Mertesacker: Lincoln run shows cup still has magic


The diminishing of the FA Cup over the last few years has been apparent to anyone.

Premier League and Champions League money has left the once proud competition in the shade, and the FA’s attempts to reinvigorate the cup have done more damage than good.

However, it’s a special tournament for Arsenal, who have won the trophy more times than anyone else, and Arsene Wenger who has more FA Cup triumphs (6) than any other modern manager.

The Gunners face Lincoln City at the Emirates tomorrow, and club captain Per Mertesacker says that the inspired run the National League side have had is evidence that the cup still has something special.

“That’s what the cup’s about, that’s the beauty of it,” he told the official site.

“They were all buzzing to meet us at Sutton. They gave us a good reception, both their players and fans. This time we know our home ground better and we are excited to play in front of our home crowd on the way to Wembley.

“But the way they went to Burnley and won, in that fashion, that needs to be respected. We cannot underestimate any side in any league in this country, and that’s what I’ve learned. When I played in the German cup, it was the same.

“The only advantage here is that in Germany we would’ve travelled to Lincoln because they have home-court advantage.

“That would’ve been more interesting, but at the same time they won away from home in the previous round.”

Check out today’s Arsecast, with FA Cup chat and lots more.

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So does Barca’s turnaround victory. I can’t stand the sight of Suarez but I’d take that result if I were a barca fan I think.

Anyways, I’m just hoping the team can end the season strongly and stay in the top 4. Even an FA cup win seems improbable at this point.


You mean the turnaround led by the officials. Here Mascherano admits that he fouled DiMaria in the penalty box.

Neymar runs into man on the ground who clearly fell but didn´t throw himself down in his path. Penalty rewarded.

Blatant dive by Suarez – another yellow and a red. Penalty awarded instead.

Barcelona and Bayern are through – what else is new???


Such obvios bias.

Two very soft penalties for Barca.

One very soft sending off against the Arsenal.

We may say we faltered again against Bayern but PSG didn’t get anywhere either.


Sure, why not?


Like I don’t get why the FA just don’t jack up the prize money so the ‘bigger teams’ have more of a financial interest in winning it? The amount of money floating around the TV rights now surely means they could pay the winner more? I personally love the FA cup, it was always my favourite competition growing up. I’ve personally been so fortunate to of seen us win it live so several times. I was at the cup final in Cardiff when Ray rasped that effort top bins from 25 yards against Chelsea. I’ve been to the two most recent finals, when I practically had a cardiac-rest against Hull; and I was there when we lined up against Villa, and I’ll never forget sitting down at my seat after seeing Alexis bazinga that effort in under the cross bar from miles out. They were such great days out. And it really bothers me that this Cup that is drenched in tradition is sort of being phased out by Premier League teams.

I think it is such a shame that this cup doesn’t generate as much interest as it has done in the past. But I think if the FA just injected some more funds behind it they could easily give it the face lift that it needs.

Not So Wenga Boys Sadface
Not So Wenga Boys Sadface

I think the incentive should be winning the oldest trophy in football. Not everything has to be spoiled by money.

Ponsonby gooner

I think the fact that we have 5 of the top 6 left in the quarter finals shows that the big teams are taking in seriously


Really hope we tear Lincoln a new one tomorrow, no disrespect to them, what they’ve done is amazing but I just want to see arsenal really turn someone over so I can slightly forget about all the madness surrounding our club right now. CMON YOU GUNNERS


i want lincoln to beat us and go all the way to win the cup


Isn’t Leicester’s finishing above us last season enough for you?


The club really needs more supporters like you.

Crash Fistfight

…to start supporting someone else.


Sounds like he does support someone else..

Not So Wenga Boys Sadface
Not So Wenga Boys Sadface

Knew what it was going to say when I clicked unhide.

Wannabe gooner did not disappoint.


The club captain must start tomorrow! It’s not like he’s going to injure his leg on a fuzzy felt pitch like the last round.


Didn’t get the part about it being different in Germany? Do lower league teams play home by default in the German cup?


I came in to ask the same thing ☃


From Wikipedia:
The pairings for the DFB Cup are not entirely random as the teams are split into two pots of 32 teams each. One pot contains all the amateur teams including teams from the 3. Liga and the teams just being promoted to the 2. Bundesliga. The other pot contains the teams from the Bundesliga and the teams of the 2. Bundesliga who has not just been promoted. Therefore, in the first round of the cup each professional team plays an amateur team. Since 1982, the amateur generally plays at home when facing a professional team.
For the second round, the teams are again divided into two pots according to the same principles. This time, the pots don’t have to be of equal size, though, depending on the results of the first round. Amateur teams get paired with professional teams until one pot is empty. The remaining teams are then drawn from the nonempty pot with the team first drawn playing at home.
For the remaining rounds other than the final the teams are drawn from one pot.

