Cech: Alexis was hurting, not laughing


Petr Cech has denied that Alexis Sanchez was laughing at Arsenal result and performance against Bayern Munich in the Champions League last week.

Television pictures showed the Chilean and the Arsenal keeper in conversation on the bench, and some suggested that the club’s leading scorer this season was hiding a laugh as another Bayern goal went in.

That’s something that Cech has denied completely, saying Sanchez was hurt by what happened on the pitch, as were all the players.

“It is sad and he was as sad as I have seen him,” said Cech.

“You are 5-1 down and somebody twists it and says you are laughing on the bench. I found it very disrespectful to the player.

“But obviously you can take the picture and you can interpret it in the way want.

“The players know exactly what he said and we know how he was hurting and he was as disappointed as anybody.”

You know, even if he was laughing, it might have been at something other than the result. People are quick to assign meaning to things without having the full context.

Maybe Cech told him a really funny joke, like:

Cech: What’s brown and sticky?

Alexis: What?

Cech: A stick


Cech: What’s red and invisible.

Alexis: I dunno.

Cech: No tomato


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