Ian Wright: Stan Kroenke has got to go


Former Gunner Ian Wright has launched a passionate broadside at the club’s majority shareholder Stan Kroenke, saying the American doesn’t care about Arsenal being a successful club.

He also suggested that the lack of football knowledge at board level is a factor in Arsene Wenger’s long reign at the club.

Speaking on BT Sport in a discussion about the manager and the team, Wrighty took aim at the men who are supposed to be running the club.

“I think there’s a massive amount of blame on the board,” he said. “Arsene Wenger, when you look at it, is the only football person in that place.

“Maybe that’s why he’s kept his job as long as he has. So even if Arsenal did get rid of him who, as a football man, is gonna get hold of it and steer the ship?”

And he didn’t hold back on Kroenke, under whose stewardship the club has failed to build on the increased resources of the new stadium and massive amounts of money generated by sponsorships, kit deals and television money.

“The people upstairs, above Arsene Wenger, have got to go too,” he said. “Kroenke’s got to get out of the club, somebody’s got to buy that man out.

“We need somebody at Arsenal who wants Arsenal to be successful and do well. We can’t have this silent billionaire guy just sitting over there raking it in, man.”

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