, only need to ship 4 in the second leg. C’mon you Gooners, we’re the f…ing Arsenal.


Oh, well if your German mate said so, then I guess we better listen.


@ Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions –

I do hear you and do sympathise to a point. The corollary to my earlier comments is that for some reason some people will have it in for Coquelin for his ‘mistakes’ more than for others. You mentioned Ramsey, Koscielny and Mustafi but without reproach? There is a long way to go between someone passing Coquelin in midfield and then also scoring. Also is there any great shame in being passed by statistically the best performing player in the prem at the moment? He made Koscielny and Mustafi look like pub players when he scored. And is there any shame in being done by Robben who has been one of the best players of his generation?

Finally it’s pretty easy to blame him for a goal but you cannot predict how many goals his tackles/interceptions/clearances prevented, considering he makes more of those than many other players in his position.

Timorous Me

Coquelin didn’t have a good game, obviously (like pretty much everyone else for Arsenal), but I think the criticism is a bit harsh here. Watching that Robben goal over again, it’s interesting to see that Coquelin actually did make an initial move to take away Robben’s move to the left, but then, with a quick little fake to the right by Robben, I think Coquelin bit too hard because he saw both Gibbs and Iwobi just standing and watching uselessly to his left.

Was it poor defending? Sure. But it also came about because of his overcompensation for lazy defending by teammates. At least Iwobi did seem to learn a bit and did defend harder for some of the game after this.



I calculated the average number of first-team appearances* for the respective squads last night. Here is what I found. I also looked at the squads after Koscielny went off in the 49th minute. From Glendenning’s MBM on the guardian: “What a difference the absence of Koscielny has made.”

Bayern Arsenal Δ
Avg. Apps at kick-off 173.5 118.7 54.8
Avg. Apps of the “Back 5” 239.2 128.8 110.4
Avg. Apps Back 5 @ 49′ 239.2 84.2 155.0

For each player in the starting XI (and then for Gabriel), the averages take into account First XI and substitute appearances in all competitions–league, Champions League, and domestic cup(s). When thinking about this, bear in mind this is total appearances for the club, of course, not total appearances playing together as a squad.

Bayern had only one player with fewer than 60 appearances for the club on the field (the hugely experienced Hummels), while Arsenal started with 4 (Ospina, Mustafi, Xhaka, Iwobi).

*From Wikipedia, which I find to be generally reliable and better sourced for inconsequential sporting facts.


4 – Goals AC Milan scored in Arsenal’s heaviest away defeat in Champions League play before today

Can’t be right as we lost 5-1 there last season.

Should this read “in Champions League knockout play”??