Santi Cazorla’s ‘Onda Cero’ interview – full transcript


We’ve already run a couple of the main quotes from Santi Cazorla about his latest injury woes.

Now we bring you a full transcript of the interview he conducted with radio station Onda Cero last night.

The midfielder is obviously very down about his abject luck on the injury front and discusses how tough it is on the sidelines, his eagerness to get back and his thoughts on the defeat to Bayern Munich.

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Q: Evening Santi.

SC: Hi, good evening.

How are you doing?

Well like you said, I’m going through a bit of a rough time. I’m alright, just trying to stay positive and recuperate, you know, just trying to be as optimistic as possible.

Mmm, Did you see Celta Vigo tonight?

Yes. Yes I arrived at the hospital just in time to see Villarreal and then I saw Celta Vigo. I was happy to see the team playing well, it was about time.

Yeah it was about time, these results make you feel bad right? [Villarreal went out to AS Roma].

Yeah, when the Spanish teams qualify for the Champions League and Europa League I always support them. [Haha]

So Santi, why are you in the hospital?

Yeah [I’m in hospital] because they had to operate today…

They operated again this evening?

Yes this evening…

What did they do?

It was a small operation they just had to close a wound that had opened, so they reopened it and closed it again. It wasn’t anything serious, but that’s why I’m in the hospital.

But the operation you had, was it for a ruptured ligament in your ankle or what?

Well its a little complicated to explain…


It was a little unusual what they had to do. They did a graft about a month and a half ago because the skin on my ankle was practically dead and had developed a wound that wouldn’t close, so they operated in Sweden. They had to do a graft, it was starting to feel better until I started to do a bit of cycling and other exercise and then the skin broke, opened and the stitches came out. So today they had to close the wound again. Hopefully, now, I can finally start to recuperate and get better.

There are many people who don’t deserve bad luck and you are one of them. You are one of the most love footballers and one of the best footballers to come out of this country [Spain]. You are one of the most loved [players] and most people have sympathy for and you are a nice person and look at this bad luck with injuries. You even missed [the World Cup in] South Africa when Spain won. I don’t know if it hurts more physically or emotionally.

Yeah, it all comes into mind. I’ve been injured about a year and a half now since the knee [problem] in November last season and now this year with the ankle injury. Its given me a lot of time to think, especially about the World Cup and how bad I felt with my back then. Now it’s even worse than back then. Back then I was out for about six months and now its been basically a year and I’m still not better. But hey, that’s life. You gotta deal with it as best you can and be optimistic in the bad times otherwise, you get desperate from being at home all day and not being able to do anything. I can’t do much, can’t walk, I have to use crutches and it’s frustrating day after day. But I don’t have any other option, just to deal with it as best I can and get better.

And what time frame have they given you Santi? Even if its just a guess?

It’s hard to say because first I need the wound to close and if it doesn’t I can’t do anything. It’s hard because it all depends on the wound and when it closes and that’s got nothing to do do with me. Its the type of injury that depends on how it sets, in the end, it’s how the skin adapts to the graft they gave me using new skin taken from my arm. It’s been fine 90% of the time but that 10% is when it reopened which they closed today. I have to wait two weeks to see if it closes properly and hopefully I’ll be lucky enough that it heals so I can start to get back my lost muscle mass and ankle movement. Then we will see but it all depends on the skin and how it heals.

Will you have lost a lot of muscle mass?

Oh yeah I imagine so, I’ve been out since…

Since October right?

…and as much as I was walking before, I now haven’t done anything for three months. Just moving from the bed to the sofa and the sofa to the bed. I guess I’ve lost a bit of muscle mass but I’m not too worried about it. Hopefully with hard work and training I’ll get it back quickly. All I care about now is that the wound heals properly so I can get back to work as soon as possible.

But keep this in mind, last night I spoke to Alejandro Valverde, the cyclist. I told him (when there is something wrong with your body your face gives it away) you get it? He was out for two years and now look at him he’s going to hit 40-years-old and he’s still going. So you will be the same. Don’t worry about it, you will be fine.

Yeah lots of people are saying I’ll come back even better.

Of course.

Especially because I’m really looking forward to playing again. To go back to the training ground and enjoy it like I have for many years. Overall, I need to start feeling better and get rid of the doubt I’ve had because of this injury and look to the future. It’s been hard, going to see the team in the stadium and not being able to train every day. I miss the routine of going and training with my teammates and that makes the wait so much longer. Like you said, keep in mind Valverde, be optimistic and see what tomorrow brings. It’s all just a bit complicated right now.

What a disaster the Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich was… 

Yes, the fans were…

The fans were pretty disappointed?

Yeah, well with good reason, right? We had a lot of hopes for the Champions League and now it’s tougher to stay in. But it was all in the second half, in the first it was good. We had good possession, then Bayern scored and we had a few opportunities in the first half but that second half was bad. Bayern scored four goals so its normal for fans to be mad. First, we are annoyed with ourselves and of course the fans [are right to have] expected more from their team.

When you are better Santi I think you need to come here.

[Haha] Yeah, we will see, I still have another year here [at Arsenal]. First, I have to get better then we will see. You know, I just want to play as much as I can. I love it, it’s what I want to do and I want to do it as often as i can. All I want now is to get better, heal and get back to playing at my level and we will see what happens in the future here or Spain or wherever.

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