I saw a dog with a massive arse


Today I saw a dog with a massive butt but then there was another dog called Grealish whose butt was perfectly normal.

He was some kind of rescue dog and he had enormous paws but at least his butt was normal. He was so soft. His fur was amazing.

I don’t know if he was named after the Grealish lad at Aston Villa, former Irish international Tony Grealish, or Grealish O’Toole – the man who could sing all of U2’s songs in the style of Brendan Behan – but at this point it doesn’t matter.

Dogs are the best and the world probably wouldn’t be in the state it’s in right now if everyone had a dog.

Anyway, I don’t judge dogs for the size of their butts and if you do shame on you it’s and your ffault because life is too short.

Dogs are the best.


Imagine a giraffe with a massive butt, nobdoy needs to see that

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