West Brom 3-1 Arsenal player ratings


It’s at times like this I’m reminded of my favourite old Irish proverb:

What in the name of the mother of the sacred heart of the crucified Jesus was that, you bunch of feckless geebags?!

Seems very apt for today. Here’s how the players rated after the 3-1 loss to West Brom.

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Greg Bush

And here I was last year laughing at Craig Dawson notching against the spuds… 🙁

David Dubery

I’ve been an avid Arsenal suporter since my late father first took me to Highbury in the 1950s in the days of Jack Kelsey. In all the years since then, I have never seen an Arsenal team or squad with such a lack of commitment,talent & just plain common sense. With the exception of Sanchez & possibly Welbeck, not one of them seems to give a damn and are perfectly content to pick up their ludicrously high wages at the expense of the long suffering supporters who pay ludicrously high admission fees to watch boring possession football with virtually no end product and defending that would shame a Sunday League team. As a result, and given the years that this has been going on, I would urge all genuine supporters to consider hitting the businessmen who run Arsenal where it really hurts, namely in the pocket, by boycotting all future Arsenal games until not only Wenger but Kroenke & Gazidis are left with no choice but to leave in favour of, say, Usmanov, Dein & Henry/Viera.

Stringer Bell

Just to add in the first half Ramsey switched off completely and let fletcher run into space receive pass and force cech into his best save. I would now class him as a poor mans Denilson. Awful player and needs to be sold sharpish.


At least we’ve got him tied down to a long term contract, while we’ve let other, better players (e.g. the Ox) run theirs down without offering them new ones…

Stringer Bell

Not sure that’s a positive “at least we got him tied down to long contract ” it’s part of the problem, we have coq Theo Giroud on tied down. Not good enough to win titles


I was being sarcastic.

Stringer Bell

Doh 😂

Liam Bradys left peg

Also known as the lowest form of wit.

Stuck on repeat...

@ PFo – like & completely agree with your comment. Judging from the ratings (DVR’d the game as working, but unlikely to watch it now mind you…sigh) Ox didn’t have a great game. But, I think he’s been great this season overall.

Ramsey however I just don’t get, & haven’t done for ages. Consistently woeful. My only thinking on Ramsey is, we all know if he moves on he’ll possibly turn into the player he’s always been capable of being (think Wales last Euro’s). Just can’t see him ever being that for the Arsenal
: (


…or if Wenger moves on.


We have to ditch a lot of deadwood once again. Walcott, Ramsey and Ox should all be sold. Terrible players.

nothing new

Well atleast we got something different from the eternal top4 finish passive football. We cant be bored of this because this is new for Arsenal and Wenger. FUCK em all if Wenger gets a new contract if this run continues.

Matt P

What a fucken mess. Big change required


I did not watch the game, was told by a friend we had won 3-1 and Sanchez scored all three. He is a liverpool fan. That’s how bad it is, being made fun of by that sorry lot of member berries.


Member Bergkamp, yeah i member


Who thought Ospina deserved a single point. Really terrible, such slow build up and no subtlety. Alexis must think that he might get some protection playing in a different league and where the fuck was Ozil.


Where was Özil? Where manyyy fans want him: not here! Don’t tell you regret him?


Alex you had a Cheap shot at him before the game. After that dross with absolutely zero creativity I find it bizarre you’re still digging at him now.


What Wenger needs to do imo is to put Mertesacker, Elneny and maybe also Debuchy (or put Mustafi on RB) in the first eleven. The biggest issue right now is the confidence – we don’t have any. Bellerin is not the problem but he is not himself atm. Lets not ruin his mojo completly and put him on the bench for a game or two.

Hope Cech, Ozil, Perez and Sanchez are not out for to long. But in Ozil case isn’t it too familiar to Fabregas’s? I certainly hope I am wrong.

As for wenger I actually think he may stay. He might want to show something to the “nonbelievers”. We must be more behind the team and the manager in that painful time.


He has had a while to show the non believers, and if we are frank he failing more every time.

