Wenger dismisses Bellerin Barcelona reports

Bellerin - has a Bowie

Earlier this week the Catalan press started their usual thing of linking an Arsenal player with the club ahead of a big summer move.

We’ve been down this road many times before, so we all know the drill. Negotiations, behind the scenes contact, player open to the move, all the usual swill that they have produced countless times over.

They need a right-back. Arsenal have a very good right-back with an obvious connection to the club, but asked about it today Arsene Wenger outright dismissed their chances of doing any kind of deal for Hector Bellerin.

“He has just extended his contract,” said the manager. “It’s an unbelievable amount of years to go. I believe again it’s very difficult to take these things seriously.”

The 21 year old just signed a 6 year contract extension back in November, and said at the time, “I wasn’t thinking about anything else other than staying here and continuing my development.

“This is where I’m happy. I’m just very grateful and pleased to have signed.”

So, for now, Barcelona can look elsewhere. And for some extra reading, check out the manager explaining the concept of bonuses to a journalist who didn’t quite understand.

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