So in Germany too it’s basically impossible for an amateur club to win the cup

Crash Fistfight

Nothing like organisation to make things exciting.


Yes they do. Bayern are already in the semi and will host BVB. But if, IF Lotte upset BVB then bayern will travel to the smaller club

David Hillier's luggage
David Hillier's luggage

Not only do they play at home, I’m pretty sure the early rounds are sort of seeded – so the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga sides are put into a pot and are drawn against the 3rd division and amateur teams form the other pot

Bruce Lee

Shouldn’t that first paragraph say everyone.


does anyone even give a shit anymore . im tired of watching our team thrashing minnows in matches with no significance and showing no balls at all for the games that matter the most


An FA Cup quarter final is a match with no significance? Are you sure?


That’s our annuall problem, for example last year when we close the gap with Leicester by 2 point and suddenly we choked so hard then the gap widen to 8, after we have no chance to win the league, we perform again.
Our players can handle such a big pressure, weak mentality.


It’s our ONLY chance at a trophy this season. Fingers crossed all the guys will be up for it.

Tequila Mockingbird

You shouldn’t have to cross your fingers for that. It should a given. They should be up for every game. It’s their fucking job.

One that they’ve been doing piss poor for a while now.


Just on the point of Arsenal having won the FA Cup more than any other team, that’s not strictly true as they’re tied with Manchester United on 11 each!


12 each rather

Time for change

I watch Arsenal 7 years and have no idea what Wenger did. Then the best our players left us because club did not have enough ambitions. What the fuck is going on now? it is really rediculous that this clown Wenger still has some kind of support. How could it be possible? Arsenal finishes each season either in february or in march. How can all of you tolerate this? That coach always puts his own values higher than club’s. He doesn’t care that Arsenal’s fans need to watch Sanogo against Bayern. I know, right now there will be many henchmans who say ‘the greatest coach in the history’ ‘where has Arsenal been without him?’ ‘Stan doesn’t give hom money’ ‘only the board is guilty’.

I am so disappointed that at least half fans still support this fraud. I can admit that he is devoted to club, wants to continue working in Arsenal. OK. But he is absolutely unable to make us happy again! Next match in FA CUP means nothing. Because when it comes to Chelsea in semifinal, Wenger and his weak-willed players will be like shit. We all saw this scenario many times. I don’t care if he wins FA CUP or not, to be honest this season was finished for me on 15-th february. Wenger just messed up yet another season. Another failure. All i need and expect is NO NEW CONTRACT.


Kids these days

Wenger's Pony

Start from Wikipedia.


He didn’t watch boring boring Arsenal pre Wenger period?:D

When we rarely featured in Europe?

He didn’t watch the first 8 to ten years of his reign?


Thanks for the memories? Fuck off Wenger?

Wenger is making the club toxic?

What a bunch of classless ingrates.

Patrik Ljungberg

I have supported Arsenal for 44 years. The club is older than I am. I respect the club. Come back when you do.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. That is life. That is Arsenal. Get behind the team and we will win more often than we lose.

Not yet time for a change
Not yet time for a change

Point of protest was made clear on Tuesday and message understood but time to get behind Wenger and the team. Listened with interest on the Arsecast and in no way am I pro-Wenger. For me it seems fruitless continuing the protest and the banners can wait until the end of season. Do the same people that want us to lose Saturday want us to lose at the Lane and finish below Spurs? Change will happen but for now let’s show the doubting world how united we can be and raise our performance as fans. Wenger could use the bad atmosphere created by this protest as excuse for poor mental strength in his players. So for now let’s back the team and be vocal in protest by not renewing season tickets, buying our burgers outside the stadium and refuse to buy the new kit.


These protesters are classless.

And the protest is pointless.

Wenger would in all likelyhood leave anyway. The old chap is 67yrs old. He’s already devoted 2 decades to lifting the club up.

To think the finances of the club back when he started was on par with the likes of Spurs or Chelsea pre-Abramovich takeover, we got a chance to build the stadium because of the consistency and the brand of football Wenger brought to the club.

Whether he leaves this summer or next should depend on the best person to succeed him. We should not be rushed into a decision (unless Wenger fails to even make the minimum standard he has set)

The last thing we want is to be rushed into a”Anyone will do” attitude so some people can feel better short term.