Another more worrying factor for Arsene is that his team doesn’t look like they want to play for him. Been very flat last few weeks Lincoln aside. Hate the interlull but this one could actually do us some good.

Kenny Soo

Don’t you all seen is the players problem instead of wenger??? As a gunner, I trusted wenger who have contributed so much to club. Now days many club and manager in this such situations mostly sabotaged by players.. Look at the latest incident Leicester!!


Finally realised today that the live blog logo is actually yellow birdshit. A fair reflection of our recent games.


What has Ox done to deserve the praises of some fans? With him it is endless losing… and some say Özil should be benched for him?


I would like to see the ox and Ozil both playing from the center. Leave Ozil in the number 10 role and allow chamberlain to play alongside xhaka. He can’t preform any worse than Ramsey. Besides chamberlain will at least make an attempt to track back. Ramsey best represents what arsenal has become; Players of unearned privilege who are nowhere near as good as they think. Everyone of the arsenal players in the starting 11 should donate their weeks wages to a charity of wengers choice.


You ask what Ox has done to deserve praise? He had a poor game today admittedly. Before that though since he has been playing the middle he has been one of our better players. But of course one bad game and all of a sudden a player is shit according to you.

Dishonest Federation

We can’t even beat mid-table teams. Except to beat ourselves.

#ATID but maybe time to die


All get a 1 as far as I’m concerned. Sick of the “Wenger Out” crowd as the players are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. I’m not at practices, but I’m sure no one is being coached to defend set pieces like that. No passion, no intensity, nothing. I hate this year’s team.

Faisal Narrage

By all accounts, they don’t do much set piece training at all.
Which kinda shows.


Thumbed you up for the name. Well played, I needed a laugh!


How hard is it to put a body on the man your marking, make it even a little difficult for him to get a clear path to the ball. I mean my god you can practically assault a player as a defender on corners and the referee will rarely blow his whistle. Wenger should bring in a group of 8 year olds from any where in England to show his players how to defend set pieces. A complete shit show yesterday.

Holding Rob

I don’t think our players train on set pieces at all by the looks of it. And actually defensive set pieces has a lot to do with mentality. And we certainly lack the right mentality.


Wenger needs to leave.
Not because he has lost his powers of management or understanding of the game.
But because he is responsible for buying, prioritizing, pandering to and persisting with the sort of low quality, over paid and mentally weak players that the squad is filled with.
That has been his greatest failing.
Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck, Francis Coquelin, Nacho Monreal, Olivier Giroud, Alex Iwobi and perhaps even Mustafi and Ramsey would not be on the first team of any other team in the top 6. Some of them wouldn’t get into Everton either. And the only reason that Perez, Ox, Xhaka, Bellerin, Elneny miss out from that list is either because they have played so little that we just dont know what they can do or because they are young or let down by the system around them.


Hey blogs,
I have ads covering the ratings on Ramsey & the OX.
Could you look into this?

Wenger's Skidder

Bonus Rating 2: 0/10 for any individual or group that spent money on a banner.

Bonus Rating 3: -4/10 for Kronke, the Board and Wenger.

It doesn’t feel like things can get any worse, which probably means they will. PGMOL and broadcasters seem to take joy out of our misery.


Arsenal was a pity to watch today. It will probably be our worst season under wenger. Someone please explain to me how can wenger, the board and the players dont feel humiliated by the performance tonight. Where is the pride of being part of the Arsenal family?


why cant we have holiday every alternate day…like 4 working day and 3 holidays every week that way…this way we will be more productive…i am so tired of working for my living 6 days a week i so want to earn my salary for doing almost nothing like most of our arsenal staff and players do..


Get a few decent players and I see Xhaka becoming something great


I mean, is Arsene’s wife and family not seeing what he is going through? Can’t you just talk to the man to step down to save him from pressing the self destruct button?


1.Theyre devorced man. And 2. Theyre earning around 9 £million each year for doing a shitty job.

