Revealed: Arsenal and Bournemouth collaboration over Wilshere fitness

Bournemouth sweating over Wilshere ankle injury

In a fascinating insight into Jack Wilshere’s loan season at Bournemouth, the club’s Head of Medical Services has revealed how new techniques and close cooperation with Arsenal have seen the midfielder remain almost injury free this campaign.

Dr Craig Roberts told the Training Ground Guru website how they’ve put specific plans in place for Wilshere who has been blighted by injury throughout his career – and at times they have frustrated the midfielder.

Having missed almost all of last season, Bournemouth have implemented ‘acute-chronic training ratios’, a system developed by an Australian sports scientist.

“Jack has had a lot of overuse type injuries over the years,” said Roberts. “He’s had some traumatic ones as well, which every player can get, but he’s a player who is prone to break down if the load is too high.

“For us, particularly given that he hadn’t played a lot leading up to joining us, we were very very strict in terms of the amount of training he would do in the week leading up to a game.

“There is a lot of new interesting data coming out in terms of looking at acute verse chronic load and matching up how much you can do this week based on what you have been doing for the last four weeks.

“We were very strict on what he could and couldn’t do. Jack didn’t like it, because he just wanted to get out and train and play.”

And he also revealed how he has been in close contact with Arsenal club doctor Gary O’Driscoll over the training and playing regime Wilshere has been part of.

“Arsenal have been amazing, we’ve worked very closely with them,” he continued. “We communicate regularly with them in terms of where Jack is, what he’s doing, how things are going.

“Gary [O’Driscoll] and I have been in very regular communication. They have been as instrumental in managing him as we have.”

The full article is really very interesting, and expands on the techniques used – read it at Training Ground Guru here.

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