Remember football geniuses like AVB, Roberto Martinez…not too long ago they were trumpeted as ‘better’ than Wenger and “refreshing’ in tactics. Where they? Did either finish above Wenger even?

Even the clown jumping on the sideline to music from 70 years ago Klopp hasn’t been particularly better despite our self inflicted recent defeat.

We must be VERY careful who we pick or we can end up like United, playing the Euros and having the media big up that achievement along with the spend on Pogba.

You only have to listen to (unfortunately for some of our fans) the likes of Neville or Ferdinand to understand the caution necessary. Neville at very least I take my hat off to. Aside from being very lucid with his criticisms, he has also put his money where his mouth was and tried to manage a club.

The good news is of course there are a bunch of prospects now with a new breed of managers coming through in recent times. The time is right for a change.

But we should as a club always remember our class.

These “Wenger Out” signs show no respect to man who has dedicated and brought tremendous success to this club.

If you want to brandish a placard (I also suggest end of season), at very least do a bit of thinking and put a sign that says “Time for Change”. Why make the gaffer feel bad? Why blame him for the toxic atmosphere when it is these fans who are the ones fueling the media who are all too happy to see disaster at this club.

We are not a poorly run club.

We are not a disaster (yet).

A bit of perspective needs suffice.

Time for change

Wenger lowered level of expectations, it is really big problem. Do you think it is normal to lose 10-2 and have no consequences? It is not the first time!!!! Do you think it is normal for fans to watch the same scenario time and time again? Right now our fans look at Liverpool, Borussia, Napoli. We all compare Arsenal to them rather than Bayern, juventus, Barca. Do you notice difference? No every fan can just sit tight and wait. As I know, before every remaining home game (6 times yet) there will be protests. For many this season is dead already, so our task is to prepare Arsenal for next season. Getting rid of fraud specialist in faluire


Wenger lowered the level of expectations? He built up the club to a level where fans like yourself feel entitled to be Bayern, Barca, etc., all the while slating him. That’s just fucking annoying.

Time for change

How long time are we gonna repeat and recall what wenger did? It is the past. You, me and other fans live in 2017 year. When was the last year we all could say something positive about Wenger? Look, if you have already forgotten what kind of club won the title last year, I could remind. I don’t wanna say that Wenger is bad person, but currently he is totally inappropriate in terms of modern coaching. Everyone of you who still protects him knows that. Until now Wenger said nothing regarding his future, so that can mean only one thing – he wants to stay and believe that it is possible. If he really wanted to leave he would have already informed all of us about that. For the matter the whole team is totally demorolised. I can’t notice a player who would be up-and-coming. There is either degradation or stagnation in the team. Look at Bellerin! Why did he stop upgrading? I am sure he got his ceiling with Wenger, it is real truth. Fans need new coach, players need new coach. Wenger’s time is up.


Yes, I am protecting Wenger – but mainly, I am doing my tiny part to protect common-sense. I commented on your incorrect assumption ‘Wenger lowered the level of expectations’. Then you went on to call him a ‘fraud specialist in failure’ – what a load of bullshit and a comment taken from all the twats in the world, Mourinho!

It’s one thing to want Wenger to leave (which it seems many fans have now signed up for – not me), but it’s another thing if posters like you think you can make up BS on message boards and not get called out for it.

Your second post made a little more sense without the vitriol, see – you CAN learn not to act like a petulant child when you try.

By the way, I’m pretty sure I could recall what Wenger did for the club, no matter what year it is….I have this special ability to remember things that happened in the past. The title of that movie will be : THE GUY WHO REMEMBERED SHIT.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Further to PB70’s comment.

Every week millions of football fans world wide support their so called lesser teams week in week out with not much chance of them ever reaching the level of Liverpool, Borussia or Napoli, let alone the corrupt colossuses you take for granted we should be like. What’s so special about you that makes any of the three first mentioned teams beneath you? And who the fuck do you think you are calling Wenger a fraud?

Fuck off with your spoilt attitude!


As much as people hate the idea, I would like to see Debuchy given a shot at tomorrows game. When he was playing a couple months ago before another injury, he was actually playing very well! Ah well. It’ll never happen.



We need to give players time who :

a) want to be at the club long term
b) are good enough to be at the club (no Jenko either)

Rback will have to be addressed though this summer.

Gabriel has done a decent job trying to fill in in an unfamiliar role.

Bellerin has been a bit off the biol, maybe the season is starting to get to him.

On the other flank we will also need to watch Bramall’s development. Gibbs has been unconvincing IMO. Monreal is more assured with decisions but getting on (plus the pace issue)

Fullbacks will need looking into.

