Report: Stuttgart prospect linked with Arsenal


As we reported earlier in the week, Arsenal scout Jurgen Kost was in Istanbul last week where he told kids at an Arsenal Soccer School event that he’d been scouting a Turkish kid in Germany.

“I have been scouting a Turkish kid in Germany,” revealed Kost. “I watched him 2-3 weeks ago, he plays in central midfield. I won’t give his name yet but he is very talented and we are considering signing him.”

Hmm, who could it be?

Low and behold, inside two days Arsenal have been linked with a 19-year-old Turkish midfielder plying his trade for Stuttgart in the German second division. His name is Berkay Ozcan and his agent says the Gunners are interested.

“Many top clubs are interested at Berkay,” his agent Baris Yukselsen exclusively told Football.London.

“Arsenal has Berkay on its list, but at the moment he is focusing on Stuttgart’s resurgence.”

Now…having once worked at the coalface of an online sports publication with a football-leaning readership, this writer can hazard a guess at how this scenario has played out.

  1. Publication learns Arsenal are interested in mysterious Turkish kid.
  2. Journalist makes a list of Turkish central midfielders playing in Germany.
  3. Journalist uses the internet to find name and number of player agents.
  4. Journalist calls the agents and ask if Arsenal is interested in his player.
  5. Journalist reports that the agent confirms this is the case…because no agent worth his salt denies such a thing.
  6. Publish story and keep an eye on Google Analytics.

We could well be wrong in this instance and we’re happy to be corrected if that’s the case.

Perhaps we are indeed keeping tabs on young Ozcan? After all, we’re probably keeping tabs on Takuma Asano’s progress Mercedes Benz Arena. But it seems unlikely.

Unfortunately, the poo-o-meter is out of action at the moment. It’s all clogged up! So you’ll just have to accept that we rate this an 8.

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