Overmars: Arsenal link not exciting yet


Marc Overmars has been tipped in recent days to return to the club to fill the role of Sporting Director.

The former Gunner has been linked with a job that doesn’t yet exist but is perhaps seen as part of Ivan Gazidis’s promised ‘Catalyst for change’.

The 44 year old has been working for Ajax in that position, and according to Football London he’s aware of the Arsenal interest.

“I think there is a list with some names and I might be on it,” he said. “But it’s not that exciting yet.

“I know the club pretty well, I have always kept in touch with Arsenal. So in that respect it is not surprising, because I’ve had a few good years.”

“I had certain ambitions as a player, and I have those as a director of football, but right now we’re focused on Ajax. I just signed here for four years.”

Of course contracts can be bought out, and as one of the only former Arsenal players doing this kind of job, it’s no wonder his name has been brought forward.

However, he hasn’t always been a popular figure among Ajax fans, with doubts over his effectiveness when it comes to transfers, and considering our issues there, the last thing we need to do is add another layer of indecisiveness.

It all sounds a bit like talk anyway, so let’s see where it ends up.

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