Ox: I apologised for Twitter accident

Wenger confident on Oxlade-Chamberlain's future

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has revealed that he apologised to Arsene Wenger after ‘liking’ a tweet posted by Arsenal Fan TV featuring a video entitled “Wenger Needs to Go!”.

News of the gaffe, made an hour after Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Chelsea last Saturday, quickly made newspaper headlines; a situation that has left the England international wary of the power of social media.

Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of the Gunners game with Hull, the 23-year-old was eager to clear up the confusion.

“It happened on the team bus on the way back [from Stamford Bridge]. I was on Twitter and I was scrolling through and I’ve accidentally liked something and not realised it.

“I had a knock on my knee so I went to the physio to put the ice machine on my knee, I put my phone down for ten minutes. I then picked my phone back up and I saw all the commotion. I didn’t know what had gone on and I went and looked at what had happened.

“It could have been anything that I liked and it happened to be that one. It was a complete and utter accident. If people know me as a character…if I meant to do that at that time, it would have been very out of character for me. I’d like to hope it was clear that it was an accident.

“It wasn’t ideal the title of the tweet I accidentally liked. We’ve sorted that out, I spoke to the manager about it. I might not go on Twitter again quite so soon after games.

“He [the boss] didn’t have a clue, he didn’t have a clue about what I was talking about. He just heard the word accident and we moved on.”

He added: “If you go to put something out on purpose then that’s your responsibility and it’s on your shoulders.

“When you do something by accident then it’s frustrating. You understand the fans picking up on it and it being a little thing but when it then makes the newspapers you think ‘Is that really necessary?’

“I think in my head it should be pretty clear that that’s not the time for any player to be voicing their opinions, even if they did have those opinions they wouldn’t be doing it then.

“For a national newspaper to pick up on it and run a story it can be quite frustrating. You never know, people might actually pick up on it and believe it.

“You accept fans or people on social media having a laugh and a joke about it, but when papers start [running it] that’s when it gets a bit frustrating. That’s when I realised I had to put something out to explain it was definitely an accident.”

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