Wenger explains how a bonus works


Arsene Wenger has confirmed that his first team squad will only receive bonus payments if they achieve personal and team targets pre-agreed with the club.

As shocking, harsh and unfair as it is, the boss made absolutely clear that bonus payments won’t be handed out willy-nilly.

Wenger stopped short of offering an example but it does suggest that now the Gunners are out of the Champions League and EFL Cup, the first team squad probably won’t get the cash they would have got if they’d won the tournaments. Poor form.

Here’s how he outrageously outlined his attitude towards incentives, when quizzed by a journalist on Thursday.

“Is there a bonus incentive in place for the players for finishing inside the top four?”

“We keep our rules of contracts internal, we don’t have to say…there’s always bonuses for achievements. That’s true.”

“Do those bonuses get removed if it doesn’t happen?”

“Yes, when you pay bonuses for achievements it means when you don’t achieve you don’t get the bonuses.”

[an awkward silence ensued for a few seconds as the assembled media came to terms with such a harsh reality]

Here’s hoping this kind of logic doesn’t catch on in the real world or this author won’t be coining it in at the end of the year when Google still outranks Arseblog News as the most visited site on the internet.

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