Report: Ozil, Alexis and Ox heading for summer departures


The Telegraph is reporting this evening that Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are heading for pastures new this summer.

They’re running a piece with three bylines – Jeremy Wilson, Matt Law, and Jason Burt – which says that the German has not responded to the latest contract offer from the club.

It comes after a period when he’s been out of the team through illness, not his first bout this season, and a loss of form which has been so profound his agent angrily hit out the 28 year old being made a scapegoat.

The situation with Sanchez is clearly a difficult one too, having been disciplined by being left out of the Liverpool staring line-up for a training ground bust-up, there have been no indications from his side that he’s willing to sign new terms.

The Chilean has been in the spotlight because of his behaviour over the last couple of months but remains the club’s top scorer and top assist maker.

And as for Oxlade-Chamberlain, the club have yet to offer him a new contract despite the fact he’s heading towards the final 12 months of his current deal, along with Ozil, Sanchez, Gibbs, Wilshere and Wojciech Szczesny.

The article looks to have had input from his agents, and says, “Sources close to the 23-year-old have suggested he needs a fresh challenge with Arsenal yet to offer him a new deal.

“It now appears that there is little chance that Oxlade-Chamberlain will sign a new contract even if one is offered to him because the club have left it so late and he craves more regular first-team football.”

That is classic shop window stuff there, but also a way of trying to increase any potential offer from Arsenal. However, if they haven’t made one by now, it suggests they’re willing to let him go.

So, the two stars could be going, and the Ox is a doubt too. Still, it gives us a chance to get the Poo-o-Meter out, and we’re going with a reasonable 5 on this one, despite the fact a lot can change in a few months.

But would anyone be really surprised if they were angling for exits?

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Prithul Narula

I say if you’re not in it 100%…. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Can’t afford to carry any divas or big egos. Same for the gaffer.

Big changes needed for the next season and it has to start somewhere.

Kosc' Pocket

…. and stop somewhere, perhaps


I hope he leaves. The Ox is part of the problem and please take Ozil with you. the only Player i want to stay is Sanchez I think we should do whatever it takes to keep him. but if he doesn’t want to stay? Then please don’t let the doot hit you on your way out! And that goes for OX OZIL DEBUCHY JENKINSON SANOGO ETC ill gladly trade this current bunch none winning weak selfish mentality crop of players like OZIL for lower skilled players who will actually bloody put in a shift!


OX has a weak mentality, Ozil has a suuuuuper weak mentality our midfield needs reinforcement in case Coquelin goes out of form or forgets what his real job is to put in a bloody tackle. WHere is the Coquelin of last season or 2seasons ago?? He’s gotten comfortable! XHAKA has been terrible lets be real bar those 2 long shots he’s been largely part of our downfall this season. Mustafi?? started well now i don’t know we’ll say its his first season and still settling in but it’s not been good lately. Sanchez and the contract situation got him motivated and sulking at the same time..motivated to do well for himself so he can have more leverage sulking when things don’t go his way so he can have more leverage. This current situation at Arsenal makes him happy because he has leverage “Ive scored goals but this team is not as good as me give me more money or i leave” but he’s also a huge part of the problem although he tries .. but you could say he’s trying because he wants to look good and again have more leverage so his trying could also be motivated by selfishness… OZIL is COMPLETELY motivated by selfishness!!! Wenger is not playing LUCAS why not why noy why not ??? He needs to trust him more. BUt then again you could say Wenger is under immense pressure and maybe he’s going with what he trusts at the moment everything is stacked against him. WE the supporters are not helping. I saw the barca game and every Barca supporter in that stadium was rooting for them even after being 4:0 Down. There was ZERO chance we could pull off a comeback with the protest and atmosphere surrounding our club before the game and during the game NO WAY! I’ve been a player before and trust me it’s a HUUUUGE part of winning the crowd support is massive for the players and we are so divided right now we THINK we are standing for something and letting OUR voice be heard that we’re actually contributing to out own downfall that already being helped by the poor results hatred for Wenger from certain sections players sulking!!! like babies!!! its just poooor all around and SAD to see. WE NEED TO GET BEHIND THE TEAM OR OUR SEAOSN WILL FALL COMPLETELY BE SHAMBLES> There’s still a loy of games left and things to play for. I don;t know about you but i would like a trophy after our season so far and we could still get it. But not by being DIVIDED!!!!


I dunno, smells like the Ox’s agent trying to bandwagon and get his client a new contract. I don’t blame him tho, should have had one by now.


