Wenger says not very nice things about the referees


Arsenal lost 5-1 to Bayern Munich. Again. Which is obviously a bit sh*t. Especially when we were pondering a bet on that scoreline just for larks but didn’t because, you know, it’s kinda not cool to bet against your own side.

Although the money would have been fun because we could have used it for morphine or crack or both right now. Also, the refs were shit. Did you see how bad? Yeah…oh, and Arsene thought so too. We’re rambling. And tired.

Over to you Arsene [speaking to BT Sport]…

On a brutal night…

Yeah, I think there are different aspects in this game that explain that we are out. I feel we produced the game we wanted and were really unlucky with some decisions of the referee that are difficult to understand. We are 1-0 up and it’s 100 per cent a penalty on Walcott, there is offside, Lewandowski is offside, and on top of that there is the red card.

Of course, that killed us and the game. After that it was very difficult for us to finish the game. Overall, it’s difficult to understand what happened. I still must say that my team has produced a huge effort tonight and played very well.  

On the referee sending off Koscielny and it killing the game…

Yeah, of course. Down to ten men when you have to score four goals it becomes in the head of the players impossible. I think what is terrible is that he’s offside Lewandowski and there’s no penalty, on top of that he gives a yellow card, on top of that he gives a red card. It’s just not serious.

When you see the importance of the games and you see an attitude like that I’m absolutely revolted and sorry for the people who pay a lot of money to watch these kind of games.

On the officiating being a turning point…

You never know how Bayern might have reacted had we scored a second goal. At the end it finishes like that and it looks very bad and doesn’t reflect the quality of the performance tonight.

On his team’s attitude and Bayern’s quality….

Once we were 2-1 down it was very difficult, you know? We have no chance to qualify anymore. But that’s not the part of the game I want to keep in my mind because I think the second part of the game has been spoiled by the referee.

On the air of negativity around the club…

I’ve nothing to add to that. Let’s keep that spirit and play the next game.

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