Aleksander Włodarz

Bring back Szczęsny ! as for the rest of the team today i think they tried to play it safe without losing the ball that could create set pieces but it didn’t work out this way … Per at his best might’ve prevented at least one goal … starting Welbz instead of Giroud backfired as well … it was tough to watch the planes during the game too – that isn’t needed and works against the team actually making the club the laughing stock of the season 🙁

Kwame Ampadu Down

Bring back Chesney ?
Don’t you realise all the do-gooders on here would have you believe ‘Calm Presence’ Ospina is world class !


Bonus rating 10/10 to our away fans. They follow this team everywhere and always give 100%, no matter how shit the team is. I admire them.


Too much dead weight on this team. Too many players have been not good enough for too long, but it seems the ambition just isn’t there. Now we’re really seeing the effect of years of cheaping out, hoping for players to take the next step, and ignoring the weaknesses. It’s sad, and the worst may be yet to come.

Petit's Handbag

Christ I miss Santi


Yes indeed. Santi has been sorely missed.

Gary Baldy

Shoddy ball retention and hit on the counter for each of the goals, albeit from two corners that came from counter attacks.
That much was obvious in the first 5 minutes, that we were going to have to prevent that sort of thing. In the end we were the ones launching long ball counter attacks, instead.

In fact it seemed like poor ball retention most of the game, despite the possession stats.

Charles chama

The players are not playing for the manager. They probably want him out. The problem is that he hasn’t realized that fact and seems to be an arrogant eternal optimist. Forget top four because there are further losses coming for sure. What a way to end his reign! He is ruining his tattered reputation! Bye – bye 10-2!


Suggesting they’re laying down the was Chelsea’s players laid to get rid of Mourinho?

Tony Hall

I am beyond caring now. So many things wrong with the team and Arsenal football club I do not know where to start. The club strongly reinforced the team last summer yet we have gone backwards. Too many manager favourites need dropping/showing the door.
Money/greed and laziness by players who think they can just turn up for their ridiculous salaries. Football has been ruined for me.

Jens Layman

As most teams do West Brom gave us the ball and the flanks to play with, loaded the middle sat deep and hit us on the break. Today it seemed our fear of being hit on the break surpassed our willingness to try and create anything, so we passed the ball around slowly from side to side trying not to lose the ball without having any verticality to our passing. 2 shots on target is scandalous. A Ramsey/AOC midfield pairing vs a deep organised defence will always struggle. Both need space, AOC to drive with the ball and Ramsey to move into off the ball. I don’t understand the value in playing our full backs so high on the overlap given our cross success is abysmal and that’s exactly what West Brom wanted us to do. There no adjustments in the game from players and coaches.

Phil sadler

Yeah we need a big change most if not all the team needs selling. Only problem we have is because we are not going to be in the champions league next season is that no decent players will want to come and play for arsenal.

So I think we will be left with the crap we have so it’s a long downwards slope from here just like Man Utd now europa league at the best fighting for 5th and 6th place.

Don’t really like saying it but Tottenham are better than us now and they will win more trophies than we will in the next 10 years.

Bould's Eyeliner

My friend, there’s a line and you just shat on it. Let’s have a little decorum during this funeral of a postmatch.


At this rate we will be lucky to finish 5th or 6th. I never thought that I would see Arsenal fall so far. It’s sad and I’m sad and gutted for Wenger. The players with the exception of Sanchez should be ashamed of themselves giving Wenger the same treatment as Jose.


these guys must have seen the Arsene Out banner too. if that didnt make them fight for their manager, dont know what will. are they out to have arsene humiliated before he leaves? half of them need to be kicked out in the summer.

also, while i love koscielny, he is not captain material. too quite. cannot rally his troops. we need someone else. wish Per was in his prime




I hate bringing up the past but I can’t imagine viera and petit, Lehman, and berkamp and, Silva putting in a performance like this. What a bunch of overpaid boy band look a likes. They care more about selfies and their hair than digging in and playing with a bit of pride. If their not going to do it for the shirt at least play for some pride in yourself.


a couple of the players(ox and Hector) in after game interviews stated that they did not do what they were told to do on the corners, that they knew full well what WBA would try to do, – set plays and counter attacks – that they knew Dawson was a big danger at corners, and that they did not block his runs or challenge for the headers. Today our players showed an awful lack of professionalism.


our best goalie is on loan at Roma.


the players really are letting us down these weeks. more than a few have to be shown the door this summer


Nothing would change as far as we have the same mentality and plans (or better said absence of them), its most obvious we keep being this medicore team again under Wenger. Can you expect shit performances like this (which happen a lot here) under someone like Simeone?


