Lucas Perez declares himself ‘satisfied’ with Arsenal move

Lucas provides welcome injury boost

Lucas Perez says he’s satisfied with his move to Arsenal even though he hasn’t been much more than a bit-part player for the team this season.

The Spaniard came from Deportivo la Coruña for £17m in late August, and despite impressing and contributing, has more often than not been left on the bench by Arsene Wenger.

Speaking to Radio Marca this week, he discussed his first season in England, and his limited playing time.

“Although I’m not a starter, I have a very good relationship with Wenger,” he said.

“A team like Arsenal has very good players, especially in attack. The coach can only choose 11 and the only thing I can do is make the most of the chances I’m given.

“Whenever I’ve played, I’ve done well and that gives me confidence. I have to be patient and continue to fight.”

He also declared himself happy with the overall experience, but bemoaned some bad luck with injuries.

“This has been an opportunity to progress and not just from a sporting standpoint.

“It has been an opportunity to join one of the best teams in the world and that is why I’m very satisfied.

“I was unlucky to be injured the first few months since I arrived at Arsenal. I now feel capable of showing why Arsenal signed me and I try to make the most of the opportunities I’m given.

“We’ve got two games in hand and we are focusing on the games we have left as well as looking forward to playing the semi-finals against Manchester City in the FA Cup.”

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David C

has to be worth a start ahead of Walcott and maybe even ahead of Welbz who has looked rusty with his touch lately.


Good lad. He must be frustrated but let’s hope he gets more playing time, he’s a threat.

Little Mozart

Very good player with a great, professional attitude. I do wish he would get more starts and add to his impressive tally of goals and assists.

Clive St Helmet

I think he’s had four injuries this season. That’s probably a fairly major contributory factor as to his lack of playing time. I wonder if Wenger is planning a preseason with Arsenal (which he didn’t get don’t forget) before playing him more regularly?

canon 10000

I think Wenger is also looking at Perez combining well with other players. He did it well in spells earlier in the season but in his past few outings he has looked hungrier and more assertive. Let’s hope both he and Welbeck get more time, hit top form and help pull us out of this rut. We need some fresh energy.


He needs to play more. He deserves and the fans want to see it. Top class attitude

Paul k

Wish more players would have this lad attitude and professionalism *cough cough Debuchy *cough cough


Thanks for being Paul k 🙂


*cough cough Alexis*cough cough*

Faisal Narrage

“but bemoaned some bad luck with injuries.”

This is arsenal. Having injuries at the worst times is practically part of the initiation process.


I think if he stays on next season, he may get better opportunity.


a guy who gives 100% and good stats for minutes played lets hope he dont become the joel campbell who couldnt get a start even though he was in more form than others

canon 10000

I have nothing against Joel Campbell but it seems like there’s just too much hype over the lad… and only among Arsenal fans.

Walcott is a better finisher and pacier, and Ox can do all that Joel Campbell can do and more. Joel did make a compelling case for himself and gave it all that he had when he got his chance – have to say, whereas Walcott and Ox have struggled with inconsistent form and injuries. Letting him go out on loan again (and sign a possible upgrade in Perez) was a call Wenger took but I’m not sure we are worse for it.

Wenger has certainly fallen on his sword a few times too many but not every call that he makes as a manager need be dunked with regret and made into a lament. Joel is a good example.


At last a bit of good news!

canon 10000



In terms of wide players, I think if we lose Alexis, Lucas may get a better look into starting next season.

BUT i feel we should also be switching the Ox back into a wide position where is his most dangerous for us (particularly crossing into the box)

Deep midfield needs its own re-arrangement which should not include the Ox.

Also out wide, Walcott IMO should be sold. I know he’s come up with the goods now and then but his pace will only wear now and he still to me, does not add enough guile to his play.

Particularly as we will likely miss the South American invention of Alexis, it will be important to replace that element which can create the chaos we need to open up teams with.

Ideally, (If Ozil is also not an issue this summer), we should be bringing in two more wide players.

If Perez stays (without getting his head turned), then (if its Wenger in charge) we may get one.

I would like to see the club show some ambition and try and get at minimum Mahrez. Barca are purportedly tracking him. I would think the Spanish club’s allure is far greater but whilst he was overpriced (prob 45m) last summer), his pricing should have come down to around 35m mark.

There are of course other permutations and potentials. Greizzman I think won’t come to us and likely will be priced very high.

Is Draxler fully satisfied in his new surroundings? If we should say sell Alexis or Ozil to PSG, is Lucas Moura potentially still a good deal as a swap?

We need invention.

The rest of the league has caught up closer to us technically (See Stoke with Shaqiri, as mentioned Mahrez at humble Leicester)

What we’ve been missing of late is high technical players.

Wenger has been (by his standards) practical addressing Cback issues and midfield issues but we simply need more nuanced players than what say Walcott provides.

What I like about Perez is he is a tidy player who knows how to use to ball , exhibits composure because of his experiences.

If we can add someone to make weight for Alexis, replace Walcott (he should still fetch a decent price), revert Ox to the wide area and have Perez, we should be in good shape out wide. If we only add one (as potentially), rely on Walcott or a young player to develop, we are again asking questions of ourselves unecessarily.


Santori, agree with a lot you say here, but let’s remember we probably have the best technical number 10 in the world, we just need the system and players to exploit that.

canon 10000

What would be great is that Ozil meets the rest of the team halfway. If he wants it a certain way, as a senior player, he needs to tell others what he expects of them. There’s a sort of a zombie-anarchy going forward with our players doing whatever the fuck they want except scoring goals and playing their position. Ozil looks the worst in that situation, unable to control the game. He has to start being a solution rather than a problem.


Arseblog, I just read some quotes supposedly from Sanchez about his future… Investigate quick!!!lol


Sounds like he wants to replace Hazard at Chelsea

canon 10000

More like he wants some of the Arsenal players to grow a pair and cease being good time charlies.


Lucas Perez should get more game time. Just don’t know why he wasn’t rotated in when Iwobi could have been taken out of the firing line.

Lord Superior Ninja

Perez would have scored 30+ goals this season if Wenger had showed faith in him and bothered to play him. Instead Wenger has wasted his talent. Wenger used to make great players. Now he ruins them. #Wenger out!!

canon 10000



I think he has a lot of grit, and that certainly can help on the pitch.

Uhtred of bergkampburg
Uhtred of bergkampburg

Feels like forever since we last played, don’t know if that’s a good thing or not… Hope we beat city this weekend and then spank west ham. We might be back on track if we get 6 points. COME ON YOU GUNNERS


Imagine Poldoski,Joel Campbell still around playing with Lucas and Giroud,must remove Ramsey and Wenger.It go to be great team if Sanchez and Ozil still want to leave because of Wenger way of management worsen the all Arsenal future from top 4 to nothing this year’s.