Bellerin urged not to go to European championships

Wenger drops hint over Bellerin deal

Having spoken about Hector Bellerin’s recent form, Arsene Wenger has urged the full back not to play for Spain’s U21 side at the European Championships this summer.

The full-back is almost certain to be called up, but the Arsenal manager would prefer him to rest after what has been a difficult campaign for him.

He suffered an ankle injury in November, missing a month of action, and Wenger admitted Bellerin played through the pain at times.

Now, with the prospect of a summer full of football instead of time off, and perhaps a chance to recuperate properly, Wenger has voiced his concern.

“It is not ideal after a long season,” he said.

“He should have a rest and prepare for next season. The Spanish players love to play for their country, and I think he will go as he loves to play for Spain.”

One might ask if Bellerin is suffering a loss of form that is in some way tied to his injury, why we haven’t used anyone else to give him a break.

Mathieu Debuchy and Carl Jenkinson have been restricted to U23 outings, and clearly the Bellerin we’re watching at the moment is a long way from the one who so excited fans last season.

Maybe the club has to set the example here.

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I just dont get it. Hector hasnt been same since injury. AW acknowledges this. As well as admitting hes been ‘feeling’ his ankle. So why not just rest him. Play Mustafi out there, bring in Per and get some stability back in there. I dont care tbh what he does in summer. I care more what YOUR planning on doing Arsene and the club this summer


why didint he just bought a backup for bellerin

Faisal Narrage

We have 2 other RBs that could easily provide back up. 3 if you count AMN.


But that may cost us the ti- oh wait


Sure, play half a season on a knackered ankle, but there’s no way you’re representing your country this summer (:


Probably do the lad a world of good to get away from the toxic atmosphere currently at Arsenal. Surround yourself with a bunch of winners for a month and hopefully come back once our club has sorted it’s self out.


It’s theU21s.. They haven’t won anything

Little Mozart

I’m probably an arsehole for thinking this, but I don’t like one of our starting XI giving up his summer break to play for his U21 International side. Also, Bellerín needs the break so I really don’t want him to go.


Hector has been played into the ground for the last two seasons because he is our only playable right back. It horrifies me that we are fucking up one of the best young players there is by playing him injured for months on end, because we have no back up for the position while we pay wages for Debuchy and Jenkinson, who are never likely to play for Arsenal again. Arsene Wenger is responsible for this disgraceful state of affairs, but he tries to deflect blame onto the Spanish national side. Why the hell would Hector not want to be an under 21 Euro champion? and why should he not want to go? I agree that Hector probably needs the break, but Arsene Wenger is the one at fault here, not the Spanish national side or Hector Bellerin. If Hector needs a rest and is injured it should be now, it worries me that he’s going to be ruined like other young Arsenal players have been.


He’s not the first young player Wenger has played into the ground. Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to career long injury like the others.

Faisal Narrage

This is another pattern we’ve been seeing for the last 7-10 years now.
Wenger brings through a young player, then overplays him till he either loses form or gets an injury (usually both!) and carries on playing them through it till they either lose confidence or the injury becomes more chronic and serious (once again, usually both!).

And he just never learns.
And some fans wonder why we get so tired of this repeated nonsense.


Gabriel did fill in for the time Hector wasn’t up to it. Would fill in again if Hector said he can’t play. Hector shouldn’t play for the Under 21s because he needs to work on his defending and be ready for the next season. He is paid grown up money to be a grown up player. He should aim to dethrone Cravajal, not cozy up with La Masia babies in an inconsequential competition. Arsenal has a right to ask that club’s interest be given priority. And nobody is deflecting anything on the Spanish.


i think almost all the managers do this. wenger is not alone in this


All managers run an injured player into the ground while paying wages to two more senior players in the same position?


bellerin is the best player in his positions . he may struggle playing but he is still way better than jenkinson and debuchy . david luiz was injured when playing against city and he is still struggling with that injury . and conte despite having 2-3 players at his reserve knows none of them have the quality luiz has so he keeps playing . both managers know when to stop playing them . they are professionals , atleast more than you and me. i think they might know more about this, wont you agree

Faisal Narrage

The injuries of Fabregas (developed repetitive hamstring strains till Barca fixed him), Jack (when he broke in Wenger himself warned of the dangerous of injuries of overplaying him. Proceeds to overplay him. Hasn’t been the same since), Ramsey, Vermaleen (no injuries till he came to Arsenal, plays virtually every game the whole season, get bajanxed permanently), Koscielny (remember when he had chronic tendonitis after overplayed him nonstop because for some reason, he decided having only 3 senior CBs for the season would be enough?) and many more would beg to differ.