I don’t understand how can so many fans lose their shit every week. What is so new about this loss that shocks everyone.

Poor defending -Check/Cech
Sterile domination – Check
Exasperated Wenger – Check
Demotivated players – Check
Player apology – Check

I could probably put another 10 things together.

There were times when an Arsenal loss felt bad and wins felt brilliant. Now I just feel apathetic about the team. Wins don’t thrill me coz I know we’ll lose against all our bogey teams.

Familiarity breeds contempt. And it has never been more true.

Tasmanian Jesus

Yeah wins havent made my day lately either. Probably because the only wins i can recall right now were against non-league teams..


My support to the club will never stop. But what you just said is spot on. This kind of feeling is the worst, but it’s true I really don’t care much about this team anymore. Its the same every year. I happened to turn on the TV and the scorecard read 2-1 and at that point I was still hopeful we’d put up a fight and make a comeback. But I couldn’t have been much more wrong in being hopeful as I saw no fight, no gumption, nothing! The players are silently mutinous and not playing as a team and its really gone downhill for Wenger as he is clearly not able to bring the players together and get the job done. The excuses are endless and I really feel like shit for complaining but I could not find one good thing that happened in the entire match after we went 2-1 down. Just want the new season to start, already


Really struggling to find any positives from this match. Alexis took his goal very nicely. Thought Xhaka was alright in open play. Dreadful free kick though.
For once, an interlull is maybe coming at the right time for us. The atmosphere is toxic and football just hasn’t been fun for anyone associated with the club – players, fans, staff, ect.
All we can hope is that we use this interlull to galvanize a broken squad and hope we don’t lose anyone to injuries during the interlull.
Thanks for ruining another weekend Arsenal. But I still love you. Sigh.


I’m one of those ppl who say wanger most leave from 2012

But to be honest today the players play like “joke”!! all of them.

to remind you, they are all international professionals player, staying in one spot when the other team scoring a goal not a movie made even by kids!!

If you ask me what the problem with arsenal this days, i would tell you there’s no soul or passion with players, and yes this to things start from the manager, but i don’t see the players being initiative.
and yeah haircuts


It´s going to be fun competing for once in the Eouro League, Thursday night football is grrrrreat – said no one ever


Ospina is such garbage.

Where to next in an attempt to end our seemingly eternal goalkeeping woes? (Bearing in mind that Cech is on his last legs). Bring back Sneezy? Martinez? Bring in an actual world class (or close to) ‘keeper?


Awesome, seven (and counting) who are apparently thrilled with Ospina’s continual river of sheight between the sticks. Hang on…does Ospina have 7 Sisters? That must be it.


Problem aint the players its the coach. Let’s stop digging at our players guys


I don’t agree entirely. The players have to take equal blame….they just don’t deliver…can’t blame Wenger today…what could he have done differently?

Just shocking defense?????? Mustafi suck asss@#$@!


I don’t agree entirely. The players have to take equal blame….they just don’t deliver…can’t blame Wenger today…what could he have done different?


I hear and read about arsenal fans talking about lots of personnel changes needed, imo the mentality is the problem which i believe is the job of the manager to correct. It seems obvious wenger can’t do that atm. I’d love to see what another manager would do with this team. I love and respect Wenger but I hope he leaves this year.


Thierry, can you please come back and help out for a couple of months, like you did a few seasons ago. You could try and teach this lot a bit of guile, passion and technique. And on the pitch, even at 39 you’d be in different class.