Aidy Ward Ox’s agent, remember what he did for Raheem Sterling? Is one of the more odious agents in the game. On hs always had a chance when he has been fit to play and looks really good in the middle.
He should stay where people care for him as his agent certainly doesn’t


If Sanchez is so determined to leave, let’s just sell him to China. Grab the big money and make him harmless to us next season.

Clive St Helmet

Funny, I remember fans bring rather critical of Oxlade-Chamberlain as recently as this season. Perhaps he’s fed up of the way the fans treat the squad?

Personally, I’ve always rated him highly, as I do most of the squad.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Yeah, maybe that’s it. It’s all the fans’ fault. The Ox should go to one of the many, many top clubs where the fans have extraordinary patience and support their players unconditionally all of the time.
Right, I’m off to propose marriage to Emma Stone & move her into my 7 bedroom mansion..(seeing as we’re living in fantasy land now)

Clive St Helmet

@Kwame Ampadu Down: The fans are partly culpable for the situation that our club finds itself in. You’re deluded if you think that the fans screaming abuse within the stadium, protesting before, during and after the game and taking to social media to berate players doesn’t have an effect. Let’s face it: there is no SpursFanTV is there? Arsenal fans are among the most vocal social media users out there, and the weight of opinion within the social media community towards him has been enormously negative until recent weeks. Of course it has an effect.

Or perhaps I should just kick back and enjoy the high life, being that I’m a multi-billionaire playboy living in your delusion (un)reality.

Kwame Ampadu Down

I don’t buy in any way that Arsenal fans are worse than other clubs. Some of the vitriol is of course unacceptable but that’s a football problem (or maybe even a societal one) rather than an Arsenal one. Other clubs are just as bad; some are much worse.

If you’re going to say ‘The fans are partly culpable for the situation that our club finds itself in’ I would agree on the basis that a) it’s a very, very small part & b) that it applies at both ends of the spectrum. The constant making of excuses for Arsene, defending every action he takes & always assigning blame elsewhere…that has 100% for me added to the general sense of complacency around the club that has led us to this point.


What if the players want to leave because under the current management they don’t feel like they can fulfill their footballing ambitions? What would any of us say to them then?

I’ve got a grouse as well against Arsene but even as just an outsider and fan, I’ve got some questions that trouble me because they’re fairly straightforward, but I can’t see any answers to them at Arsenal. Would be happy to hear from others.

Keiran gibbs never looked like he was good enough. Why didn’t we find another left-back in the summer?

Who is our 2nd choice right back? Debuchy was out and jenko lost all confidence in the boss’ own words late last year. Why didn’t we buy a back-up right-back in January? How many games did we play with Gabriel at RB? How many of those did we lose?

With Alexis up top, who is our left wing option? Iwobi might be good enough as a rotation against small-medium teams but shouldn’t we have a more experienced option there?


When it rains it pours


Don’t believe everything you read


I say if you’re not in it 100%…. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Can’t afford to carry any divas or big egos. Same for the gaffer.

Big changes needed for the next season and it has to start somewhere.


Is your surname Narula, by any chance?


Right now I don’t care. Setting my sight on next season already


if you told me that Alexis and/or Ozil would leave last summer i’d be terrified.
But you know what, i don’t care anymore. Arsenal is bigger than any player,any manager,any board.
We will find our way. Sell them all if you have to.
I want an ambitious talented manager with excellent staff to take advantage of our great stadium and facilities.
We have the money. We can find players. It might 2-3 years but with good choices we will be better than ever.


I don’t mean to be doom and gloom, but can’t help it right now. We all want a talented manager and staff, but that decision is in the hands of Stan, Ivan, and the board. Don’t hold your breath.

A turnover of one of the most revered world managers, an exodus of players internationally considered top talents, a board and ownership known for being tight and paying under the odds. Why should anyone, players, agents, or supporters think they’ll suddenly change their stripes and go spend more than they have, pay over the odds (they’ll have to if they want talent at that point), and launch an ‘exciting project to put Arsenal back up at the top’?

If they don’t go in big for a top manager we’re fucked and wandering in the woods for some time. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, and for me that’s the only healthy way I can approach this. But I’m not putting hard earned money on it.

Downward Spiral

They can take Coq, Cech, Wenger and Wilshere with them! This is a club on the fringe of total collapse.


