Former Gunner hints at coaching shake-up as reason for Wenger delay


Despite the best efforts of the press to convince Arsene Wenger to tell them of his intentions regarding a new contract, the Arsenal manager was not forthcoming at his press conference yesterday.

They tried and they tried, but the Frenchman was giving nothing away, despite saying he was clear in his own mind what he wanted to do.

He did say, however, “It’s a subject that at the moment is not sorted completely out.”

What could that mean? Well, former Gunner Perry Groves appeared on this week’s Arsecast, and he had a theory as to why that might be.

He was asked for his reading of the situation, and said, “To be fair, I don’t why – if Arsene is clear in his own mind – why he doesn’t let everyone know as soon as possible as it takes away the uncertainty and instability.

“I actually think the longer it goes on – and I could be wrong – the more likely he is to sign a new contract.

“It just makes me wonder if there’s another announcement they’re going to make in conjunction with him saying that he’s going to say.

“Whether it’s a change in the coaching staff, whether they say they’re going to release a lot of funds for him to spend next year, because they know it’s going to be a split amongst Arsenal fans.

“It just makes me think they might be making another announcement along with it.”

Asked if that was, perhaps, the appointment of a Director of Football, Groves continued, “A change to the coaching staff, because it needs to be a bit more hands on.

“I wouldn’t want to put a name to it, but if it’s a 6’4 dominant central midfield player who used to play for us and lead us by example. Who has been coaching over in American and has decided he wants to come back … that sort of person.

“Not mentioning any names though!”

You can listen to today’s Arsecast below.


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