Anthony Taylor to referee FA Cup final


Celebrations are underway in West London after Anthony Taylor was announced as the referee for next month’s FA Cup final.

An impromptu open top bus parade has taken place around Stamford Bridge with fans and players singing songs about ‘We beat 9 man Arsenal’, ‘Red card for Wenger’, and ‘There’s only one Anto Taylor’.

“That was never a penalty that we’ll get at a point in the game when it looks like Arsenal might be having a decent spell,” said Chelsea fan Annette Curtin.

“Costa definitely dived, Koscielny was nowhere near him,” said true-blue Nick Urse, “but you won’t hear me complaining when Taylor awards the spot-kick and sends him off, sparking Arsene Wenger into a frenzy which sees him dismissed from the touchline.”

Taylor was, of course, involved in an incident earlier this season when he criticised the fourth official and referee Jon Moss, saying, ‘You are dishonest to your federation.’

He also told Taylor to “F*** off”, twice, which coincidentally is exactly the same amount of times every Arsenal fan will tell him the same thing inside the first five minutes.

Nice one, The FA. Nice one.

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