I would be sad to see Ox go…


My thoughts are that Sanchez is in the best position with the few elite clubs being potential buyers. Ozil is able to play in the position he covets here where no other team would be able to allow him that luxury, without specific formation changes. He’s a wonderful player but in comparison to the top tier number 10s in the world can he doesn’t score enough. I like the Ox too and I’m unsure if he’d improve a championship challenging side. I’d prefer them all to stay but I’d also like the board to act like AW’s employer and not accept continual mediocrity. The pertual desolate nature of the groundhoggiest of days/weeks/months


Wenger’s loyalty to Ozil has basically ruined Arsenal (and Wenger’s last few years in charge). He’s persisted with a No 10 who can’t dribble at defenders, is one-footed and doesn’t contribute much to the press. As a result, instead of moving towards high-energy pressing (the modern trend) Arsenal has remained basically a static possession-based team (with a bit of counter-attacking). Effectively, the need to accommodate Ozil has totally hobbled Arsenal’s tactics. Ditto the very statuesque Giroud.

Faisal Narrage

I’ve been saying this for months, but everytime I did I got voted down hard.
It’s not a slight on Ozil or claiming he’s lazy (though he kinda is), but no top team in the world right now functions with a dedicated no.10, only we do.

There is a reason for that. The simply fact is in modern football his strengths simply do not compensate for the weaknesses he brings to the rest of the team as a whole. Not just his defensive weaknesses, but his lack of dribbling means others have to compensate for that, his lack of goalscoring means others have to compensate for that. And of course his defensive weaknesses means the whole team has to compensate for that too.

You would have to build the entire squad around him to get the best out of him. That simply doesn’t work and is almost the anti-thesis to total football that Wenger craves so much.

Of the three, I’d like to keep Ox (I’d like Sanchez, but little chance of that happening). I’d like to see a future midfield of Xhaka-Ox-Jack and see what that can do in preseason.


Very well said. I think that Wenger’s treatment of Ozil shows a certain lack of ruthlessness that the great coaches have. Pep would have fired him straight out the door.

Faisal Narrage

Ancelotti let him go for that reason.

Wenger seems to smack not just of ruthlessness, but a lack of identity.
This is the first ever Arsenal squad he’s created without any true identity. The Doubles, The Invincibles, even Project Youth had a discernible style and a clear identity; build around particular players to play a particular way and buying players to fit a particular system.

Starting with Ozil, it just seemed Wenger was just waiting to see which WC player was available, sweet talk them and make them promises that may not be tactically functional and then just cobble them together and just see how it goes. One minute we’re possession, the next we’re counter, the next we are direct, the next we are just a mix of randomness. One game will have Ozil making through balls to the slow Giroud, then Sanchez comes in, and at 5’7 we starting pumping crosses into him (but didn’t for Giroud).

It just goes on and on.
First Wenger gets Sanchez, makes it clear he got him as a striker, plays him as a striker, then abandons it for almost 2 years. Then is forced to give it a temporary try and then it works, and hey that striker we get (Perez) isn’t needed.

Then he doesn’t want Welbeck, then buys him.

Then he gets Podolski to be a striker, but feels he’s not the type of striker he likes (you didn’t consider that before) and abandons him on the wings.

There was that whole “Theo is a striker, OH NO HE ISN’T” saga.

Ox is a winger, but his future is as a midfielder. But he’s better as a winger (even though he’s never really performed well as a winger for us), but he’s like a midfielder. Then he’s forced to play him as a midfielder, and it’s “well he’s always been a midfielder” (then plays him as a Winger again against Liverpool).

Heck even Xhaka.
Buys him and says he’s the DM we need. Few weeks on says he’s not a DM but a Box to Box Midfielder. Then says he can’t tackle and is quite slow and is in fact a Deep-Lying Playmaker. What the heck was in that scouting report?

And don’t even get me started on him trying to turn limited but good specialist DMs into average-poor Box to Box CMs (first Flamini, then Song and now Coquelin).

The list goes on and on. Sorry for the rant guys.

Billy Enfield

Sorry for the rant?

What do you do for living mate?
Are you Pep Guardiola in disguise as Smiling Farrage?
Fancy taking over at AFC after Wenger leaves in the end of this season?
Every single point you’ve raised, I’ve argued with my mates (Arsenal fans also -pro Wenger).
You’ll find it also that Wenger’s unjustified faith stretches further than just Ozil. Similar cases we have with Rambo.
We have in our Club NO wingers but about 15 CM.
The annoying topic right now is that we used to have a CDM in Coq, but somehow he left the club around last November. Now we’ve got an average CM that is not either box to box or Santi. He lost that aggressive tackle he provided at the time, which we all got so excited for (when he was called back to the Club from loan). Nowadays he gets brushed aside like a feather from Hazard…

Faisal Narrage

Also with Sanchez effectively gone and Welbeck injured, let’s just give Perez the chance upfront to prove his worth.

In many ways he’s like a lesser version of Sanchez, but with equal commitment but his commitment is to the cause, not just his own personal gain.