HA! Henry. Played every game. Left in a wheelchair. Cole played every game. Left in a coin pouch. Gilberto Silva had to be picked up by a pair of pluckers.


Has anyone notice how Bellerin has become more tonk? His physique has changed quite dramatically in the last few months. Could this effect his performance?


Good point. Wilshere bulking up has had an impact on his play. And hairstyles and beards also have an adverse effect.


For Bellerin to refuse his call-up, the club would have to offer him more than the joy of playing for country, albeit the youth team. What do we currently offer, besides boos, and humiliating defeats, and no qualification for the CL?


And what about Bellerin offering anything this year that justifies his salary…? I don’t see logic in people fucking the club over silly Under 21 ambitions. Hector doesn’t play for the B side FYI.

Wright on the money

You should always choose your country, Bellerin should go and play for Spain.


There’s the world cup next year. Why not rest and recover and work for a place in the Senior national side?


If he couldn’t be bothered with the u21 side he probably wouldn’t be asked to the senior side, because it would be indicating to them that he didn’t care about representing his country.




I’d say it’s up to him and everyone else to play for their country or not. Of course, if he chooses to play we should respect his wishes and shouldn’t try and stand in his way


No one will stand in his way if he wants to fuck off to Barca either. Arsenal need players who see merit in aligning their ambitions with the club’s or adios I say.

John C

Seriously, the more Wenger speaks the more i can’t understand how people can defend him.

Bellerin has apparently been playing in pain for a considerable part of the season and needs to be rested. So much so that he should take the summer off, but we have 2 international right backs, whom between them must be taking in excess of £100,000 a week in wages out of the club and Wenger won’t play either, not even to protect our best young player.

It’s staggering in it’s incompetence, on multiple levels.


Most professional athletes nurse niggles and knocks. I’m sure if Hector can’t play he wouldn’t. I hate how the injury is being used to justify his poor defensive lapses. You can however continue to keep sniping at AW as is your wont.


Presumably he would still escape the toxic atmosphere etc by being on holiday.

For purely selfish reasons I want him to give it a miss. Same as the manager. However, expecting Hector to rule himself out is hopeful at best.


Shouldnt be a problem if we sign some competition for him. Which Hector then would need to win his place back when he came back from his extended holiday.

Seriously, the lack of competition in some of our starting positions towards the end of the season had been a major factor. If Per has been fit enough for a while now, why not play him? If you dont trust him adequetly enough to do the job, then why sign him for another year. The guy is good enough still, hes always done our shirt proud. Fucking play the guy and get a calm head back into the defense.


Arsenal set an example? That just doesn’t sound right.


As I said, if Wenger said he was leaving tomorrow, you can be assured all this nonsense will be ratcheted up and there will be agents in a number of player’s ears not to mention some clubs will start circling.

If Wenger says he will stay on, some fans won’t like it and there will be a negative atmosphere in the stadium.

So best to keep quiet and concentrate on getting the footy right.


I would urge all fans to not go to the European championships, as well, since international football is shit.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

The club haven’t used anyone else, because the quality nosedives so dramatically that the cover is almost unplayable.. Bellerin in poor form > Debuchy or Jenkinson.

Arsenal barely have any cover players worth it. The same is true for all positions in defence.

Gibbs not good enough, Gabriel same. Such a defence is incapable of winning the league. Its not good enough.

Of course I will get my head snapped off here by the over-enthusiastic pro-Wenger brigade for blaming Wenger for lack of depth in the squad, especially defence, but its the truth.