Also midfield because Santi will not I fear be as available from here on. Elneny is average. Coquelin can only seem to work with Santi (as I mentioned last season when everyone was on Flamini’s back)

UP top, Alexis is likely gone. Our appetites do not match his.

Ozil is a 50-50. Ox can be convinced to stay (but I say sell Walcott)

Maybe Wenger will stay long enough to convince Ozil to extend short term, bring in Mbappe.

The last thing we want is to have to make even more wholesale changes because the work on hand as is even if Wenger would stay for a transitionary period is substantial as is.

On the plus side Maitland Niles has been refreshing.


Is he even alive?


By the comments it seems that winning this cup again should make us forget about yet another PL meltdown…..Wow unbeleivable


Its still a very prestigious piece of silverware.

Winning this cup will make us THE most successful in the competition with 13 wins.

If United win it, they would be the most successful. You’d prefer that.

I’d say finishing as high as possible above Spurs and an FA cup win isn’t the title but it isn’t too shabby.

How many other clubs will take away something beside the title winners which looks increasingly like Chelsea who like Leicester last season have had no CL competition this season.

On the CL front (and in Europe), we should be pushing higher and challenging but remember, we have never been a bog force in Europe anyway even before Wenger. All these charges that Wenger has failed the club’s legacy is utter bollocks. If anything, he has been extremely successful in that at very least we have been featured and dining in the top tier of the European competition uninterrupted for over 2 decades.



If it makes you any happier, I will get back to you if we win the FA cup and remind you how miserable you should be. I ‘m nice like that!


I’d be very happy winning the FA cup regardless.

there’s a reason why it is at the very end of the season (unlike the milk cup)

It will be very nice indeed if we should win it.

Not the big prize but what’s there to be miserable about?:D

Liam Bradys left peg

The FA cup was, is and always will be a major trophy and well worth winning but if we beat lincoln there are some big teams in there and we all know how that pans out. RE the bear blog, was at a few of those games, in the northbank with the smoke and seen him do his stuff many times. Oh its inTer city firm not inNer.


Defeatist attitude.

History is made to be re-written.

3 seasons ago, they said we would not win any trophies again and fall out of the top 4.

We stayed in the top 4 and won two trophies back to back…they were FA cups.;)

Liam Bradys left peg

Oh yeah.. KROENKE OUT!



Is a new owner going to be any different?

Most owners don’t understand the full complexity of the game. Kroenke certainly doesn’t know very much.

Being that, it would be wise for them to concentrate on the business end and leave the rest to the board and manager to sort out.

Owner meddling, you only have to look at Leeds United back in the day or Mike Ashley at Newcastle. Fired old Bobby Robson and the team slid down into the toilet from CL contention.

I don’t think the owner is doing anything terribly wrong. he is trying to grwo the financial side and make us more commercial (less dependent on gate receipts so we can eventually lower the ticket pricing and be able to still compete in market.

The board are well run too.

From their point of view unless Wenger does not fulfill his minimum threshold which is a very high standard, the gaffer gets another go. But this is at the understanding that

1) We have a very unique manager unlike many who has built up this club and whose wins/ brand of football introduced/consistency in CL, has enabled us to build a stadium and compete against the likes of City and Chelsea without being beholden to the owner.

2) They likely fully recognise there is no reason to push out Wenger anyway since he is at 67yrs likely to leave sooner than later. Less risk than bringing someone in who could perhaps hit higher but could also more than not fail to achieve even what Wenger is doing

(see AVB or Roberto Martinez or any Spurs manager, even Liverpool…bar Rafa’s one lucky season…those two clubs have been out of title contention despite heavy spending and continuous manager circus for a half and a quarter CENTURY respective)

I don’t think the problem is the owner.

This is one of those simple facile purile moans to make people feel better.

I think the problem is the manager because he is ultimately in charge of what goes on on the pitch.

The board and owner have had money for him to spend.

Wenger has for most parts bought well.

Whether he has bought enough or could have been a bit more liberal spending on top drawer prices slightly earlier is another issue.

And of course, in current climate in the PL, his market advantages he enjoyed in early tenure has been steadily eroded by the introduction of City and Chelsea but also with the double squeeze with even bottom end clubs (indeed Championship clubs) not allergic to and able to buy from the continent.

Thereby tactics becomes more critical and in that, Wenger is an idealist who believes in minimum intervention. We know how that goes.

But any (legit) whinging over Wenger should be tempered by the fact that we do not have an ordinary manager.

He is a giant and an extraordinary man who has built the club.

So in that he deserves a bit of respect and we should do the class thing and release him gently.

We are THE Arsenal. Not just any club.

We do class and we see the long view of things not spur of the moment.