Perez may be one-footed (like Sanchez) but his left foot is truly a wand and he reads the game beautifully. I really don’t think he would be a big downgrade on Alexis (if given a chance).

Bennis Dergkamp

Couldn’t agree more.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope
Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Your post below refers to Ancelotti? If I remember correctly Mourhino was in charge of RM at the time and Özil was sold by the powers that be, (not Mourinho or Ancelotti) in order to get Bale
Quick poll: Would you rather be PSG or Arsenal right now after Cuntalona’s win?


Result wise? PSG because there was hope in the first leg. The collapse happened in the last 10 minutes. While it sucks, it’s better than what happened to us on Tuesday and on similar nights in Europe. Also, they’ve won a couple of leagues and have hired a very good manager. What they did to Barcelona was fantastic even though their capitulation last night was unfortunate, it was more down to Barcelona’s steel.


Funny that it hasn’t hobbled Low and the German national team by keeping him in their starting 11. Me thinks you are grasping. There is no doubt that Ozil is a world class player that is struggling now along with just about every other Arsenal player. Yes, it’s the continued winter of our discontent…held over for us to enjoy this spring as well.


Those are world-class teams. Ozil is surrounded by dominant players. The tactics employed against No 10s at International Level are far more rudimentary than at club level. Ozil is far less effective when he is being harried or pressured (not a good dribbler, not strong on the ball) and doesn’t have easy outlets.


I don’t follow German football team, but IIRC Ozil was not played as no. 10 during last world cup; he played in wide role. I don’t know whether his position was reverted since then.

Stringer Bell

Saw some interesting stats yesterday that says Sanchez has not run 10k in any game this this season, ozil has been running 4/5k more than him each match. Buts let’s run with the narrative, he is lazy


That stat is utterly misleading.

Sanchez hasn’t run 10k this season as he’s been a CF and unlike when he was a LW requires less defensive work. Wenger himself said they’ve instructed Sanchez to conserve his energy more.

Ozil is a no.10 and is in the busiest spot of the whole pitch. He SHOULD be covering more distance, certainly more than Sanchez anyways.

Also the metric shouldn’t be just Total Distance Covered, but High-Intensity Distance Covered.


Giroud runs more than him per 90min- as a CF. In a hard working team the CF does a lot of pressing at the top, makes a lot of fruitless runs (instead of waving arms and saying why didn’t you bring it to me), and frequently puts a lot of distance on.

Billy Enfield

Dude. I run in the park 5/6 miles for fun, doesn’t make me Usain Bolt.


Sorry Freddo. High energy pressing….. we haven’t bothered with that long before Ozil even arrived at the club, we are the most you play we play club in the world.


I know, and it doesn’t work anymore.


I say we resign Kim Kallstrom. its the only way to be sure.


i have always been staunchly pro wenger until now but he appears to have completely lost control of the ship these past few months. i don’t think i’ve ever seen the club in such disarray as it is now, even during the santos, gallas, denilson era. its been a hell of a ride with arsene but we are no longer is a transition phase. we don’t appear to have any sort of long term project going on, building towards a realistic title shot next year. and i’m getting sick of talking about next year given our current squad of players is good enough on paper to win the title, but woefully short on grass. i’d love to see him finish with one more fa cup, but this has gotta stop.


It’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker when Ox is instrumental in City’s champions league win of 2019


Why it 2018?


This. After forever, he’s finally looking like he might start to fulfill his huge potential, his performances in the centre are pretty much the only positive of the last two months, and now we’re going to lose him to a rival for under his true value in the summer. Kick. In. The. Teeth.


Ozil’s having a gap year. Get rid of him. He is the last player you want if you’re going to play a high-energy pressing game (which is the modern trend). The Ox has obviously decided to finally pull his finger out because he wants a big-money move. Arsenal should, if possible keep him and play him at No 10. He can (unlike Ozil) at least dribble at defenders. Alexis, I’m afraid is already out the door. He’ll want to go to a team where he’s going to be sure of next year’s set-up (e.g. Pep at Man City)


Considering the telepgraph are about as reliable as the average bloke in a pub, I wouldn’t take them seriously. Just jumping on the wagon.

Pity Sanchez is gone, the real story is how did we transport us back 5 years to when the likes of nasri, fabregas etc started leaving.

Something must change


honestly can see him going to chelsea which would fucking suck..


If we sell any of these to our PL rivals.
God help me.


Thats ONE thing we must not do but if wenger leaves he’s not going to worry if we sell to our rivals, might just do it out of spite


Now that is just a baseless, disrespectful statement. Of all his faults he would Never do anything damaging to the club intentionally, let alone out of spite.

