More on the Ivan Gazidis Fans Forum meeting


The AST, who attended the Fan’s Forum meeting last Sunday before the Man City game, have released details of the event and expanded on some of the quotes attributed to Ivan Gazidis in the wake of it.

The Chief Executive spoke about this season being a ‘catalyst for change‘, and insisted that no decision has yet been made about the future of Arsene Wenger.

Via the report:

In terms of Arsenal’s football performance Ivan Gazidis assured the meeting that he recognised supporter concern at current results. He said Arsenal ‘were not where we want to be’ and said he ‘shared our pain’.

He also said that it was wrong to assume that the Arsenal Board were not addressing this and that they have an on-going objective that Arsenal should be competing to win in the Premier League and Europe.

He didn’t give any specific personnel details but made it clear that a major review of football operations and how they are structured is underway. He described his role as that of a ‘catalyst for change’.

The AST representative asked him to confirm the previous club announcement that any contract decision with the manager had to be mutually agreed and whether those decisions had been taken. Ivan confirmed it was the position and also that no decision had yet been made by the Club on how it would proceed.

We also asked how much the views of fans would inform decision-making and Ivan said that the views of fans view were important and one of a range of factors that were considered in decisions like this.

There was also some talk about safe standing in which Gazidis said he had a ‘natural affinity for’, but the club are waiting for a Premier League review before they consider it further.

In the wake of stories over the last couple of days about a schism between the board and the manager it remains to be seen exactly what the future holds, but it seems more uncertain than ever, and the lack of clarity from the very top of the club continues to be a genuine worry.

Read the full report here.

Listen to today’s Arsecast below.

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