Cech starts, Giroud up front: Arsenal v Lincoln teams

Arsenal team news 2016

It’s an FA Cup quarter-final today, and for the first time in 103 years a non-league side have reached this stage of the competition.

We face giant-killers Lincoln City who will be looking to add our scalp to that of Burnley, Ipswich and Brighton.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Kosciely, Gibbs, Xhaka, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Martinez, Gabriel, Monreal, Coqeulin, Iwobi, Ozil, Lucas

Lincoln: To follow


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Strong team good!

Third Plebeian

Bread good! Fire bad!

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Another round of #WengerOut protests in full swing before the game.

Would like him to win the FA Cup and hopefully get his 1st ever win over Moanrinho when they visit Emirates. But these are small consolations. Wenger needs to leave and full support to the fellow Arsenal fans leading those protests. Enough is enough, and its good to get the message across as loud and clear and possible.


Not everybody agrees

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah just 12 years of not challenging for the league title and 7 straight exits in UCL Rd of 16 and only lost 10-2 to Bayern. Cant understand what these protests are about! #Wengerforver


why no per


No Lucas again….. #FreeLucas


I don’t know why people cling on to things that are so irrelevant. Lucas is not the answer to our problems. When people asked Wenger, why don’t you play so and so or why don’t you rate him highly enough. His reply is ” I brought him here didn’t I?”.
Lucas is a good player but when you have Giroud, Alexis and Welbeck available for the Upfront spot, they take priority because their overall contribution. To play him on the wings would do him a disservice because he will need to work very hard tracking back and to be honest that is not his strength and should not be put in that situation. He is a striker through and through like Giroud. Therefore should play only upfront IMHO.

Wilshere for Striker

We really don’t know shit about Lucas’ overall contribution because he simply hasn’t had the chance to show.

And before you cite training, please check time spent training each week.

Corona X

Nobody’s saying he’s the solution to all of our problems. It’s got nothing to do with that.

The issue is that he plays out of his skin, he puts in great performances, and what does Wenger do? Bench him.

Players should be awarded with a start if they consistently perform. Something Wenger continuously fails to do (Walcott after a hattrick – benched. Welbeck after a brace – benched. Ox dominating the middle – shoved out on the wing. Etc etc.)


Give lucas a fucking chance for fucks sake


Lucas is Like A New Campbell

Man Manny

At the beginning of the season, that line upwould be like killing an ant with a sledge hammer; but now, who knows?

He's got no hair but we don't care...
He's got no hair but we don't care...

Kos is going to need one hell of a big pocket to put that tall fat beast of a striker they have in it!


Also, the Jeff deserves a place on the bench over Coquelin surely?!


No point in playing youngsters against non league teams. It’s not really growth imo.


Playing at the Emirates infront of a good crowd with the pressure on Arsenal to win comfortably, I think that is a fantastic reason to play a couple youngsters


Fair point but not when we are this shit with the first team! 🙂


What has Lucas done to deserve this?!!


He doesn’t have Arsene’s nudes.

the american

i hope ox partners granit and rambo sits in the hole. ox has been a revelation as a cm and ramsey is more effective in the 10 spot anyway


Good team, lets hope the midfield starts to click.

Remember all clubs go through ups and down over the years, doesn’t mean we should turn into classless cunts.

Let’s get behind the team and show that we are the Arsenal!


Granit(e) hard!


paul ngwila

Yes,let’s be behind our team


Where the hell is Flamini?


Le Professeur taking no chances!

Wilshere for Striker

This treatment of Lucas is simply uncalled for.


Good to bench a player who laughs at his team when it loses! STRONG! Oh, wait…

Arsenal Pakistan!

Alexis Ozil already likely to leave atm and if wenger keeps this up Lucas will leave with them too.


Errrr no he won’t.


No Mesut, No cry


Strong first team -> Wenger taking the FA Cup seriously. I want us to score lots of goals to put the misery of the past few weeks behind us. Come on you Gunners!

Lula da Gilberto

Starting to wonder what Lucas has done to Arsene.


What does Lucas Perez have to do to get a start


We’re playing a stronger team against Lincoln City then we did against Liverpool. So f**ked up, Wenger obviously feeling the pressure. Please play Lucas otherwise he’ll be following Sanchez and Ozil out the door at the end of the season.

Des Lynam

Fucking crush the cunts!

Bob Davis

Excellent lineup. Let’s give the money a hiding!

Bob Davis

Excellent lineup. Hope Lucas gets a chance to come on.

Let’s give them a hiding!


Our problem isn’t scoring goals. Our problem is that we have no midfield this season. Ramsey is always injured. Santi is out. Xhaka is slow and can’t hold the ball. Coq drifts too far forward and isn’t a ball control player. And Wilshere plays for bourmouth for some reason.

Hell. We have a difficult time controlling the ball on throw-ins. And we now punt the ball from keeper to striker like a stoke city rugby team under pulis.

Ok. Also our problem is that Mustafi isn’t world class nor is monreal.

Start Lucas or don’t. His absence has nothing to do with our recent awfulness.




Lucas to come off the bench in the 75th minute when we are losing 1-0?


Surely Lucas could of started this game and contribute to a fast fluid front line then bring on giroud later if needed!
Anyway maybe a goal for the big man will get him going again.


What happened with Ospina? is he injured? I thought he was the goalkeeper for the cups. Or is Arsene punishing him for the goals vs Bayern… none of them were his fault.


23 minutes played. This is so poor from us.


I think you have to give Lincoln some credit

Don’t think they’ll be able to keep it up though


and we have picked up two yellow cards…this is embarrassing whatever the final result.


The kos one wasn’t a yellow

Just scored 🙂


Lucky deflection…we are shit. We channel through Alexis and he swivels and gives the ball away…Ramsey swivels and tries for the Hollywood…I could cry!
Ozil is saving us…


That big striker of theirs seems to be made of glass


Playacting for TV’s benefit. What a fake.


We look a little bit crap.

Yankee Gooner

Thought I was DVRing this, but apparently I no longer get FS2–any links to stream this for a US fan?

/haven’t checked the bylaws, but I think I can ask this here, yeah?


Man did we need that goal.

Toe killer

this danny cowley fella is a total caricature of a manager, complete walking cliche. what a ponce

Ozilicious !

Seems to be doing a good job though. Kept us quiet most of the half and only conceded a deflected goal. Credit to Lincoln, working hard.


The gap in class between the two sets of players is very little. Mad!


My turn for the random moderation!


I think those Lincoln fans deserve a 10/10 bonus rating. Magical stuff from them.