And if he’s gone he wouldn’t be doing the selling anyway now, would he.


Well I suppose there’s two ways of looking at it. One, Arsenal’s best players are all seeking to leave as the current progression of the club no longer matches their ambition. On the other hand, its not like we’ve been amazing when they’ve been in the side, case in point the consistent batterings.
Whilst I’d rather they stayed, in particular Sanchez who is by far our best player, it appears there will likely be a number of departures which may actually breed some new life into the team.
With a new manager at the helm in the summer, assisted by the cash injection from player sales and the clubs considerable transfer budget, there’s no reason to suggest Arsenal can’t build a new squad with quality, and more importantly, mentally strong and consistent players, who can easily beat the feats currently achieved by the present team.


Arsenal already has a squad with real quality. It just needs to do some pruning and bring in a bit more quality. But most of the ingredients are there. It just needs a coach to give it identity (see Faisal above). Be a hoot if Arsenal got Simeone, who priorities are defending and effort. Ozil wouldn’t even turn up to the first day of training.


Sounds pretty realistic to me that all three want out at the moment, I mean who wouldn’t? The question is what happens between now and summer and if the club would really let all three leave, regardless of whether they sign an extension or not. I think if you want to avoid complete disaster next season you have to do everything possible to try and keep Alexis, as problematic as he is. Bring him whatever big signings he wants. A fresh change of manager. Just make him stay, even risk losing him for free a year later.

Ozil I’d be very open to letting go as much as I love him as a player, he needs a very specific situation to thrive and we just don’t have that at the moment. Similar with Ox, I feel like he still has a leap ahead of him but it might need to come somewhere else. It’s a sad state we’re in, some turnover will be good for the club this summer but you need to try and have some continuity.

Armchair Expert

So if this actually happens then should the club extend Wenger’s contract to keep some semblance of stability?


No league with them. No league without them. Good riddance.

Arsene's handkerchief
Arsene's handkerchief

I really didn’t think Arsenal would be the type of club to come out and address the managerial situation/future of the club. But now I’m finding it impossible to think of anything else the club should do. The unrest will continue to grow, these kinds of stories will continue to be leaked and it’s scary what the end result might be. No manager, no Ozil/Sanchez and at this rate potentially no champions league. How do we honestly recover from that quickly? Man United have thrown millions at it since Fergie left and you could argue that they had a better set up then we currently have and are still trying to get back in the top 4. We would never ever throw that kind of money about, especially with the board setup as it is. I can honestly see us becoming a mediocre team that loses all direction and end up being the new Liverpool, if we aren’t that already. It would take us years to fix it as well. Someone needs to come out and speak some sense to ease the fans fears, because the silence is almost deafening. Tough and sad times ahead I’m afraid my fellow Gooners…..


I know it’s all made up but I like the bit about the ox. He’s among the players we can massively improve on and last time I checked he was among the players that earned a massive pay rise not performance related but because they were part of some stupid core. One other player refused to take a massive pay cut to join palace in January and is just happy to play reserve football as he collects on his massive gift

Bendtner's Ego

Honestly, Ox has been one of our best players down this wretched stretch. He should be playing in the middle whenever possible.

Coquelin just doesn’t have it right now and Xhaka has become something of a potential liability with his diving lunges and Alex Song-esq long ball passes.


Yeah because anyone of us would take a massive paycut just to possibly play 1st team football. Sorry, the negative narrative you are putting on Jenks is BS. He’s a pro and needs to make as much as he can because careers end sooner or later.

Blackky Jhide

I expect more names on the list. Fresh start for everyone. If anyone watch Barcelona tonight how they achieved the come back is down to believe that failure is not an option in that Club.We have bunch of lossers at Arsenal and they are not bothered.
The Manager approach create a comfortable atmosphere for them and I can’t wait to see how they will react under a new manager with no nonsense approach.
Wenger will probably be off to PSG in the summer if Unai Emery got the sack and then the new chapter will begin.
The story is not finished aa long as kroenke still own the Club.The American needs to follow Wenger out. They promise us 3 years ago that we will be competing with Bayern and Barca watching those two club over the last few days shows they are in a different league.


Barca is better then PSG on paper. Barca showed it in the game. You can’t say the same thing about Arsenal and Bayern. Barca definitely got some help from the refs. Still a great showing from them but still got some help.

Kroenke sucks but why would he sell the club? As long as he is profitable he ain’t going anywhere. The day Kroenke sells Arsenal would mean the club is in a bad shape financially.