Expletive deletive.


Agree that’s one of the ailments of Wenger.

He’s too much into development at times at expense of the team. He is an idealist and lacks the pragmatic.

Walcott and Ramsey before they hit their shortlived golden spells were played at expense of team to detriment.

Currently, Walcott goes missing too often. Yes he scores some important goals when he’s on his game but overall contribution is weak and lacks nuance.

I just don’t understand why Wenger is so allergic to playing a player that he bought in the first place in Perez, for the reasons of injecting a bit more guile and experience into the attacking play.

Also too many fans have their own ‘favorites. Remember last season Coquelin at tedium over Flamini who got all the criticism. Koscielny we were told even recently could do no wrong when he makes as much mistakes as well…Mustafi whom we are told iust just not that good…ignoring the fact it is his first season (Remember Koscielny’;s first season much? Reds, Own goals and penalties conceded)

Welbeck is in the category. Everyone prattles on about how much better he is to Giroud. Maybe in due time and I like Danny, he is a solid player but in this sort of game, Giroud would be a better starter (particularly since we conceded so early)

Also feel Ox is a make shift at best in midfield and is trying his best. His better role is wide. I feel Alexis should actually be played as a libero in the middle (Ozil’s position) just behind the main striker. With Ozil missing for whatever reason, it was a good opportunity to introduce a bit of chaos for the opponents there.

Ramsey is a skillful player but I feel he seems to always lack bite particularly against this sort of Pulis opponent.

Overall, Wenger is a man who is excellent in market buying good quality for cheap but never is fully able to realise the potential he has assembled because he doesn’t know how to maximise the tools in front of him.

I don’t think that will change very much. Most of the time Wenger has flattered to deceive because he has bought well in market and it covered the flaws in his tactical thinking which tended toward laissez faire.

Its difficult now losing Cech. Ospina is another one lots of people tend to big up. Sure Cech should have done better with first goal conceded but I’d prefer him behind the sticks anytime. Now we lose him to injury which puts even more risk for the remainder of the season and our finish.

Cest La Vie.


I had high hopes for this squad at the beginning of the season but how long before bad form becomes indicative of players simply being average? The lunacy of not giving Perez a chance is staggering. We need a clear out and a new manager. I’ll always love AW but it’s time for a change. #maga #makearsenalgreatagain


TIA. This Is Arsenal.


wenger OUT!!!!


Alexis sign that thing!


Can’t blame Wenger.for this one…he played Welbeck like we’ve been calling for and he did nothing.

Mustafi just sucks….he shouldd.not play again or play his at right back…he costs us stupid goals every game…just not tall enough for premier league. Bring back Per.for the rest of the season.


Who bought Mustafi?


confidence is shot to bits.
not even the great arsene can get us out of this one.

every one of these players are his picks. he had unlimited resources and power to fashion a team to his liking.
the lack of speed, power and mental toughness is so striking.

worst run of form in 21 years better not result in 2 more years. the air around the emirates will be poisonous.


Arsene is gone unless he wins FA Cup and top four place. Even he looks like he’s had enough and he told media he’s made his mind up. Shame to go out like this. Should have gone after Villa smashing triumph in FA Cup. Ramsay was shite and the Ox. West Brom wanted it more.
We need to go on a long run and with Everton having tough games and Manure under fixture cosh and Spurs with no Kane and Man City who knows what we can do it and win Cup. Repeat over and over.


Everyone be like bring back Szczesny~! Well tbh i do kinda miss him 😪


What the bloody hell was that? every week it seems to be going from bad to worse. I think the banners flown today belittled our club and made us look stupid. I do think wenger needs to leave though. It doesn’t make any sense if he’s made his mind up to not say what’s going on. It just creates more tension around the club which is very much not needed.

On a side note I thought xhakas passing was nice today. Probably the only good thing about the game yesterday.

Jim wall

Please wenger leave now,next season bring in koeman as manager berkamp as no 2 adams as defence coach…..