Some fans have to remember that before brandishing their banners.

The sentiments are understandable but how we do things is equally important.;)

Liam Bradys left peg



Looking forward to the next game (for all sorts of reasons)? Up
Want to talk about managerial issues some more? Down.



Well at very least I’d say the time is ripe for change.

There is a new breed of managers.

The likes of Luis Enrique and Emmery are likely to move on this summer. I’m not sure if they have been fully blooded beyond the teams they are with currently. In Emmery’s case, he is a big fish in a small pond. In Enriquie’s he has some of the best talents already shoed in in his squad.

Allegri may be somewhat similar because Juve has been so dominant (Inter and AC have fallen away)

Tuschel is also IMO relatively unproven. We only have to remember how so many media pundits bigged up AVB and Roberto Martinez to exercise a bit of caution.

So there is a bit of risk there notwithstanding their merits.

Simeone I am a bit more impressed with because Athletico have to compete with far less and he has had them competitive for several seasons now. Does he suit our ethos and system? He is more pragmatic than Wenger because he has to. We do know that Athletico does well developing strikers so there is some similarity with Arsenal in that they don’t just buy in at premium.

Ronald Koneman I think is doinga decent job at Everton but he is struggling a bit this season which is understandable. Being Dutch, he may have affinity to the sort of development work we undertake as a two track approach.

We also have to remember some slightly more experienced names who are engaged with National sides.

Kilnnsman revolutionised German football. He is a bit limited these days with the US team but certainly is someone to consider should he step down in 2018. (for that matter where will his protege Lowe be end of 2018?)

Ditto Deschamp who has experience now in both club and National level. Could there be a swap with Wenger taking the final chapter of his career as manager of his National side and Deschamp coming to Arsenal. Would that work.

Lauren Blanc is another one to think about, a solid resume and a fellow French manager who should share some similar ethos to Wenger.

Then there are managers currently at PL clubs. Its not for granted that Guradiola will keep his job if he should fail to deliver anything at City but does the Barca DNA come back into play?

For that matter Klopp. I’m not one to buy into his genius but is he truly settled at Liverpool?

There will be plenty opening up as we come to summer 2018.

Which is why I mentioned we should not rush into things.

Sure we want change to make us feel better and feel the club is going in a different direction but we can afford to be a bit patient. We need to make the right moves.

Unless this season is a disaster (not top 4) and it still could be, I think we should be prepared to contemplate a transitionary season for Wenger to step down and put things into place for a better hand over.

Don’t buy into the media narrative that we are a disaster, poorly run and that we MUST do somethng right now.

Those twits are merely fueling discontent to sow the seeds of true failure and disaster at Arsenal because they are sick of Wenger pulling the rabbit out of the hat and still finishing at minimum in fourth despite their prognostication for many years now that we will finish outside that (and below their beloved Liverpool and Spurs)

We have to make the correct decision for the future with the new manager. This is not an easy task.

Thankfully, we have good people to leverage in this exercise including ex servants like Mike Dean wqho can be consulted and indeed I suspect Wenger himself who will have a huge say in the matter.


Arseblog news comment section is more exciting that Arsenal matches lately lol


Wenger mentioned in recent interview that he took a gamble at 1-1 against Bayern.

To me it was the correct thing to do being that the Ref already semi decided the match with sending Koscielny off.

Everyone is up in arms with the performance but truthfully the real damage was done second half first leg.

Whether we went out by a goal or four or five in the second half mattered little. Even PSG who had a good first leg was undone by second leg trying to defend it and of course the as expected Refereeing decisions going the other way.

Should we be punching higher? Yes.

Are we a disgrace? Hardly.

United spent big on Pogba (amongst others) and they are barely in the europa.

Spurs went out to mighty Ghent.

I think some people need to take a bit of perspective.

I understand the frustration that we are hitting a bit of a glass ceiling but over last 4 to 5 seasons (since RVP left) there have been constant predictions of us falling off of top four. The same tired pundits tell us we would never win anything.

Now the FA cup isn’t the title or the CL but we have won two back to back, Wenger has 7 (and all time record in the competition) and it is still a prestigious enough cup for all big players to be involved and the finals to be played at the very end of season as the finale.

I think we need t o push higher and win the title again but if we finish higher than 3rd and ahead of Spurs plus the FA cup, it is no mean feat either. How many other teams would have won anything if say an English team does not win the CL and Chelsea shoe in on the title without CL distraction.

Lets go for it.


There’s no way Arsenal will lose the game, we clearly one level above them, go with our first team and we’ll be okay, if we lose the game, i have no words to describe our team but shit.