Ox has been one of the few bright lights in recent weeks. Özil is a nice luxury for a team that’s playing well but, as things stand right now, we won’t miss him, except as a status symbol. Alexis has already gone, like Fabregas did in his last few months.


Would I prefer a club comprising half skilled but 100% committed professionals who achieve mid table mediocrity or a club containing flawed genius that perennially under achieve. When we compare ourselves to tonight’s Barcelona I wonder if the former would hurt less.


Stop comparing Arsenal to Barca. They aren’t on the same level. Like it or not the way Arsenal is setup financially means we will be tier 2 club.


Same article in the mail. They also touch on how senior staff don’t think he’s going anywhere. Targets already being lined up for the summer


I do wonder whether any club has quite the difficulties in managing their players’ contracts as Arsenal. It seems to be a constant problem that our key players are able to engineer for their contracts to run down

But if this article is true there is going to be an almighty rebuilding effort to be made over the summer on the pitch and behind the scenes. You can assume that Lucas Perez will also leave and Santi will need replacing as a regular starter as well. Monreal is getting to the point where he is past his peak, Mertesacker is basically done. Expectations for next season should be very low.


Players want to win and we have the same problems each year. Ambitious professionals wouldn’t stay and that’s why the big boys would leave. I’d be more worried if Ozil stayed as it would we gave him loads of the wage budget then have to listen to the “we are poor and can’t compete”.


I think we can cope with the loss if we find the right system and the right players to fit them. The right players might not even be as expensive as Özil and Sanchez. Obviously it’s easier said than done and I really believe everything will be determined by how good our next manager is in reality, and not only on paper.


We will cope. The thing is that we are still churning out the same performances with Alexis and Ozil as the performances when we were playing with Denilson and Chamakh. You can change the players all you want, but if the system is broken, if the manager cannot push them that extra mile, we will be stuck in this rut for years to come. Whether we have the best players in the world or the worst.


Alexis, Özil – Out
Lukaku, Isco – In

(Plus a manager whose motivational abilities are at the level of Simeone, Klopp etc…)


I’d love Sampaoli. But I’m not sure he can speak English (does that matter?) and it looks like Barcelona are lining him up. In fact, if he was coming I’m sure Alexis would stay!


Arsenal doesn’t just need a coach with motivational abilities, but flat-out ruthlessness.


BARCA become history makers for turning over a 4-0 to win 6-5 on agg WE become history makers for biggest score line defeat 10-2,,we are SO SO MILES APART, gonna get a cover up of my arsenal tattoo I think


They did get help from the refs. Not to take away from what Barca accomplished but PSG blew it.

John C

This seems to me to be a coordinated effort of the players to make the manager’s position untenable.

First the story of Sanchez walking off in training, then Wenger’s denial, then Walcott contradicting Arsene’s denial, now these 3 talking about leaving in the summer. Total of 4 either unhappy or undermining players.

Wenger’s lost the dressing room and i expect more disruption in the coming days and weeks.


On a side note 10 men lose 5-1 to bayern. Headlines =DOOM. WOE SPINELESS LOSERS

11 men with a two goal safety with 88 minutes played Arsenal it and get stuffed 6-1.
Headlines = history. Barcelona etc. And only God knows what they’d say if messi had scored that sixth!

Why’s everyone silent on PSG and disrespecting Bayern at the same time?

Where are the know it all pundits who were worshiping PSG last week? Are those pundits inconsistent as Arsenal and finished like Wenger?


Shocking as it was if you compare the aggregate score of both; it reads 4-6 compared to our 10-2.

Bit of a difference.


I don’t think they were worshiping PSG. They gave PSG credit for what they did to Barca. Who would have thought that would have happen to a club an elite club like Barca.

I don’t know what is worse for Arsenal. If we played like PSG and dominated Bayern in the first leg and lose it in the 2nd leg like PSG did. To tease us fans with a legendary performance in leg 1 and let it slip away in leg 2.

Or how we were outplayed thoroughly in both legs were it didn’t feel like we had a chance. I know we played well up to the 52nd minute in leg 2 but it was still only 1-0. At that point I still didn’t we would pull it out . If we got that 2nd goal in the first half then I would have had more faith.


As much as I like Ozil we built the team around him and it never quite worked.


