Wenger wants enough ‘lucid rage’ to take the handbrake off


Arsene Wenger has been using the word ‘lucid’ a lot in the last few days. It was part of his reply a couple of times when talking about his future, and when discussing Arsenal’s approach for Tuesday night’s Champions League clash with Bayern Munich, it cropped up again.

It sounds as if the Arsenal manager is looking for his team to channel the obvious frustrations that exist around the club at the moment into their performance against the German champions.

Chances are it will be little more than saving face, the idea of a 4-0 win to go through seems highly implausible, but after four defeats from the last six games, he needs a reaction from his players.

“What you expect is that you go out there with a mixture of lucid rage,” he said.

“Total commitment, but not a silly one because you have as well, in our game, always to make intelligent decisions, to make the optimal decision and for that you need a good combination of commitment but as well I think to keep your vision.

“Look we missed 45 minutes at Bayern Munich and we have an opportunity to put it right.

“Let’s not fool ourselves, we have a one or two per cent chance. But you never know. We have to give our best. It’s in a difficult climate at the moment, so we have to earn our freedom to play because at the moment we play a little bit with the handbrake.

“In this game, maybe because we have nothing to lose, we can let the handbrake off and play with more freedom.”

I hate that stupid handbrake.

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