I’m surprised by all the bad comments around Mesut and the praises for sanchez. Well, if you wish to keep a player who laughs when his team loses, then so be it! And it’s time to stop with the “lazy, doesn’t press” part of the Mesut’s attacks! Against Bayern, Özil = 6 tackles = more than Xhaka + Coquelin. But i’m sure that like for the run stats some will say it doesn’t represent anything. Well, then the guy is doomed by the media and the pundits and then by you.
You surely prefer the time when Van Persi, Fabreas and Nasri were there. The holy time of no silveware..
Finally, you think no other coach than Wenger would like Özil. Then you forget about Mourinho and Löw. Get ready: Löw will take this useless Özil in his team of WC this month and make him a starter. You know, Löw, the trainer you wish for your team next season…

Billy Enfield

@ Alex. Lol
Had Ozil had his Cuban cigar lighted up and sitting on armchair whilst making 6 tackles?
And Mourinho (the poorest excuse for human) loved Ozil so much that he shipped it to us. Hang on… Actually he mugged us off about £42M


If the deluded old fool announces now he will quit in May, how many players (decent ones) will stay if a good coach comes in, and how many useless, weak ones , would a new coach ship out(even on loan as Pep did)
Best case scenario methinks. C’mon Gazidis grow some and act.

Stuck on repeat...

Personal thoughts are:
– Ozil is as good as gone…he wants out. He’s played it quiet & allowed the Sanchez talk to occupy the headlines.

– Sanchez is still up for grabs & could go either way. Think that will depend on AW & any new manager. If there’s a new manager he will stay.

– Not sure about the Ox. Hope he stays. It’s difficult to remember, what with everything that has gone on, but he was very much under pressure to up his game & in my opinion he has delivered on this. Don’t see him as a favourite if AW, but hope the Ox stay.

– Confused beyond all belief on Perez. Don’t know what more he has to do to get more game time? He’s currently wasted at Arsenal.

Unrelated, but the Barca game just shows how miles appart we are from other European top teams. Sad days indeed : (

Billy Enfield

Agreed on your points, but with Barca subject I disagree.
I truly believe that Wenger has lost the dressing room for some time now. Ramsey, Gibbs, Ox, Theo, Giroud, now Coq, Ozil, Sanchez etc are all conspiring to get Wenger sacked. They don’t really want to perform.
We are not that bad. 10 – 2 flattered Bayern.
If our lads played for their pride and the ref wasn’t bribed, the match at home had different script as outcome


Who would have thought 6 weeks ago the Ox would have become one of the consistent players during a poor patch for the team as a whole. OK some will point to the bonehead give away against Bayern, but on the whole he had done well in the midfield.


or it could show us how bad our other options are that he looks so good there. I think Ox is a good player. I would rather see him play there rest of the season. Anything but Coq smh


maybe he’s looking good because everyone else has been so shit? the kid is good on the ball, has some talent in him but his end product is woeful. Does everything right except the last, crucial moment.


Alexis, Welbeck, Lucas, Ramsay, Ox, Theo. These guys are all greyhounds. Klopp or Pep would have sent them out to crush sides with their pressing. Indeed, it looked like that was the direction in which Arsenal was heading at the beginning of the season with Alexis as CF. Alexis is the best forward-defender in the world. Remember how he picked Gary Cahill’s pocket and scored the first goal against Chelsea? Arsenal were really doing well at that stage.
Then what happened? We went back to having Giroud up front. Yes, seriously. Then we basically only had two forwards (forget about Ozil) interested in pressing (Alexis and the winger on the other side) and a huge hole in the middle of the bucket (Giroud and Ozil). No wonder Alexis has been waving his arms about trying to get players to push forward. I’d be frustrated too. No wonder the backline finds itself under so much pressure (because Arsenal are not defending from the front).
Can someone explain to me why we were winning with Alexis as CF and Wenger went back to having Giroud as CF? It absolutely stumps me.


Media will try to sow more seeds of discontent.

Some of the reports may have some partial truth but they will take it the extra mile to manufacture crisis. They would like nothing more then to finally delight in the Arsenal not making top 4 even and finishing below their beloved Spurs or Liverpool who can do no wrong even though both those clubs have not won a title for half and a quarter century respectively!

That said, I think some of this could also be a result of an own goal from certain segments of fans who keep beating up Ozil regardless.

I think we need to firstly finish in top 4 and preferably win the FA cup to at least demonstrate we still have the consistency and are not on a downward slide.

If we can, we may at least try and secure one of Ozil or Alexis.

I think of the two, Alexis will likely feel we cannot match his appetite now.

Ozil may stay if persuaded by Wenger should the gaffer stay on for one more season. It will be 50-50 but Wenger’s special relation may sway it.

As for the Ox, I think this one is a bit more of a stretch by the media. He’s getting regular games now in the middle and it will depend how he fits in till end of season. Coquelin has been hot and cold with Granit so there is certainly opportunity for the Ox.

I can think of players I’d prefer to offload to make room for the Ox in midfield or on the flank before letting him go. Walcott and Elneny come to mind.

This sort of departure crisis story at Arsenal is nothing new.

We have been prey to it since even the early days when Wenger was winning the big titles. If it wasn’t Bergkamp or Viera, it was Henry being turned by Barca or someone.

It never really abated with Fabregas then RVP. Practically any player who performs at Arsenal is a target for media speculation.

Frankly its a bit insipid of the media.

What we need to do is finish the season as strong as we can and hit our minimum at very least.

Whether Wenger stays or should a new gaffer take the role on, it will make it that bit easier to reconstruct with a higher threshold to build on.

The Minimum standard achieved over 2 decades should not be made light of. It is certainly not a given and one we have showed enough gumption to fight hard and retain under Wenger despite missing the bigger prizes in more recent seasons.


Fuck em.


Fuck Sanchez. Fuck Ozil. Keep Ox.


Agent talk but you wouldn’t really blame them, Arsenal has a real sinking ship feel right now


Sad to see Ozil still being scapegoated on here.

Mourinho would shout at him etc but used him till 70th minute then benched him to hold on to what they had. Jogi Low a World cup winning manager also knows how to use him. A team built around him to complement him and cover his limitations (pace,defensive work) will thrive and be successful but we don’t have the team or the players to make it work. Where is our Kroos to do the hard work whilst Ozil creates his ‘beautiful’ passes. Where are the runners beyond him .
The high press. Do me a favour.The last time Arsenal did an effective high press was I think back in 2012 (I could be wrong).And that lasted time our 1st defeat.

Check out our so called high pressing any game till the end of the season. It is always half hearted ,lopsided,disjointed and ultimately crap. All it does is leave gaps you could drive a Bayern sized juggernaut through. Heck a Burnley could carve it open at will.

There are things wrong here but not so much that it’s baby out with the bath water time. If Sanchez goes it’ll be a shame but I’d prefer if the other 2 were kept and not lose all 3.


I was impressed with chamberlain last night. He was the only player who continued to take the fight to Bayern. His dribbling was direct and he seemed to consistently push the Bayern defenders back. one of the only bright spots from a game in which their was very little in the way of positives.


In other news, Barcelona create history.


It takes Wenger two years to work out that Alexis is a magnificent centre-forward. He finally works it out and acts as if it’s a stroke of genius. Alexis starts banging in goals from all angles. But now Giroud is back as Centre Forward. You seriously couldn’t make this s… up.


I’m an Ox fan, I must say. I would watch the team he goes to, in addition to Arsenal, if he left.



this is so far beyond interesting …just CHANGE SOMETHING…ANYTHING!


Hopefully all of the British core will be on the way out so we can finally move on from this disastrous experiment.

Chris B

Bah. I’m usually and optimistic supporter, but… with Wenger at the helm I’m not convinced that Arsenal is the kind of club that can convince the likes of Ozil and Alexis to stay. Thinking selfishly (as most players do) I can understand them wanting to leave right now. Love you big Weng, but it’s time for a new chapter.


Put yourself in Alexis’ shoes. At the start of the season, Wenger is finally forced to start playing him at CF. He is sensational. He basically wins us a game against Chelsea by picking the pocket of Gary Cahill. The team is winning games. It’s even starting to press. Then a big lump called Giroud replaces him at CF and Alexis is back on the wing. He must find Wenger’s decision-making very very confusing.


Your obvious dislike of Giroud and Ozil is apparent throughout your comments.

I like Alexis but not as a lone striker. He is undisciplined at that position as a lone striker. He looks great against lesser opponents because the club can get away with him playing all over the place but against disciplined clubs he has no discipline and it hurts the team. He goes to deep to help when he gets the ball he has a tendency to over dribble or make bad passes.

I’m not saying Giroud is perfect. I would rather have Sanchez on the wing so we can take advantage of his strength for tracking back deep and helping the defense out. Since he loves doing it keeping him on the wing is alot better I think.


That doesn’t explain why we were winning with Alexis at CF and aren’t now. Alexis is the one world class player at Arsenal. He should be unshackled and allowed to roam, and shouldn’t have to track back. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a striker dropping into the midfield to help out. That’s how we scored a lot of goals when he was CF. He dropped deep and Theo and even Ozil ran past him into space. That was probably the major reason Theo was scoring so many goals early in the season. Further, if Alexis’ passing/dribbling isn’t up to scratch, he should be benched. Seriously.


With all these contracts running down I see a lot of poo in your future Blogs, a lot of poo.


let sachez go! and just spare Ox for.